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My youngest son introduced me to parenthood in the loudest way possible.

He wouldn’t stop crying!

My eldest baby was colicky and it seems like he really never stopped crying. He was loud too–I was convinced ACS (Administrative Children’s Services) was going to knock on the door at 3am and take him away because there was nothing I could do to get him to stop.

My husband and I didn’t drive at the time and it was the middle of winter so I couldnt exactly take him outside. We were stuck in our old small apartment with a screaming baby and no relief!

Luvs brings the car to you!


On October 10th and 11th, Luvs will be providing a Twitter powered taxi-service in the Brooklyn area, to ease the worries of those parents with sleepless tots.

Parents with restless little ones can  tweet @Luvs #LullabyLift, between the hours of 6pm-12am,  and they will dispatch one of our customized Lullaby Lift taxis, complete with car seats for little ones, to come to the rescue. Thier courteous drivers will pick up parents and their babies and take them for a spin so that little ones can get some rest.

On their way out, riders will be gifted with new Luvs with Nightlock, with their longest absorbency area ever to help lock wetness away even overnight, to make sure they never struggle with sleepless nights again.

I so wish I had something like this for my newborns back then!


Luvs is also giving away a month’s supply of diapers to one lucky reader!  And if you don’t have a baby, I know you know someone who has young kids, or is currently pregnant! Be sure to enter and share this post with your Brooklyn Friends and Family!

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  1. Seriously wish I would have had this with my first, who had colic and didn’t sleep through the night for the first year of her life. I am so thankful now that my kids do and are potty trained, but back int he day I really would have taken LUVS up on this one for sure!
    Janine recently posted…October’s Here Already Wrap-Up, October Daily #5, Thankful Things & MoreMy Profile

  2. I think that is possibly the coolest thing ever! I remember driving around with the kids to get them to sleep. I sometimes still do that with Jessi (3 yo granddaughter).
    Carla recently posted…Real Into Reads No. 28: The Fitness EditionMy Profile

  3. Got excited and I didn’t answer the question for the giveaway….my oldest slept through the night by six months. The boys were a little older. Nine months.
    Carla recently posted…Real Into Reads No. 28: The Fitness EditionMy Profile

  4. What a great idea!!! We used Luvs diapers with boy of our boys – I like them much better than Pampers or Huggies!!!
    Kim recently posted…NO – Small Word with a Big ImpactMy Profile

  5. Ok. This is amazing. I live way out in the country but what I wouldn’t do for this…
    So awesome – for the lucky city people.
    Tamara recently posted…Ask Away Friday.My Profile

  6. It took 9 months for me to sleep thru the night! Hope my own baby does’t take that long!
    Joi recently posted…A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones #SetSoundFreeMy Profile

  7. Amanda Hoffman says:

    a few months

  8. jj durant says:

    about 8 months for my sweetie to sleep through the night

  9. Ummmm, I’m still waiting on that day. I JUST got my 2 year old sleeping through the night…. HELP ME!

    Too bad I’m not in NYC!
    GoodLooknOut recently posted…Stop Posting Your Gorgeous Natural Hair Pictures on Social Media Please!My Profile

  10. Melissa Montes-Lopez says:

    It took my son 3 months to sleep through the night

  11. Melissa M says:

    Umm he is 3 and still does not!

  12. 06761221379851061705 says:

    My daughter was sleeping through the night by 8 months

  13. Oh I so need this! Roey started sleeping through the night around 7 months.
    Dani recently posted…Our Marriage: Three Years Strong & Still LearningMy Profile

  14. This is so real. My son NEVER slept. I sat up nursing him and watching VH1 music videos for months. Luckily, my daughter figured it out at 10 weeks. Now my fingers are crossed for number 3!

  15. Great Giveaway and I hope I win!
    Frugal Flirty N Fab! recently posted…Kristin Cavallari Kicks of the Day!My Profile

  16. What a great idea! I used to have to drive my oldest around for hours when he was 6weeks. He would cry, I would cry…it was awful! I would have been a “frequent flyer” in those days.
    Stephanie recently posted…The Pumpkin Hater’s Pumpkin SoupMy Profile

  17. I tried sending your link to my cousin who is due to have her first child this month. I’m entering for her. Lawd knows infants your through at least 8 diapers per day!
    Andrea recently posted…Be the Boss: Britni DanielleMy Profile

  18. Where was this when I needed it?! This is amazing!
    Carla recently posted…Corporate Life: Sought-after Value.My Profile

  19. Jill Myrick says:

    My son started sleeping through the night at seven months.


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