Welch’s Frozen Fruit: A Yummy Healthy Snack Alternative!


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I’ve heard legendary talk about boys and their appetites. Usually I hear things like “these boys eat me out of house and home” or “they have bottomless stomachs” or my personal favorite from my mom: “I’ll pay for their education but You have to feed them, because I can’t afford that”

Thanks mom.

Lately I am starting to feel the effect of have two male spawns. They eat everything and they are planners as well. My preschool often plans his meals and snacks for the day way ahead in advance. While he is eating lunch he is discussing his post dinner snack! I can barely keep up with my own meals much less his!

So I am constantly looking for things that he can eat and drink anytime of day. I try to keep fruit in my house at all times but sometimes if I don’t make it to the market on the weekends I don’t have any handy which makes for a very grumpy preschooler.

Welch’s Frozen Fruit is a really fun way to always have fruit handy to keep the little guy happy. I first tasted the frozen fruit a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy it is! Usually when I think about frozen fruit, it goes straight from the bag and into the blender for my smoothies.

welch's frozen fruit wild blueberries four berry mix

Not only is it a anytime snack for the kids it’s an amazing snack for me too! I actually love strawberries in any form other that it’s natural state. I love it blended, on top and inside of things like cake,  strawberry flavored Greek Yogurt–you name it. I can’t handle it in its natural state, but I love it frozen! This is also an easy healthy snack for when you have the munchies.

welch's frozen fruit four berry mix wild blueberries strawberries

I am also a fan of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice because there is no High Fructose Corn Syrup  and no sugars added. There is an insane amount of HFCS in everything with a cartoon on it lately and I have made a vow to keep that stuff away from my kids! The grape juice is naturally sweetened so there is no need for extra sugar. Besides, my kids kinda love anything purple. :)

Have you tried Welch’s Frozen Fruit or 100% Grape Juice? Do your kids eat you out of house and home?



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  1. I love Welchs products! I hear all those things too but no first hand experience. They are worth it :)
    Joi recently posted…Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYCOMBATMy Profile

  2. I’ve had the 100% grape juice before, but I had no idea they had these frozen fruit packs! I love having frozen fruit on hand because we love making smoothies at home. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely keep that in mind when we go back to the store.
    Brittnei recently posted…Countdown in Style- Week 4My Profile

  3. My kids are without a doubt hearty eaters and drinkers! They take that from me because I have quite a passion for cooking and eating. I like using frozen bananas for ice cream or making smoothies. The kids love frozen fruit period.

  4. Wait until they are 18 and 22 like mine! (Or even 10 and 14 or something like that). The oldest, especially, eats so much that when we have to mark any premade foods so he knows what’s his or he will eat everyone’s entire portion. In one sitting. Before we’d mark it we could easily come home to that evenings dinner being entirely eaten.

    I have not thought about using any of my frozen fruit as an actual snack. So you’re just eating it plain and still frozen or is it thawed a little?
    Carla recently posted…12/7: The SkinnyMy Profile

  5. Totally have to look into these to get a bit of extra fruit into my girls. My older will eat anything and does sometimes seem like the bottomless pit, but my younger is totally me as a kid and truly a picky eater. But still would love to try this with them and thank you for sharing, Nellie!! :)
    Janine recently posted…The Christmas Season Is Upon Us Wrap-UpMy Profile

    • You are welcome Janine! My kids actually love eating anything frozen–ice cream/icees etc so this was an easy transition!

  6. Scarlet certainly eats a ton during growth spurts! I never want to generalize about the sexes, but Des eats like a monster. He’s only one and I seriously can’t afford his eating habits. It is NUTS!
    Tamara recently posted…Those Crazy, Stressful Holiday Times.My Profile

  7. I’m going to have to try the frozen fruit!
    And, yes, my boys do eat a lot!! Every once in awhile we have a small down time but for the most part – OY!!
    Kim recently posted…Lessons Learned from a Group of Middle School BoysMy Profile

  8. I am a fan of welch’s they are so good and my daughter loves any type of fruit so these will be in my cart next week.
    Kita recently posted…How do you handle death?My Profile

  9. GIRL!!! I have TWO brothers and the way they eat is DISGUSTING!! Chunks will eat all day if you let him but what I’ve learned from all of them is that cereal is an anytime meal lol. I love their grape juice and the fruit snacks, I had no idea they had a frozen selection. Chunks loves any kind of fruit so I’ll look out for it.
    Candace recently posted…Tech the Halls with Radio ShackMy Profile

  10. I have been a big user of frozen fruit for years, and I must say, just like you, I was only putting it in a blender or using it for baking. Today, I am eating Welch’s Frozen Fruit straight out of the bag, replacing fresh fruit. No waste, cheaper, better tasting and lately, research has come out stating that frozen fruit has better nutritional value than fresh. Try adding coconut water to the fruit smoothies, see what it does to the texture and flavour!

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