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Weekly Recap & A New Health and Fitness Link Up!

by Nellie

Hey Y’all! Happy Friday and welcome to Friday fitness where I share my highs and lows of my personal fitness journey as well as fun fitness links and information from around the web!

This week was a doosie! I totally had all the plans to officially start half marathon training as I mentioned last week for the United NYC Half. Except I could not run (at all) because I had no sitter for my eldest son who was unexpectedly home with me for three days. My mother also left town this week, so I was a lame duck. Unfortunately my local gym does NOT have child care so I was relegated to working out indoors–which is fine, but when you want to run–it just doesn’t feel the same.

Monday: I was super determined to get a workout in so I jumped on my trusty MaxTrainer for 30 minutes and OMG I forgot how tough that machine is!

After I finished on the MaxTrainer, I did some arm work with my kettlebells.

Tuesday: I just could not get it together. I just wanted to sleep all day to be honest.

Wednesday: I woke up and was still feeling just as crappy as the day before but I put on my workout clothes and jumped back on the trainer. This time I coupled it with goblet squats and kettlebell swings.

Thursday: FREEDOM DAY! My son was back in school, and all was right with the world. The weather was unusually warm in NYC (HELLO SIXTY PLUS DEGREES) and although the temp was high the winter nippiness was still present! I went out to my local park and ran 6 miles. It was nice–and the longest I’ve run since the beginning of the year.

Friday: I am going ROWING! I am a local ambassador for ROW HOUSE NYC this month (remember my review?), so be sure to check my instagram for updates!

Saturday: Looks like it’s going to be cold again, so I am going to either brave the cold with a run or get up early and get to the gym before it gets too crowded! I plan on resuming Jamie Eason (again) for week 7 on Monday!

Although I am not a fan of running in the cold, I need to figure out a way to get used to it. I am one of those naturally cold people that wears hoodies and sleeps with two comforters for fun. So running in the winter is literally the opposite of everything I am. I do remember however that last years half was just SO COLD. I was considering running a few shorter races in between now and March just to get ready for the big day–what do you think?

Started training for the #UnitedNYCHalf, and working out at home in this edition of #FridayFitness! Click to Tweet


This year I’ll be hosting a fun link up for bloggers to share their favorite healthy living posts (old and new!) no link back requirements, just a good ole sharefest for old times sake. 🙂 Feel free to add as many links as you would like!

A Brand New #Fitness #Blogger #LinkUp for health and wellness posts, now every Friday! Click to Tweet

How was your fitness and health week? Are you a fan of winter running?

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Allie January 13, 2017 - 6:13 am

When the kids are sick, it throws everything off balance! Glad you see you recovered nicely and the rowing? LOVE!! It’s such a great workout!
Happy Friday and I will be watching for those Insta posts!

Janine HulDie January 13, 2017 - 6:24 am

Sorry about about your son being home this week and hope he is OK. But I do know when either of my girls are very little gets accomplished and feel your pain. That said hoping you have a wonderful weekend ahead now. Hugs 😉

Tamara January 13, 2017 - 6:54 pm

Oh man – rowing. It’s serious business!
The weather rocked those two warm days this week, but you know where I’m headed tomorrow.
By the way, that stop motion movie I made gave me such sore thighs. I told Cassidy and he said, “Well yeah – you essentially did squats for two hours straight.”
So that’s my workout for ya!

Leslie January 16, 2017 - 5:24 am

Just the fact that you made sure to get in a decent workout when your son was home with you shows how dedicated you are. Great job this week! And thanks for hosting a link-up, too! I’m looking forward to reading all sorts of good health advice!

Lorna croswell January 17, 2017 - 7:42 pm

Way to get in the workouts even with the kids around! That can be really hard to do. Good luck with training! Love the new Linkup!


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