An Olympic Workout Built with Chocolate Milk

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to train and workout with Olympic hopefuls,  thanks to built with chocolate milk. They have been training furiously in hopes of qualifying for the winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.




The workout was held at uplift studios, A small intimate workout studio in Chelsea. The studio has rave reviews on yelp so I might need to go back and try a class or two.


I rushed to the studio after work and immediately got changed. We waited around while everyone small chatted and I awkwardly checked my email. Just when I think I know the blogger scene in NYC,  a crop of new faces proves me wrong!


Finally it was time to workout! We had a great warm up which got my heart rate up plenty within a couple of minutes. We did 2 cycles of

  • 1 minute run in place
  • 1 minute knee touches
  • 1 minute butt kicks
  • 1 minute squats

After that we did some familiar and unfamiliar moves such as side leg raises and a reverse caterpillar. Halfway through I was sweating like crazy and the cool part is 90% of it was all body weight exercises.


The other 10% involved resistance bands which had my shoulder blades and biceps burning, it’s been such a long time since I used resistance bands!

One of the coolest moves we were taught was how to prepare for a ski jump. You get real low in a squat then you spring up as high as you can with your toes pointed upwards. Cool stuff!

photo (4)

photo (5)


After some more cardio we moved on to core where I completed 3 one minute planks in a row. I got the shakes the third time,  but I was super happy I was able to complete it.


When it was done we were given some super refreshing chocolate milk. I was first introduced to chocolate milk at FitBloggin 12, I am Not a chocolate milk girl but I was converted! Here are some of the benefits of chocolate milk:

  • A Natural Source of High-Quality protein to build lean muscle
  • The right carb-to-protein ratio scientifically shown to refuel and rebuild exhausted muscles
  • Vitamin A to support a healthy immune system and good vision
  • B vitamins for energy


We even took a skiing pose pic which was super fun.


Afterwards they gave us this awesome bag (hello new gym bag) filled with fun goodies.


I am happy to say that I kept up with the entire workout despite the fact that I had a workout earlier AND despite the fact that I was the only one in the room over a size 2. I rocked it. Goes to show that you can be fit at any weight!


Do you watch the winter Olympics? What is your favorite sport?



Mommy. Fitness Addict. Socialite.
Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.


  1. Yea you rocked it!! That is rurally awesome Nellie. I also love that you were wearing COLOR in your outfit. You’re just way too cool and that workout sounds great – not to mention the chocolate milk. As soon as I read it was one of the best things to have post-workout, I’ve been drinking it. We always have it in the house because of the kids so…
    Love that new gym bag too.
    Allie recently posted…Thankful For What I’m NotMy Profile

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I will have to check out Uplift Studio – always looking for new places to try!
    Ashley recently posted…SleepMy Profile

  3. Yay for a good workout and also another wonderful Blogger event. You seriously get to go to the coolest events and always love seeing what you are indeed up to!! :)
    Janine recently posted…Grilled Chicken Tomato Mozzarella PaniniMy Profile

  4. Yes we watch the Winter Olympics…we’ll watch as much of it as we can, but my kids do love to watch the skiing and the snowboarding. And my kids often drink chocolate milk after practice!
    Michelle recently posted…Hey Coach: Give the Kid a Chance! {Guest Post from Eli at Coach Daddy}My Profile

  5. Loved this event and so cool to do a workout like this. I love chocolate milk have not had any in a while though….*goes to find my chocolate syrup*
    Kita recently posted…It’s my anniversaryMy Profile

  6. I don’t watch the olympics much, but my husband has them on. I love all of the skiing type sports.
    Oh, and I love chocolate milk. Loooove it.
    And I love the photo where we can see your reflection taking the photos! I always try to sneak myself into photos when I can.
    Tamara recently posted…It’s Because You Care.My Profile

    • I didn’t even realize I was in there, when I saw it was like cool! Then I thought maybe I could have posed better :)

  7. Woot! This looks like so much fun!! (for you…it would have killed me!) Isn’t it cool how you did so much with just the resistance of your body weight and some bands?!?! That’s really cool.
    Love the pictures! You totally fit right in with those Olympic hopefuls in that ski pose! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Where In The World Are The Dose Girls?My Profile

  8. This is so awesome, seems like a great experience.
    Chantel recently posted…Lookbook: Monica Rose For Lovers & Friends Holiday 2013My Profile

  9. What a fab event! Chocolate milk is SO good – I drink it just for the chocolate fix, but my husband always raved about it when he was a pro athlete. That and figs (which I could never get into!).
    Quiana recently posted…Weekend Recap: Let the Holiday Festivities BeginMy Profile

  10. Oh Uplift is so much fun! They have workout and wine events there that you should try! I love the Olympics. Summer is my favorite but I like winter too. My favorite is ice skating (of course) but I also like watching the snowboarding and the luge and curling because I think it’s hilarious that it is a sport! So fun!!
    FitBritt recently posted…Your Healthiest Thanksgiving EVER!My Profile

  11. Awesome Nellie. Fit at any weight…thats the truth. I’m not a chocolate milk person, but recently it was offered after a run and I drank it up so fast lol. It was good and help with recovery. great post.
    Hope recently posted…Got cold? Get solution…My Profile

  12. Just the other day I was wondering when the next winter Games was going down. Nellie, you keep me informed! 😉
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Proven Methods to Avoid Stomach FluMy Profile

  13. Of course you rocked the workout!!! You are awesome!
    Sounds like a fun experience.
    I love the winter Olympics – I like all the skiing, figure skating and speed skating the best.
    Kim recently posted…Almost Time to Bring out the Trees!!!My Profile

  14. How fun and what an awesome workout! Way to go!
    Angela recently posted…A Week of Thanks in WorkoutsMy Profile

  15. Looks like a great workout! I’ve never heard of a reverse caterpillar before…maybe that would be a good Wednesday workout? And I’m glad to see a fit woman that’s not teeny tiny. I love that you’re so realistic. It’s far more inspiring than someone who is naturally small framed and gets to work out!
    Leslie recently posted…Our Fall in PicturesMy Profile

  16. What a fun evening! You seem to find the coolest places to hang out … I gotta get myself to Brooklyn ASAP!
    Anita recently posted…My TV Boyfriend and MIMM #5My Profile

  17. I don’t watch the winter olympics on purpose. It usually just happens to be on at some point! LOL!..

    After that work out, chocolate milk seems like a sweet way to cool down!
    Cam recently posted…I used to love it… I still doMy Profile

  18. I haven’t watched the Winter Olympics in so long! I used to love figure skating. Nellie, this looks like such an awesome time. I love that pic of you all doing the ski pose! You have such fun experiences!
    Brittnei recently posted…An Unexpected GiftMy Profile

  19. What a great opportunity and GO YOU for hanging with already have done a workout! I don’t watch. The only think that really interest me in the Olympics is gymnastics.
    Joi recently posted…Thanksgiving Gratitude – This Blog is My BabyMy Profile

  20. We are big Olympic watchers – and being up in Canada – we are all skiers (well, I try, the rest of my family are much better than me!). And, of course, I ADORE chocolate milk!!!
    Leah recently posted…Good Better BestMy Profile


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