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Al Gordon 4M Recap + Why I Am Deferring The NYC Half

by Nellie

What is happening friends?!

Life has been uh….eventful. 🙂 I have been pretty knee deep in solopreneur status–working hard to keep my clients happy. I have three official full time clients and I’m learning a TON but also having a lot of fun throughout the process.

I’ve also been enjoying this insane weather. I am not opposed to sixty degrees in the middle of February! I even got to take my eldest out for a run last week when they were out of school for winter break. We ran walked 3.3 miles! I was SO impressed with him. He even wanted to keep going!! I stopped right there for fear of wearing him out entirely but it was fun to run with him and enjoy our local park in a new way.

Al Gordon 4M Race

This was my first time running this local Prospect Park race! For the past two years I’ve been in Orlando for the Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge so since I decided to take a break this year, I was home to run this one!

When I arrived to the park (BY CAB THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) It was crazy foggy. I’m talking the type of foggy that comes right out of scary movies! The weather was super manageable, around 45 degrees–way higher than I thought it would be when I purchased the ticket in January! It was very damp however so it felt a lot colder than it actually was.

I picked up my bib and just like that we were off! The four mile route is super familiar to me as I have done many races in Prospect Park. Around mile 2 I wished I had actually brought my gloves, everything else was super warm–including my bare legs–but for some reason my digits would not warm up! So I spent time running and putting my hands in my pockets for warmth.

The only part that I really don’t like about Prospect Park races is the fact that finishers ALWAYS end up exiting the park on the same road we are running to finish. It happened during RNR Brooklyn and it happened again for this race. For the back of the pack it is a bit demoralizing to see every one casually eating bagels and heading to brunch while you are struggling to just finish the last mile strong. Other than that snafu, it was a good race. Happy to be out there with other runners and I had a good time.

Deferring the NYC Half

As a incentive for being a Social Media Ambassador for the NYC Marathon, I was gifted a entry to the NYC Half Marathon. However, my training season has been rocky to say the least. I’ve been running the miles, and I have no doubt that I can finish, but my mental has NOT been there. It’s been an insane few months for my family and to be honest I don’t have the desire or the motivation to run 13.1 miles in 2 weeks.

I had a GREAT time last year and it was such a crazy race (even with my technological difficulties), and I’d love to run it again next year. I know that my mental needs to be there, and it’s not. My next half marathon will be Brooklyn, because I adore that race and it’s hard NOT to run that one so I will focus all of my heart into that race with more than a few smaller races in between.

It feels weird to defer, but it also feels like the absolute right decision.

Have you ever had to defer a race? Do you workout with your kids? Have you ever had to step back from a commitment because you knew you would not do your absolute best?

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Allie March 3, 2017 - 5:40 am

Good for you for deferring and doing what feels right mentally!! The race will be there waiting for you next year 🙂
I have missed you my friend and it’s so good to be back in the U.S. reading your words and seeing your smiling face!!

Janine Huldie March 3, 2017 - 7:04 am

Glad you made the decision that works for you and agree sometimes you just have to do what is in your best interest. That said, I am loving the warmer weather this past winter here, as well and not complaining in the least either! Happy Friday now, Nellie 🙂

Tamara March 3, 2017 - 10:40 am

Sometimes to defer is to definitely do the right thing! There will be other times. Life is crazy for me too. This whole business owning, exercising, parenting, etc. NUTTY! Why didn’t they tell us?? (oh, they probably tried..)

Mary March 5, 2017 - 8:06 am

It must be exciting to have 3 full-time clients and exciting tons of work! I hope to go on runs with my kids, if I ever have them, lol. You are an inspiration.

Leslie March 6, 2017 - 8:26 am

Good for you for recognizing that you’re not ready to run a race! It sounds like life is that good kind of crazy where it’s full of work and family. I hope that the good crazy continues at a pace you can handle! Keep up the great work!

CARLA March 20, 2017 - 5:13 am

All the d*mn time.
Or, more aptly put, a few times since the child was born 🙂 which still feels like a few too many.
But youll have that.


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