What type of energy do you put out? 3 Major Areas to Watch

About a month ago Oprah Winfrey had a 4 week long series called “Oprah’s Lifeclass”. During this series she touched on many different life lessons that she learned over her 25 years of being a talk show host. In anticipation of the show she gave away 10k journals (I got one!) and encouraged viewers to join the online networks and share their various “aha” moments that they learned from the show. During her four week series she taught many, many different lessons, a few that stuck with me and resonated deeply and I hope to blog about some of them in the future. The one that I think about consciously on a daily basis was the life lesson on Energy.

In the show she mentioned about negative people wanting to suck your positive energy dry. When she spoke about that, the faces of those people in my life automatically popped up in my brain. We all have them in our lives, those that don’t like to see you happy, talks down to you, unsupportive while claiming to be your friend all at the same time. These people, she says, are the ones to stay away from, and I couldn’t agree more!

The energy you surround yourself with is the energy that you will give to other people. If you stay embedded in negative energy you will only end up giving that negative energy to others. It is critical if you want to maintain a positive attitude and attract good things to yourself and your family, that you eliminate the negative forces in your life.

I appreciated this message, it is a message I have heard over and over. However, when I heard her say it, it was a bit of a wake up call. It made me ask myself…Why do I let these negative people have so much power/influence on me and my thinking?

Negative people attract and feed off of other negative folks, and if they aren’t negative they do everything they can to “convert” them, you know the saying already…misery loves company.

Positive people however, are a huge breath of fresh air. It’s the same concept–positive people feed off of other positive people, but guess what? Good things happen! The universe starts to work for these people! There is a reason. Positivity produces amazing results. Whose team do you want to be on, a team that encourages you or a team that cuts you off at the knees at every turn?

A few places that you should be extra conscious of the energy vibes:

1) The Workplace: The workplace can be so tricky these days. Whether you work in a super corporate or a laid back environment, you always have to be careful of the company you keep. Negative folks (especially those who are not fond of you) will attempt to draw you into their world with bitterness and complaining. Don’t fall for it! A little innocent bashing of your boss can seriously backfire!

2) Family: You may have that one (or several) family member that is permanently negative and you try to brush him/her off as much as possible but sometimes, those comments just get under your skin. Then when you react, you feel even worse than before…Family can draw you in just as much as any stranger, be careful and always take the high road.

3) Social Media: Ever see something on facebook/twitter/myspace etc. that made you so crazy that you didn’t even hesitate to hit reply on that comment and now before you know it, you are in a comment war with someone…just for everyone to see! I have fallen victim to this…The tricky part about social media is that we read something sometimes without having the slightest idea where the person is coming from. Your reaction, although valid, may not be appropriate. Also, sometimes people are saying things to elicit a response, and when you do, you fall into the trap.

Being positive in life yields better results for yourself and those around you. Keep those negative nellies (not me!) at bay! An overall consciousness of who is around you, what type of energy you are dealing with can make a huge difference. I am learning more about this every day.

Are you aware of the different types of energy around you?



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  1. Definitely needed this today…….

  2. It makes such a difference when you have the right energy in all the above areas..I loved the life class… It was definitely too short!

  3. Ya know, I have people (who I am related to) who know how to suck the air out of your sails. Its so hard just trying to ignore them, but you’re right, they say that one thing that just gets under your skin.

    I try my best to just inform that person that I really don’t want to hear anymore, and I advise them to stop talking to me or change the topic. If they don’t I just get up and leave. I wasted too many years on people like that. It’s so not worth it.

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