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Kia Exclusive Brand Experience – San Diego Cruisin’: Part One

by Nellie

Disclosure: All meals, flights, and accommodations were provided by The Kia Exclusive Brand Experience. All opinions are my own.

When you get an email in your inbox asking you to travel to participate in a brand experience while traveling clear across the country to a city you never met before–your heart flips.

At least mine did. That email would turn out to be the gateway to one of the BEST trips that I didn’t know my soul needed.

A few months ago my amazing friend Staci introduced me to the Kia Motors family. They already made my blue and orange dreams come true by putting me in a Knicks Suite, then there was the incredible Media Reception that was unlike anything I’d ever seen in my life.

The New Kia Brand Experience 2017

This time, it was San Diego for a FULL immersion brand event, featuring amazing automobiles, food, drinks, adventure and of course–the best influencers on the planet. (At least that was my opinion!)

The New Kia Brand Experience 2017

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which is right smack in the beautiful and historic Gaslamp Quarter. This area reminded me a lot of the neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan, a little quirky, awesome food and tons of character. This was my second time in California (remember I traveled to San Jose/San Francisco for BlogHer ‘14?). The sunshine state was just as beautiful as I remember.

When I arrived Kia was everywhere, there was a full fleet of cars outside the hotel, and a brand new Kia Stinger right in the lobby of the hotel. They even had my keys and room ready for me with a beautiful gift from Harmon Kardon who partners with Kia to provide the awesome sound in all of their current cars.

Getting To Know You

The New Kia Brand Experience 2017

Our dinner plans were about 10 minutes away but Kia provided us with pedi cabs to really get the full San Diego experience. There was a live band and food stations everywhere, from fish tacos, to chicken mole, to beef wellington with french fries. I really took this opportunity to get to know new people–you all know how I am–I usually have to warm up to you before I get all chatty.

Somehow though, with this group, I felt okay to just slip into friendships with reckless abandon. And it was awesome. We talked about pretty much everything. We finished up the night around 11pm which was 2am my time, so mama was partying HARD. My 9pm bedtime was nowhere in sight.

Brand Immersion

The next morning post breakfast we heard from Kia Reps about the new and gorgeous cars that are current and upcoming. We learned about the brand’s complete 180 degree turn from being on the bottom of the pile in the car industry to now being the LEADING brand in the industry. It was super impressive to see how they have outlasted so many companies–not only outlasting but beating the top cars in the industry.

Hybrid Love

Kia has really stepped up their game in the with the different types of cars they offer:

  • Kia’s first battery operated electric vehicle
  • Super roomy
  • Battery can be recharged to 94% in 15 minutes flat
  • 93 Miles of All electric range!

Kia Optima:
  • Completely redesigned in 2017
  • Premium soft touch materials
  • 42 MPG combined
Optima Plug In Hybrid:
  • The first plug in electric vehicle from Kia
  • A single tank of gas can go on 610 miles!
  • It’s really beautiful!

The best part about the presentation was that it wasn’t the same ole, same ole type of dragged out session. It was lively, we heard about all of the different new exciting features of each car and by the end I wasn’t which one I loved the most?! Plus at the very end we got to ask Kia reps super honest questions which they answered with full disclosure. We were able to see the entire picture not just the fluff and stuff that generally comes along with these types of events.

All about the Kia Exclusive Brand Experience!

Check out Part 2 of The Kia Exclusive Brand Experience which includes a beautiful scenic girls trip adventure in the Kia Optima in San Diego, A unforgettable karaoke experience, Krispy Kreme and a Carpool lip sync event that you won’t even believe!

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Have you ever been to San Diego? Did you know that Kia was on top of the industry? What was the last place you traveled to?

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Janine Huldie June 12, 2017 - 7:10 am

San Diego is definitely tops on my travel list. I seriously have heard time and again just how perfect their weather is that I do hope someday to get there for one reason or another. But still looked like such a fun paid travel event and enjoyed learning more the trip and Kia brand, too 🙂

Faith June 12, 2017 - 10:03 am

I absolutely love San Diego! I actually wanted to move there after college but it didn’t happen. Went again last year and had the best time. Their weather is perfection!

I loved following along through Snapchat and Instastories … looked like y’all had a blast!

Kita June 12, 2017 - 12:08 pm

You know I haven’t ventured that far west yet but I plan on it and San Diego is where I’m going first. I love learning about Kia and can’t wait to see what new things they embark on

Tamara June 13, 2017 - 5:25 pm

I love San Diego. It haunts my dreams!
As for KIA, I’m learning a lot! My rusty old minivan is going to be replaced soon.. so I’m open to options.


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