Halloween BAM Style

Halloween BAM Style


All summer long my boys have been freaking out over anything that was Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The preschooler has the book bag,  the folder, the pencils, bubble blower – – I can go on and on!

So it was a no brainer when I went to get their costumes what they would be. The little one, even in his growing speech says “Turrr-toohhh” everytime he sees one.


We attended a Halloween party last weekend which was so lackluster compared to last year. I was just so busy during the weekend I decided to go to the local party instead of the big one in park slope. Yes,  I will be in park slope next year.

There was a bouncy house. Which my boys went nuts for! Good thing we were the earliest ones so we had the entire house to ourselves.





When all the big insane kids came we went into a box (which I’m not sure what it was for but daddy and the boys had fun playfighting)


After that it was time to pay the pumpkins, and you guys know I’m not crafty so I just let them go wild.






There was another party on Halloween at his school that invited friends and family so I was able to see how he interacts with his classmates and teachers for the first time.

I’ll  be honest,  I expected the worst.  I got the exact opposite. He was raising his hand, answering questions,  listening, dancing all of it. I had such a proud mommy moment for sure.



Of course the baby came along for the ride.




How was your Halloween?!



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  1. Teenage mutant ninja turtle, turtle in a half shell turtle power sorry that came to mind when I saw the pictures. They are so cute my daughter actually loves this show and wanted to be a pink turtle for Halloween but I could not find one and I am not crafty enough to put something together.
    Kita recently posted…How did I fall into PhotographyMy Profile

  2. Your boys are too cute for words dressed as the Ninja Turtles. I still can’t get over how that has come back to being popular since my brother was a huge fan as a kid and he is now 30 years old. Loved it though and I am so with you, if my husband wasn’t so talented with carving our pumpkins would remained with those dollar tree stickers!! Looked like a great Halloween though for sure :)
    Janine recently posted…Fall Bloggers Showcase ~ Thanksgiving Recipes RoundUp PLUS Blog Hop!My Profile

  3. Oh my goodness, SO ADORABLE! Love their costumes! :) They definitely look like they had a fantastic Halloween!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…The Dose Girls Epic Battle Continues: Barry Manilow vs Neil DiamondMy Profile


    Miz recently posted…Five healthy habits for beating energy VAMPIRES.My Profile

  5. I love the Ninja Turtles costumes! The boys looked so cute. Looks like they had a lot of fun at the parties.
    Patty recently posted…Sunday SnapshotsMy Profile

  6. your boys are so cute! love to see when they are in posts :)

    love their costumes! even if you thought it was lackluster it definitely looked like a great time!

  7. I can’t take it. Your little one has such a big smile like my little one. And your big one is just as gorgeous. I love them! Wish we could have a big playdate.
    Our Halloween was spectacular, as you already know and kindly commented. I love it!
    Tamara recently posted…That’s Just The Way It Is.My Profile

  8. Aw, I love their costumes. Oh, and I am not crafty either.
    Amber recently posted…No Facebook Until 13!My Profile

  9. How cute are they?!! I love their smiles!! Their costumes are way better than what my youngest wanted to be…a Walmart shopper. Seriously.
    Michelle recently posted…Bitten by the Cross Country Bug?My Profile

  10. I can’t get enough of your kids. They are just too cute. My boys are into all the Ninja Turtle stuff as well so I feel your pain! And isn’t it funny how different the kids can be in class? I’m floored every time (in a good way) by my kids behavior at school. I’m hoping it lasts!!
    Allie recently posted…F*ck You Cancer, You Killed My MotherMy Profile

  11. Awwww Nellie! Your kids are beyond adorable!!! You should def be a proud momma. Love the costumes.
    FitBritt recently posted…Hiking and RunningMy Profile

  12. The photos are adorable! I have always been a Ninja turtle fan myself so super KUDOS on the get ups this year! I don’t get into Halloween myself but I like seeing the costumes!
    Joi recently posted…Guess Who’s Coming To DinnerMy Profile

  13. Love the picture of the 2 brothers/turtles hugging each other!!
    One year my youngest wore his TMT costume every place we went for about 3 weeks – I sort-of miss those days!!!
    Loved all the pictures of your boys in costume – you are an incredible Mama!!!
    Kim recently posted…Strength Days – Cardio Days – Combo DaysMy Profile

  14. What a great Halloween celebration. Love the boys costume and the baby saying turtle, too funny. Glad you had a great time celebrating with the boys.

    PS – that pic of your hubby with the baby all smiles just melted my heart.

    PPS – you need to get from behind the camera and get in the pic girl. Try selfies, they are actually pretty fun :)
    pegster recently posted…More Halloween funMy Profile

    • I know I have been so obsessed with taking photos of them that I keep forgetting to include myself!! Thanks for the reminder :)

  15. Ohmygosh the adorable kid smiles!!!!! Even though the weekend may seem to have been lackluster to you, it looks like your boys had a blast!
    Leslie recently posted…{Looking Back} Hosting Thanksgiving DinnerMy Profile

  16. Love all the pictures! Painting pumpkins seems so much easier than carving them! I think that’s the way we will go next year! Love the costumes and Kayden loves the TMNT too! It’s amazing how kids act so different in the classroom v. at home. SMH!
    Britton recently posted…What to Wear…Football Game DayMy Profile

  17. This is too cute! The teenage mutant ninja turtles were me and my little brother’s thing! I can still remember some of the words in some of the movies they did in the 90s! Your boys are too cute! It looks like they had so much fun!
    Brittnei recently posted…Sandra Bullock in The Blind SideMy Profile

    • I adore tmnt!! :) Ha the movie actually terrified me, it was one thing to see them on cartoons it was a whole NOTHER thing to see them as people! LOL

  18. i have been reading other bloggers who have all pretty much said that halloween was lackluster this year. haha, i was on the couch watching TV so i did not help the cause!
    catherine gacad recently posted…Money Monday: Real Estate UpdateMy Profile

  19. The kids look so adorable and I love the kids’ painted pumpkin!
    Miranda recently posted…Are You Using Starfall.com For Your Child?My Profile

  20. The boys are so cute in their Ninja Turtles costumes! Our Halloween was pretty low key. The Mr had to work which left us carless. But Moo still dressed up a Princess. JJ is not a fan of costumes or clothes in general. We watched movies and stuffed our faces!
    K. Elizabeth recently posted…Office DaydreamingMy Profile

  21. They are so adorable and their costumes are awesome! Halloween for us was a bit of a drag because of the nasty weather, but I did get into costume this year and the kids loved it!
    Carla recently posted…So, I’ve Been Thinking..My Profile

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