Blog Meets Brand Presented by Single Edition Media

Blog Meets Brand Presented by Single Edition Media

The lovely ladies over at Single Edition Media were gracious enough to invite me to their very fabulous event Blog Meets Brand. The venue was located downtown in Soho and of course I got lost and ended up 2 miles away. Soho and I never did make a good couple.


Once I got there (20 minutes late), there was a really awesome Delta airlines set up that looked a lot like an airport terminal, there were actual flight departure times on the screens, men that looked like pilots dressed in full uniform (whether they were or not, I’ll never know) and full displays of their new airline snacks and beverages. Very fancy.

Blog Meet Brand 2013

I looked to my left and I saw a bunch of women huddled very closely to a table and of course it was the Elizabeth Arden table. At that table was so many pretty summery shades of blush and eye shadows all wrapped up in the most pretty gold packaging ever. (I am a sucker for pretty packaging I can’t lie)

Blog Meets Brand 2013

I went upstairs next and saw GLO a revolutionary (my word) new way to whiten teeth. Apparently all you have to do is hookup the little device shown in the picture. Put some gel on your teeth, do it for 8 minutes for 5 days straight and WALA! You have got teeth that are 5 shades lighter!

This appealed to me because I am incredibly vain inside after I got the disaster with my teeth finally fixed I decided to do a professional whitening. The results were amazing but the pain (called zingers) were unbearable.  My girlfriend did the same treatment and she was beside herself in pain. This is fantastic because its zinger free, and cheaper than what I paid for treatment!

Blog Meet Brand 2013

Next, I went over to footpetals. I met the very lovely owner who has designed little fantastic inserts for pretty much everywhere in a shoe that causes discomfort. She had pads for the base of the foot, heels, top of toes, ballerina slippers, everything. She was in some really killer heels so I give her the benefit of the doubt!


After footpetals I went over to the BluePrintCleanse table. I’ve always been very wary of cleanses but these were pretty awesome. They have a full line of juices that they recommend people drink only for 3 days to naturally clean out your system. I tried the pineapple one, it wasnt terrible. If I had to, I could probably try this!

Blog Meets Brand 2013

Finally I went over to Completely Bare. I was legitimately excited about meeting them because I am a cult fan of Completely Bare. There are millions of shady spa places in NYC but the ONLY one that me and my friends go to is completely bare. Why? Its extremely clean, the customer service is outstanding and the atmosphere is extremely relaxing (which is what you need when you are about to do something painful highly uncomfortable). I got to speak with the owner who is so awesome and my new bff in my head, and she was super gracious and sweet. Love to meet strong business women that are so down to earth!

Blog Meets Brand 2013

I was able to hang with Quiana from Harlem Love Birds and we sat and watched the presentation together. After that, as usual it was way past my bedtime and I grabbed my swag and got on the train home.


Thank you so much to Single Edition Media, Blog meets Brand was a great event!

Have you ever had your teeth professionally whitened? Do you wear inserts in your heels? Have you ever had a cleanse? Isn’t this an insane amount of questions?! :)



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  1. I havent
    Miz recently posted…Are big bloggers cliquey?My Profile

  2. No to the cleanse and yes to the whitening – and I need to try the shoe inserts because I love heels!!!
    Kim recently posted…Silver LiningsMy Profile

  3. Great products the only one I have heard of was the shoe petal and yay for getting together with a fellow blogger.
    Kita recently posted…Convo at Dman’s PlayMy Profile

  4. Hahaha! No, it’s no an insane amount of Seems like a neat event. I’ve never had professional whitening done. I used to brush with a whitening tooth past…don’t think it made a difference. Only heel inserts I’m familiar with are the lifts that I prescribe to my patients with uneven pelvis .lol. Great post
    Hope recently posted…Normal vs CommonMy Profile

    • Right? I thought it was me! I brushed with a whitening toothpaste for years and I know there wasn’t any change!!

  5. You New Yorkers have ALL the fun! …((walks away with slumped shoulders))
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Greedy Recipe! Eggs on the Green with Crumbled FetaMy Profile

  6. We are dying to try a cleanse. Just haven’t been brave enough yet! The Delta set up was awesome…so impressive! And all the amazing makeup…fun! :)-The Dose Girls
    thedoseofreality recently posted…We Mustache You A QuestionMy Profile

  7. Totally agree with Josie!

    I haven’t had my teeth professionally whitened but I do the OTC version of Crest about once a year and it works fabulously!
    Joi recently posted…Problem Solved: ATTAIN & MAINTAINMy Profile

  8. The foot petals would be nice to have. Thanks for sharing, seems like you had fun. I would have been like a child in a toy store.
    Whitney recently posted…A Challenge of Love and MarriageMy Profile

  9. I have trouble with Soho myself! It’s been awhile, though. I’ve been out of the NJ/NY area for six years. I love airline snacks! This seems like a cool event. Tell me, what is in that glass jar at Completely Bare? Is it purple M&Ms? Now I want some!
    Tamara recently posted…Sun Halos and Loose Moose.My Profile

  10. Wow! Sounds like an awesome event! That one display table totally caught my eye. What are the purple beads?!!
    Michelle recently posted…The “REEL” Truth About Transferring Home Movies To DVDMy Profile

  11. Girl, you are always going to something! Go ‘head and do your thang! :)
    Stacie recently posted…Update Your Bathroom with Waterpik – A giveawayMy Profile

  12. What an great event to attend! I am with you when it comes to pretty packaging….gets me all the tim…lol. I would have to say no to all of your questions, I have used whitening strips but never got professional. Glad that you enjoyed yourself…b the way, if it makes you feel better…I get lost every where I go…even with the gps…smh
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  13. Great recap and fab getting to hang out with you! I *will* be linking to your recap when I write my mini-one (dang dead battery!).
    Quiana recently posted…A Great Googa Mooga Kinda WeekendMy Profile

  14. I wanna go to this!!!! Why did it take me so long to get into blogging, huh? Where have I been all of these years?! Your blog is beautiful and amazing. So glad we met at BBCChar!
    Denise recently posted…Curly Hair- Yes, This is Natural: An Infusium 23 #GiveawayMy Profile

  15. LOL! An insane amount of questions. I have trays made for me by my dentist to bleach my teeth. I get the bleach from the dentist when it’s in my budget. Works great!

    I’ve never done a cleanse all the way through.
    Carli recently posted…Upper Body HIIT & How To Get Flexible {YQA!}My Profile

    • I had a tray made by my dentist all those years ago but it was expensive! There were fantastic results though.

  16. You go to the most awesome events! I would like to get my teeth whitened. I was actually just talking about this with my honey. The shoe petals sound like a great idea for women…especially for non-heel walkers like me…lol! I wouldn’t mind doing a juice cleanse, if I didn’t have to work everyday! lol That could be problematic while at the workplace. lol
    Sherelle recently posted…Mini Blog Challenge Party Day 1My Profile

    • Girl I am SO a non heel walker! I have heel envy all the time! And yes to having to work everyday, I would definitely need a week off.

  17. I had my teeth whitened over 12 years ago, best investment EVER, they are still really white now. I rarely war heels, they look good but are not comfy at all. This looks like so much fun
    pegster recently posted…Celebrating a graduation and meeting Prince WilliamMy Profile

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