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Fun Indoor Snow Day Activities For Kids

Here are some fun indoor snow day activities that will keep the kids busy! From making candy, to playing games here are some great ideas for your family to try!

Snow days are exciting for students and teachers, yet can strike fear in the hearts of parents. With these cheap and easy activities, parents no longer need to be afraid of snow days. Take the opportunity to have a special day together, whether playing out in the snow, or staying warm indoors.

Indoor Activities for Snow Days

Although snow days are often filled with sledding, snow ball fights and building snowmen, activities to keep kids occupied indoors will come in handy when it is time to warm up.

Serve hot chocolate to help the kids warm up, and have everyone work together to tell a story. There are only two rules for this story telling time:

1. No child can end the story (only the adult in charge can)
2. No one can kill anyone off in the story

The way this story works, is someone starts with “once upon a time…” and then leaves the story hanging. For example: Once upon a time there was a purple hippo. One day when the hippo went down to the river to get a drink he stumbled across a…

Then the next person has to finish this incomplete sentence, and add another part to the story, leaving the end hanging again. For example, …he stumbled across a talking snake. They chatted about the weather and made their way to the river. Suddenly…

Continue telling the story, and enjoy the twists and turns that it takes along the way. Remember that only the adult can end the story, and no one can kill any of the characters in the story. This is a great way to encourage your children to be creative as well.

Other indoor activity ideas include putting together a puzzle, making cards to send to friends and playing other games. Try to engage your children, and build closer relationships with them instead of simply turning on the television or putting on a movie.

Making Maple Syrup Candy

In order to make maple syrup candy, you will need maple syrup, and clean snow. First, boil the maple syrup for 6-7 minutes. This ensures that the syrup gets hot enough, around 255 degrees Fahrenheit.

Allow to cool for 2 minutes and then carefully drizzle the syrup over clean snow. The timing should work out perfectly for you to boil the syrup and walk outside to drizzle it over the snow.

The resulting candy will be cool enough to eat immediately.

Making Snow Ice Cream

Make snow ice cream with clean snow, sugar, milk and vanilla extract. Send your children outside with a large bowl to gather as much clean snow as they can.

In a separate bowl mix about a cup milk, half cup sugar and tablespoon of vanilla. Add snow and stir until the ice cream is the right consistency.

The amounts of milk, sugar and vanilla are approximate and you should mix the ingredients to taste. You can add chocolate syrup or other toppings as well.

Instead of dreading snow days, look forward to them as a way to get to know your children better. Spending time together as a family should be a priority. View unexpected snow days as a special opportunity to be together. Make time to create special family traditions for snow days.

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