Lights Out: This Year’s Superbowl Was SO Good!

The SuperBowl gave me everything I needed: drama, action, lights out, entertainment and yes it gave me the DUTTY wine.

The football game:

It was a really good game! I was pulling for the ravens–not because I am a ravens fan–but rather because I like what the ravens stand for, hard work, tough defense and over coming all sorts of adversity (hence Ray Lewis).

Of course my husband was being a hater and totally rooting for the 49ers for no other reason than it was the opposing team that I liked. Does your spouse do that to you? Drives me crazy!!

The Beyonce Concert

First let me say how excited I am that The First Ladies of R&B were on point yesterday! Jhud, Alicia, Michelle, Kelly showed that we all don’t have wardrobe malfunctions on the biggest stage of the world!

I was so thrilled with Beyonce’s performance. Her outfit? Gorg. Everything was so goood can we talk about the fact that she did the DUTTY WINE?! I mean my Caribbean blooded body nearly collapsed with joy. I was that excited.

When she had all those dancers all around the stage doing the single ladies dance, I was in a very very happy place. I think I need to get to a Beyonce concert this year fo sho.

The commercials:

I wasn’t too impressed?? Maybe it was me but I didn’t see anything that really stood out for me (except the really really really gross kissing commercial from godaddy) and usually I love the commercials. It’s also quite possible that I was feeding, changing, disciplining, cooking for, or just plain watching one of the kids. Did I miss anything?

The blackout:

Of all the days to have a blackout?! Really?! I really felt bad for that dude that got chewed out by John Harbaugh, if anybody was reading lips like I was then you saw this guy get a serious earful. All he was doing was giving him an update on the power and Jim went absolutely HAM.

What I loved about this moment is the fact that the Baltimore Ravens could have gotten totally rattled and lost the game. They stayed true to their defense and did not lose their cool and I think that is the true definition of a champion.

Did you watch the Beyonce Concert? The game? The commercials? Thoughts?




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  1. I was rooting for the Ravens…but more because my husband and son were for the 49ers. (so I guess I’m that spouse…well, and for Michael Oher)

    I thought the commercials were blah this year. There just weren’t as many fantastic ones like you usually see.

    I agree with you on all the singers. I especially thought Alicia Keys was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone play the piano during the National Anthem like that but it was perfect and she couldn’t have sounded better)
    The Dose Of Reality recently posted…Top 10 Reasons Our Purses Are Dragging Us DownMy Profile

  2. Loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!
    Law_Fal recently posted…The WeekendMy Profile

  3. Not a Beyonce fan but she did good I think I am the only person that does not like her or rather her songs. The only commercial I loved was the Doritos and the goat that is the only one that stood out to me. The rest were baaaaaad

  4. I watched every moment and thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Debby Pucci recently posted…TAKE 5My Profile

  5. I loved EVERYTHING about the Super Bowl last night! The game AND the performances! The commercials were very bad, but I did see a few trailers of movies I want to see! Beyonce was great! I think it was her special effects that did it for me! AMAZING! The fact that her tour schedule came out last night and she is coming to Charlotte just topped off my night!
    Britton recently posted…Motivtational Monday: My 2013 Fitness GoalsMy Profile

  6. I’ll check back in tomorrow. I had to work last night:( You know I’m all about Beyonce though.
    Joi recently posted…Not Your Ordinary CondomMy Profile

  7. The commercials did not do it for me. They were okay. Lights out! That happened because my girl Bey shut the place down. It was lady’s night in the Superdome. It felt good to watch Beyonce werk the stage like only she can. I was dancing, singing and screaming. Moments like that don’t happen often but when they do it feels good. I love to dance, so I appreciate Beyonce’s amazing choreography and her dancers. It was the BeyonceBowl for sure. From Alicia, Jhud, Beyonce to Destiny’s Child those women made my night and made me feel good to be a woman. Love it!
    Monica J recently posted…Mommy Monday: Celebrity Moms Rocked Super Bowl XLVIIMy Profile

  8. the husband pretty much busted out my ear drum from shouting at the TV. and he changed the channel right when half time started. I was like, ehhh….fine then.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Greedy Baby Sings Chobani’s Newest FlavorsMy Profile

  9. 17027062190264286653 says:

    I think the only commercial I paid attention to was the Best Buy, but I couldn’t tell you about the others. I was up dancing with Beyonce, doing my thang. That’s why I did Zumba today, gotta get ready for summer.

  10. I watched the game and absolutely enjoyed Beyonce’s halftime show! I think I’ve always been a fan, but have now officially entered the BeyHive!
    Amber recently posted…Natural Hair Care & Styles for Children: Learning How to BraidMy Profile

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed the Super Bowl. Beyoncce showed out last night! I was standing up shouting once she brought out Kelly and Michelle! I just may have to attend the Mrs. Carter show!
    Sherelle recently posted…Love Series: Withstanding LoveMy Profile

  12. KalleyC

    Sad to say that I did not actually watch the game. I was able to watch some of the commercials and Beyoncé’s performance online. She did a marvelous job. It is so amazing to see her move especially since she had a baby one year ago. That is a total inspiration. As for sports in our home, Mr. C does not like it. So we cannot get through any kind of game. What can I say, he is just not a sports fan. Sad to say, I am.
    KalleyC recently posted…I Wish…My Profile

  13. I heart Beyonce. There’s no two ways about it. And love your blog, too! (following you from your follow on SITS!)

  14. I did watch the game and really enjoyed it. Not usually a football fan but nothing like a great high stakes game to bring out a renewed love for the sport.

    Thank you for coming by on my SITS day. Great to ‘meet’ you!

    Kerrie recently posted…8 Things I Love about WinterMy Profile


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