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5 Easy and Healthy Ways To For Families To Welcome Spring

This post is sponsored by CVS Pharmacy, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, a time when flowers and trees are in bloom, the grass is turning green, the birds are chirping and the bee’s buzzing, and after the long, cold winter, it’s the ideal time for families to get outside and have fun! 

Here you will find some great springtime activities that families can do together while having lots of fun!

Outdoor sports:

The Winter months are over, and many people may be feeling a little sluggish after the chilly season. Why not get up and get outside for some fun, outdoor, family sports? 

This could include shooting some hoops in your driveway, heading to a nearby tennis or basketball court for a little friendly competition, or go for a good, heart pumping run. 

Not only will your entire family be having fun together, but they will also be getting fit at the same time, a definite plus!

Plant a flower garden:

As everything comes alive in the great outdoors, why not contribute by creating a little life in your own yard? 

Planting a flower garden is easy to do and requires just some seeds, soil, and fertilizer. You can create a little flower garden anywhere in your yard, plant some beautiful potted flowers.  

Have everyone within your family choose a plant or flower of their choice, and give them each a job to do in creation of your new garden. Then watch throughout the remainder of Spring as your creation begins to grow and come to life.

Bike riding:

Bike riding is a great fun family activity that the whole gang can do together during the Spring months, and it’s so easy to do. Just get on your bikes and start riding. Not only will you all be having lots of fun, but you will also be practicing a healthy and fit activity at the same time!

Keeping Clean For Spring:

Spring is by far the most revitalizing time of the year, so don’t waste it sitting on the couch! Get the family together, get outside, and have yourselves some fun!

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This month I will sharing some more tips as well as some of my favorite P&G products that I am using to get Spring healthy!

How have you been getting healthy this Spring?