BlogHer 14 Day Two: Kerry Washington & The Party To End All Parties

blogher 14 recap

Day two!

I woke up bright and early and ran my longest training run to date. You can read (and watch) all about that here. Then it was time for breakfast! It would be my only official BlogHer 14 breakfast and it was pretty good.  We had several keynotes and lots of laughs but of course the Guy Kawasaki and Arianna Huffington Keynote was my favorite. They had a very natural rhythm and they kept the audience captivated the entire time.

After that there was more expo time, then I wandered around trying to find a session that was right for me. The sessions weren’t super appealing but I did end up in a really good (packed) session about using old social media tools in new ways. I loved that session but I really had to sneak out early because ahem, Kerry Washington’s keynote was next! *faints*

Even though we got there 30 minutes early, tables and seats were already reserved. if you know me, then you know that wasn’t a hindrance at all. By the time the keynote started I was on my hands and knees crawling my way to the front. When I got there? I stayed there with another 20 devotees sitting Indian style and taking some awesome shots of our Shero.

BlogHer 14 San Jose California kerry Washington BlogHer 14 San Jose California Kerry Washington BlogHer 14 San Jose California kerry washington BlogHer 14 San Jose California kerry washington BlogHer 14 San Jose California kerry washington

She was just so pretty in a relaxed, Covergirl kind of way. She gave me all the life with her awesome interview and passion for her craft of acting. Guess who got in the selfie she took in the end? This girl. There you have it boys and girls, crawling works.

After that we got the chance to hear the homegirl in my head Luvvie talk in her 10×10 presentation. She was so funny and I was so proud of her. We met once last year at Blogging While Brown and I regularly stalk her blog for all the laughs I need. As trust me when I say that she was 100x funnier in person which says a lot!!

After some more gallivanting in the expo and much needed rest/repack time in the room it was finally time for the big outdoor Party hosted by McDonalds. I knew that Rev Run was going to be there but what I didn’t expect was to have SO much fun!

BlogHer 14 San Jose California Rev Run Mcdonalds BlogHer 14 San Jose California mcdonalds closing party SAMSUNG CSC BlogHer 14 San Jose California

It started out perfectly with all of us on the dance floor dancing to some old school tunes (did someone say old school?) and I must say this DJ was phenomenal! I don’t give DJ credit often but ALL the DJs for the night had me moving non stop!

BlogHer 14 San Jose California Mcdonalds closing party

So we are all dancing and Rev Run’s Dj comes on and turns up the music and start absolutely murdering the setlist. Have you ever been to a party when you simply can’t sit down because the DJ keeps playing your song? It was THAT situation. Before we could even get our brains wrapped around all of the good tunes Rev Run comes out and everyone goes completely crazy!

BlogHer 14 San Jose California rev run mcdonalds
BlogHer 14 San Jose California rev run

We danced, sang at the top of our lungs and finally and sadly it was over. It was really one of the best moments of the conference and it will be a party I will never forget. I even saw Rev Run on our red eye flight home and told him Thank you! His words: “Bless your heart”. Yep. I’ll take it. :) Check out this quick clip of some of the fun!

The next day we had a full day in San Francisco, stay tuned for that fun adventure as I begin the new series “BAM Travels”!

 What is your favorite RUN DMC song? Which celebrity are you willing to crawl to get a little bit closer to? (no judgement zone here folks!) What was the last really good party you attended?



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  1. OMG you looked like you had the best time! I can’t wait to go to one!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…St. Christopher’s Summerfest 5K RecapMy Profile

  2. You have been keeping Rev Run a secret this whole time??? WHATTTT???? OMG that party looks amazing! I must go to this next year – holy wow!!!! We would tear that place UP!!! Can’t wait for the BAM Travels series!
    Allie recently posted…Flying 5K – My First Official Race for Oiselle!My Profile

  3. Omg, this looked absolutely awesome and I heard about Kerry Washington and the closing party, but your pictures made it all that much more real. Really just looked like such a fun time and thank you for sharing with us here today :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Writing A Great Sponsored PostMy Profile

  4. Thee best selfie hands down. I would crawl to the front to see a few celebs and Kerry would be one of them.
    Kita recently posted…Back to School Makeup for MomsMy Profile

  5. Holy moly! Didn’t that woman just have a baby!? She looks so good! Plus I LOVE her hair. I wish I could braid (and sing but besides the point). I think it is so awesome you got in the selfie shot with her. You are now famous in my book!

    I’m a total supernerd and would get excited to see someone like Chalene Johnson. I’m weird, I know.
    Britt recently posted…Favorite Prenatal Pilates MovesMy Profile

  6. I love everything about this, and very much the “Bless your heart” from your serendipitous meeting on the plane!
    Someone had blogged that Kerry was ordinary looking in person, but I cannot imagine that. Nope. She’s stunning.
    And I’d crawl…hmm.. who would I crawl to see? I need to think on this!
    Tamara recently posted…Breathing Room.My Profile

  7. He said “bless yourheart”? I would have just died! LOL

    • I KNOW! It was funny too because it was definitely close to midnight and he was with justine, his youngest daughter and russy. Justine gave me a look like WTF…im like DAG i just wanted to say thanks!! LOL

  8. *Sigh* BlogHer always looks like so much fun…and you especially make it look amazing. That party sounds absolutely amazing, and I’m also looking at Kerry Washington’s hair and wondering how I can do it on T. So pretty! I’m not sure who I would crawl for. Maybe Jason Segel or Paul Rudd? I’m a sucker for a comic.
    Leslie recently posted…{30 Things} My Favorite Body PartMy Profile

  9. the hair! the hair! the hair! I am seriously loving Kerry’s hair.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Homemade Cookie Dough BitesMy Profile

  10. I LOVE all of your pictures! You’re right, Kerry looks so relaxed and beautiful in these pictures…I especially love the one where she is on the edge of her seat! She looks like she’s enjoying the conversation! You met the REV?! I’d crawl to get a pic of Janet…Mrs. Jackson if you’re nasty!

  11. OMG I love Kerri Washington, I would have loss my mind if I was that close to her. She looks awesome by the way and good job making it in her selfie. This looks like it was such a great time
    pegster recently posted…Summer fun and Jbird goes to daycareMy Profile

  12. Nice post. BlogHer is always a great experience on both sides of the coin. It was particularly interesring to see the conference we attend annually through youe eyes! Thanks!

  13. oh i am reading that you did make it out to SF. sorry i am playing catch up! i had such a good time at the closing party, but couldn’t stay long because my newborn baby was crying!!!
    catherine gacad recently posted…No More Sugar, At Least for 21 DaysMy Profile

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