Crayola Mess Free Coloring With Color Wonder – A Review

Crayola Mess Free Coloring

My boys have endless energy. If we don’t have them busy doing something they are liable to do a lot of screaming and running in the house. Since this drives us absolutely mad isn’t our favorite way for them to entertain themselves, we make sure that we have tons of toys at their disposal and if things get really bad we put on their favorite TV shows!

When I went to Toy Fair last February, I was able to tour all of the new stuff Crayola  has coming out this Spring and Summer, now like most I have been a fan of Crayola since I can remember. I have memories of my mother buying the 180 box of crayons and feeling like it was Christmas with all of the fun colors in the box. So visiting this booth was me coming full circle, now I get to enjoy Crayola with my children too!


Coloring in our house is quite rare, and it’s all my husbands fault. Since we have beige furniture as well as beige carpet, my husband only allows them to color and do arts and crafts in the kitchen only. Crayola was amazing enough to send me some mess free markers and coloring books to see if they could actually color in the comfort of our living room.

Crayola Mess Free coloring

So one day while my husband was upstairs I had the kids test out the markers and coloring books on the very beige carpet. If something got messed up I would totally act like I had no clue what was going on.

The boys immediately loved the coloring books, they was Spider-Man for the big boy and Bubble Guppies for the 2 year old.

Crayola mess free coloring IMG_3167

I gave them the entire lot of Crayola mess free markers and let them go wild. There were all kinds of colors but the cool part is they only appear when you color on the specific mess free product. The markers are also the same colors on the tip but when they hit the paper, the color comes out. The baby was actually holding the marker by the tip at one point and absolutely nothing came out on his fingers!


Another part that the boy loved was the different designs and patterns that came alive only when he colored in certain areas with the marker. It almost seemed like a treasure hunt to see what the picture was really supposed to look like once the markers hit them.


I am so happy to say that there wasn’t a mark on my floors, the kids, OR the furniture! It is the only way to color from here on out!

Btw, I didn’t tell the husband a thing and a few days later when he saw me set up the kids in the living room he nearly had a hissy fit until we showed him how it worked! :)

crayola mess free color wonder markers

While I was in the Crayola booth at Toy Fair I was able to take some quick video of some exclusive and fun new stuff coming out this year! Of course, I want all of it. :)

Do you have a messy coloring experience in your house? Do you have a favorite spot in your house that the kids do arts and crafts? What is your favorite Crayola memory?



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  1. I wished I had those when my kids were young. We gave them crayons and that’s about it.
    Kristina Walters recently posted…Half Marathon Training Update – Week ElevenMy Profile

  2. I love these! We usually set up in the kitchen where we have a big granite island so not much damage can be done. That said, there is a small mark of black paint that won’t come out but, I think I’m the only one who knows it’s there!!
    These markers are also great to take to restaurants for distraction without worry.
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown: Being ChasedMy Profile

  3. My brother is the stock manager at AC Moore here and totally turned us on to Crayola Color Wonder for the girls. Just love them, because like you they don’t end up coloring anywhere, but the actual paper. Got to love that :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…We Just Love Them – Then I Became A Mother Book ReviewMy Profile

  4. I gave these as a gift for a friend recently because his mom told me he loved them.
    Now we’re hooked too. They’re just so much cleaner than the childhood “art” I remember.
    Tamara recently posted…Science Fiction Double Feature.My Profile

  5. LOVE color wonder markers! They are one of our go-to’s for church (we even have a special clamshell case that holds markers and color wonder paper). The 4 year old prefers markers, and I don’t have to worry about leaving embarrassing marks at church or in a restaurant. Glad to know you were able to get a stash for your boys!
    Leslie recently posted…{Friday Five}My Profile

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