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10 Missy Elliott Songs You Need In Your Workout Playlist

10 Missy Elliott Songs You NEED in Your Workout Playlist!!

Trying to figure out how to make your workout playlists pop? Today I’ve got 10 Amazing Missy Elliott Songs you must have on your workout playlist!

Working out with music is an absolute necessity. If I know I’m having a low energy day I think about what playlist I can make to make this workout a bit more bearable. My music selections usually depend on what would make me dance at a party–if I’m lifting it would be what kind of rap makes me bop my head the hardest, or somedays it’s a combination of the two.

There is one artist that I realize keeps popping up on pretty much all my playlists. The amazing, untouchable Missy Elliott. Although she has a catalog that is amazing and way more than just these 10 songs, these are my favorite for workouts.

When I first saw the “I can’t stand the rain” video of Missy in a garbage bag, I was completely blown away. I remember even as a kid, just being so enthralled with the video because it was SO DIFFERENT. The sound was different, the visuals were brand new and honestly at that moment Missy changed the game.

Since that debut album (which I know every word of by the way), she has released so many hits and club bangers! Somehow whenever I hear “Lose Control”, I want to do just that on the dance floor! She is such an icon when it comes to great beats and it makes for a fantastic Missy Elliott workout playlist.

10 Missy Elliott Songs You Need In Your Workout Playlist

(In no particular order)

Hot Boyz

Lose Control

One Minute Man (feat: Ludacris)

Get Ur Freak On (remix)

Gossip Folks

Work It

WTF (Where They From?)

Pep Rally

Sock It Me

All In My Grill

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Which songs did I miss? Do you have any of these songs on your playlist?! Who is the next artist you want to spotlight?


Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Yup, she's pretty perfect for working out. Perhaps I'll go make a Missy Elliott playlist right now!


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

I love Missy Elliott....this is a great list and I also love "We Run This" song.


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Girl I been jamming all morning while these people put my internet together. Got the people looking at me crazy as I attempt to dance


Tuesday 5th of April 2016



Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Yasssssssss! I have every. single. song on my iPod (except Pep Rally). Missy Elliot is and always will be a constant on my workout playlist. She is legendary! Thanks for posting...I will now be heading to my iPod to listen to Missy for the rest of the day!

Kimberly G

Tuesday 5th of April 2016

I think you got all the best ones! No doubt Missy makes the type of songs that make you want to get up and move,