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Chipotle Debuts “Rad Lands” Teaching Kids How To Eat Healthy!

by Nellie

A few weeks ago I was invited to PS 64 Robert Simon Elementary School to celebrate the debut of “Rad Lands” a new series that teaches kids all about how to eat healthy.

Chipotle is partnering with Discovery Education, a leading provider of digital education content for K-12 classrooms, for RAD Lands In School. In this online program for elementary students launching later this spring, RAD Lands episodes will be paired with lesson plans and activities that have been developed by Discovery Education’s award-winning curriculum team. These no-cost resources incorporate music, animation, and live-action segments to teach students key health and science content, including the benefits of eating fresh food, the importance of caring for our environment, and how to create healthy and tasty snacks.

The school invited several third grade classes to participate in fun activities to celebrate. The kids were so enthusiastic and ready to learn about eating healthier through these different stations.

The first activity that I walked in on had the kids doing the Rad Lands School Dance, then in another part of the school a chef was teaching kids all about vegetables. It was so awesome to see these kids so interested in learning about  different greens and vegetables that they may not have been introduced to previously!

Next I went over to the station where the awesome Celebrity Chef Richard Blaise was teaching the kids how to make guacamole from scratch. The kids were SO excited to learn but even more excited to eat! I remember knowing about avocados when I was a kid but I really did not get into them until I was an adult! Seeing these kids get so excited about guacamole and likely have no idea how amazing the guy who taught them was so cool.

Because I am a superfan I HAD to get a picture with Richard Blaise. I’ve watched him rise to stardom on Top Chef to now being a judge on all of my favorite cooking competition shows! I squealed internally when he agreed to a pic!

“We created ‘RAD Lands’ to educate young eaters and their parents about food in an entertaining and engaging way. We don’t advertise to kids so the show is completely unbranded. We hope that it sparks conversation and curiosity among families, ideally leading to smarter and more informed choices about food.”

You can learn more about the Rad Lands series by checking out the link here.

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What do you do with your own kids to teach them about healthy eating?

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Janine Huldie April 12, 2017 - 6:55 am

Looked like such a fun experience and wish when I was a kid we learned about veggies like this in all honesty!! 🙂

Tamara April 12, 2017 - 11:06 am

This is so cool! I love Richard Blaise and I want him to teach my kids to eat healthy. I have one who eats everything and one more picky, and sometimes they trade off. It keeps me on my toes!
We keep a vegetable garden here and I think that helps.

Leeia B September 4, 2017 - 8:40 pm

It looks like a great event. You have so many nice kids together and engaged, looks fun! My sister and I had took our kids to open even like this, but yours looks a lot more organized. I love children, so being around them is always fun. Great stuff!


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