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The New Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray Is A Game Changer

by Nellie
This post is sponsored by Air Wick

Since becoming a mom of three things have been non stop. I wish I could say that I have mastered what it’s like to mother three humans but that would be a whole lie. Some days are incredibly long and some days are just a blur. I spent most of my week last week thinking it was the wrong day.

Now that we have all three kids home for the summer, one of the significant battles we have to fight are the smells. Our living room area is ground zero for um, scents. Jasmine Grace has her own station of onesies, towels, pacifiers, clothes, bows–you name it! One thing she also has is her hamper and the dirty diaper pail. All of this is set up in the living room because she honestly spends 100% of her awake time in the family area, only going upstairs to sleep overnight.

The boys are another story! Now 10 and 7 respectively they are both coming with their own scents. The big guy is manageable, but the little guy? He is a big ball of energy that can’t walk from one place to the next–it has to be a full sprint! Between the kids, the constant cooking I do, and the heat of summer, I have been searching for a solution to keep things fresh around here.

Yesterday I was invited to the Air Wick Meditation Truck to check out the new Air Wick® Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray. This battery operated device pushes out your favorite fragrance automatically for up to 60 days! You can come home from work and smell your favorite scents, keeping the house fresh with little to no effort.

What is really awesome, is that we all got a meditation with guru Gabby Bernstein who also is a mom of a new infant! We traded baby stories and of course pictures. The meditation was exactly what I needed going into this summer season!

Here is what the Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray does:

  • Provides 24/7 Odor Neutralization in your home
  • Fragrance dispersion that fills every corner of the room
  • Provides up to 60 days of continuous fragrance on minimum setting
  • Hang on the wall or place on a shelf or cabinet
  • Choose from three settings to achieve desired fragrance level
  • Customize your home with over 15 unique fragrances to fit any mood

We were able to get a demostration of the easy to use device which even includes a part on the back that help you to easily mount on the walls with the hook! I can already see that I want the lavender scent for the bedrooms, a fresh and clean linen scent for the living room and maybe an ocean breeze for the bathrooms, the options are truly endless–especially because the starter kit is only $10!

Air Wick® definitely has moms covered 24/7, providing continuous odor neutralization at home.

Where do you need a Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray?

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Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness July 3, 2019 - 1:42 pm

Aww, Little Miss Jasmine looks like such a sweetie! And I’m jealous that you got to meet Gabby Bernstein! I just read her book The Universe Has Your Back not too long ago and enjoyed it.

Cynthia July 7, 2019 - 11:36 am

I have used some of the Airwick freshners but this particular one I have not tried. I’m definitely getting one of these.


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