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A bit of a background on me and why I have decided to start this blog.

I am almost 5 months pregnant with baby number two. Prior to conceiving baby number one, I was a casual gym goer, 20 pounds away from my real goal weight. I went to the gym to be social, spinning was a fun habit, and I lifted 5 pounds every weight class thinking I was hot stuff. I laughed heartily at those people nearly keeling over in boot camp and I was the queen of the elliptical.

I was your average nonchalant gym goer.

I got pregnant, and out of pure laziness fear, I did not work out at ALL. I was fed all kinds of bs from very mean caring women who told me the weight would “fall” off. Eat what you WANT!


They knew.

I ended up gaining around 50 pounds with my son, and 35 dropped in about 3 weeks. After a terrible bout with postpartum depression, the scale crept up. All of a sudden I was 25 pounds more than where I even started!

Started going to the gym casually again and boom!

Nothing happened.

Well Alrighty.

I had my “a-ha moment” when I started fantasizing about shopping in Lane Bryant and The Avenue (Plus sized women’s clothing) The clothes are so cute!! I’d been a 10-12 average all my life, all of a sudden I was veering into the 16+ lane, and fast. I decided to do something about it before I ended up in a crash course with being plus sized for the rest of my life.

I started to eat “clean”, and I did a LOT (which I will blog here) to lose 42 pounds to get me back to that delectable size 8. I enjoyed that beauty for 6 months.

SIX months…

Most of those months were winter months, so the world couldn’t even SEE my 8 under my winter coat(s).

SIX Months…?

About 180 days of bliss. Losing 42 pounds gives you super powers. Jennifer Hudson has super powers. My best moment of those 180 days?

Me: “Man, have you seen J-hud lately? She looks amazing!!”
Friend: “You are smaller than she is.”
Another friend: (nods in agreement)
(at this point the sun is quite inconspicuously shining in the office, the birds are chirping beautifully, I hear J-hud singing loudly in my ear, Sun in the sky…..it’s a brand new day)

I had made it.

Fast forward to July 2011. I’m pregnant. 30 pounds heavier and I AIN’T EVEN HALFWAY.

So I’m gonna blog it out. Before I hurt someone.

Right before I became preggers, I had been converted into a hardcore fitness junkie. Lifting 24 pounds (the highest body bar in the gym) during strength training class, bench pressing 45 pounds twice a week, abandoned the girlie weight machines and showed the boys how it was done. I was *this* close to trying out to be a spin instructor, which had now become my passion. I was doing C25k which by the way was the hardest thing I have ever done, clearly I am not a natural runner. I did two a day workouts. I was a slave to my Heart rate monitor. I lived. to workout.

And I miss it. SO much.

So I will blog it out.

I will also detail my tips tricks and secrets to getting the weight off, and maximizing time spent in the gym. It may not be anything new, but it worked for me.

Join me on my never ending journey.

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