Gobble Gobble = In-Law Drama

The holidays are here!

I’m one of those people who adore the holidays, okay, maybe I am a bit obsessed. I love it all! The décor, the excitement, the countdown…

Thanksgiving to me is a beautiful holiday, combining food and laughter and family…what more could a girl ask for?

Except this thanksgiving holiday will be a bit different…

My mom has planned my baby shower (4 weeks to go!) for black Friday evening. I can’t wait! It is a smaller event than my first but only the people dearest to me were invited so it will be nice and intimate.

Since there is all this hoopla for the shower, my mom has decided to postpone *thanksgiving* until next week (only my mom…:).

Coincidentally we got an invitation to go to my Mother in Laws house for Thanksgiving dinner…Perfect!


Except, it is being hosted by one of my sisters in law, that I am not too fond of.

A little background: Without airing ALL of our dirty laundry, I will say that I have done everything in my power to maintain some sort of normal relationship with my sister-in-law. I have closed my eyes to things that I would *never* close my eyes to, turned the other cheek to insults, Shut my mouth tight when the urge to be not so nice arose. I did this because I love my husband so so so much that I would never disrespect any of his family members, because it may be considered disrespectful to him.

Unfortunately this all came to a head over the past year, where ALL THREE of his sisters did something so crazy and insane that I had just about had enough.

All of these things were done separately, and independently. After almost 13 years of this…

I’m done.

So now, we are heading over to my mother in laws house for thanksgiving dinner. I am so nervous because I am actually wondering if I will be able to keep it together. All these years of holding back may backfire into something ugly. I suppose there was just a point along the line where I couldn’t take anymore.

(Not to mention I am within weeks of giving birth and a hormonal mess! Lol)

I have forewarned my hubby that I wasn’t going to take any snide comments, any criticism of my child and certainly no bullying of any kind from her and he agreed.

It should be an interesting Thanksgiving for sure! I plan to enjoy it (no matter what!)

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Gobble Gobble!

Do you have any tactics to deal with In-Laws?



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  1. Tough situation….. I would just try to be the bigger person, and just maybe things will be better. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt that maybe they have changed. So you never know.
    Regardless, don’t let anyone steal your joy!

  2. Fatoutofskinny says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, hope it turns out better than you are anticipating……don’t mess with the hormonal pregnant woman I say!!!!

  3. YIKES! that really stinks. 13 years?! you are a saint in my book. my lips would have been throwing some crazy if it were me. so i really commend your restraint. but i agree, that 13 years of disrespect is a bit much. if hubs is down for you defending yourself and your family then by all means, let them have it.

    hope you enjoy Thanksgiving regardless and that you have a great baby shower!!!

  4. I say go with an open mind. If things pop off – let your hubby handle it. You don’t need the stress. Gotta protect you and the baby! I’m hoping it will all be drama free!

  5. Cam, I totally agree. I’m not going to go there all angry and stuff lol, i’ll probably more hungry than anything (LOL) but I agree, I should let hubby handle it, but sometimes he is super quiet too!

  6. Thank Faith, this has been going on wayyy too long and I guess i’ve reached my limit. Who knows maybe she will be angelic, but I am prepared if shes not! :)

  7. Amen to that!! :)

  8. Latorsha, I totally agree with you about being the bigger person, but I’m almost convinced that because I have never said anything, is why this continues. I will certainly keep it nice (i’m not the one for drama) but if she is mean, I gotta check her. 😉

  9. Just do a lot of deep breathing! They wouldn’t bully a pregnant woman…would they?? lol Think of the positive, you are getting 2 Thanksgiving dinners and a baby shower out of all of this. Perfecto :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving and let us all know how it turns out!

  10. So excited for the birth of your baby, but……I know EXACTLY what you’re going through because I’m going through the same thing except mine is a tad worse. I’m dealing with this ish from his parents. They talk about me to all their family and my hubby’s friends (the ones that happen to be cool w/ his ‘rents). I’ve dealt with it for 7+ yrs now and I refuse to deal with it anymore. I don’t gossip about them to ppl that know them unlike they do me.
    The reason they dislike me is bc his parents want me to do things their way, call every week, go to every family function and I used to refuse to bc their fam wasn’t really friendly w/ me in the first place, but now that we have babies they want to be. The best way to get me to do something you want is to be nice and not manipulative and gossipy.
    Also, my hubs is adopted and their only child together so its a situation of trying to control him for fear that he won’t love them anymore. Seriously, that’s what they said to me. Its kind of pathetic to me bc of how they try and mask their issues by blaming me for not being at their beck and call, but damn I have a family too.
    Anyway, I wish I could figure out a way to blog about it and not put his biz ALL out there. My suggestion is if/when they say something snide (which will be happening to me as well over Christmas) don’t ignore it. Snap back with your words (no neck). I would ignore all his mom’s snide comments to me (cause she would say just kidding after every one), but I won’t be from here on out. Usually when you’re ready to snap back on ’em, they won’t have any snide comments. I know if I would’ve been snapping, it wouldn’t have gotten so out of control. I guess we’ll be doing the same thing.
    Let us know how it goes and give me some hope for my Christmas break.

  11. Girl it sure sounds like you understand where I am coming from completely!!!!! I feel that is exactly the case, I feel like *because* I have been so nice they have taken full advantage of the situation! Its so time for that to end already. I am so sorry that you have the situation and its so funny how they act different because the babies are here now. My hubby is adopted as well so I hear where you are coming from with that as well. Why can’t we all get along? It makes things sooo much easier in the long run. Girl I will let you know how it goes, and hopefully your Christmas will be much better too!

  12. Yes you are right, I am so excited for my shower that I will probably block all the mess out!

  13. i have only been married a year and a half, and have been dealing with in-law drama since the moment i got engaged more than 3 years ago. i know that doesnt come close to your 13 yrs of dealing with this crap but i definitely feel your pain. dont let them treat you like this…especially pregnant! i know every situation is different, but i had to learn to stand up for myself bc in the beginning my husband was stuck in the middle and wouldn’t stand up to his mother. after i had to do that numerous times (and even weeks before my wedding!) things have been better and i don’t take their shit anymore! i hope they do not treat you poorly today (or anymore for that matter!) stay strong and just know you have your husband that has your back today!! hope you have a good thanksgiving!!!

  14. Uptowninfluence says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Oh please hold it together! Although I really want to tell you give them it ALLLLL! I recently ended my 4+ year relationship due to differences but I don’t have the 13 years you do but I dealt with alot with his family in the 4+ years I had with him. See I’ve always been stubborn so I never wanted to listen. I was shooting back looks, giving attitude, giving smart comments and all! But you love your husband and Lord knows you don’t want to put a strain on your marriage because of the dislike. Smile, eat, and leave! You don’t want a stressed out baby! Congrats on the baby by the way, Enjoy your shower it is tomorrow. Look forward to that!

  15. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Hope it was a great thanksgiving! I just got married so unfortunately I’ve got nothing…Except to smile and pray!!

  16. Standing up for yourself is not disrespectful. Because you have ‘ignored’ the situation for so long they’ve grown accustomed to using you as a punching bag. I had issues with my in-laws and I stood my ground as well as told my husband about the situation. He addressed the issues and checked those that needed it. And now that other in-laws know that I don’t take any nonsense.

    Respect has to be demanded these because people don’t have the common sense to give it. Hopefully, whatever their issue with you is will be resolved for your sake, your husband’s sake and the kids. It’s really no fun when you’re in a room surrounded by people who make you uncomfortable and get under your skin.

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