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I Worked Out With Shaun T Pregnant….And Survived.

A few weeks ago I attended a fitness event at one of my favorite fitness spots in the city 305 Fitness, you might remember that I hosted one of my free fitness events there a few months ago!

This time Secret was hosting an event with Shaun T. I’ll be honest, the thought of being 5 months pregnant and working out with the creator of INSANITY scared the living daylights out of me…but when have you ever known me to back down to a challenge? 🙂

Shaun T is my spirit animal

Shaun T is an amazing dude. He has the BEST energy and such a great spirit about him. It’s SO easy to see how he has transformed thousands of lives with his incredible fitness videos. You might even be wondering what Shaun T has to do with Secret Deodorant?! He explained to us that he used to steal his grandma’s Secret when he was a kid because it was the only thing that kept him fresh! He actually mentioned this in one of his YouTube videos and boom, a partnership was formed!

Secret Deodorant x Shaun T

When I got to 305 fitness, the studio was transformed visually into a place made for Secret. There was product, photo opportunities and so much more, everywhere! It was really cool, and the swag was really nice too. 😉

Working Out With Shaun T 5 Months Pregnant

We got started with the live DJ and I will admit I was super nervous. I’m still working out and all but INSANITY types of exercise? No way. Shaun noticed that I was in the family way and assured me that he’d give me modified exercises.

It actually ended up being super fun! I didn’t feel like I was overworking my body at anytime, there were ample water breaks etc. I didn’t get on the floor with everyone when they did burpees and shoulder touches…but Shaun gave me a stool to lean on while I did “mountain climbers” which was really cool. I had a great time, I broke a serious sweat and I am SO glad I made it happen!

Secret Deodorant x Shaun T Secret Deodorant x Shaun T

What is Secret Active all about?

The new Secret Active Line comes in three scents: Fresh, Sport and Cool.

Fresh: has a blend of white nectarine, tropical pineapple and grapefruit with lily, puple fresia and lavender flowers.

Sport: A citrus blend that has a burst of peppermint, citrus fruits and notes of licorice, jasmine and gardenia.

Cool: A floral scent with a combination of a fruity cocktail with fresh green foliage.

Secret Deodorant x Shaun T

Afterwards, I was able to chat with Shaun about his 7 month old twins. I asked him out of curiosity if they were sleeping yet and he told me that they were sleeping for an entire 12 hours! I immediately made him tell me all his secrets (see what I did there?) and he said that he started a routine with the kids that involved baths, massages and reading. Once they got used to it, they started taking the cues for sleep and falling asleep on their own. I am definitely going to try this with baby girl!

Secret Deodorant x Shaun T

Thanks so much to Secret for having me for such a fun event!

Secret Deodorant x Shaun T

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Have you ever taken a Shaun T workout?

Dirk Tiu

Tuesday 25th of December 2018

Great read. I'm sharing this with my wife. Thanks!

Rebecca Ruble

Wednesday 12th of September 2018

I love this!!! Such an inspiring post! thank you for sharing! Would you recommend any of Shaun T's at home programs? I haven't ever tried them and I am trying to find a good one for myself since I don't really have time to make it to the gym. I was looking into Kayla Itsines' workout called Bikini Body Guide since I am a big fan of her Instagram page but then I found a bad review about it saying it's way too expensive and you don't get much with it. I'll post it in the website area below. So now I'm kinda stuck trying to find a good program for moms and beginners to start. Are there any busy moms out there that can help me out and maybe recommend a program to me? Are Shaun T's good for beginners? Thank you :)

Healthy Zindgi

Monday 13th of August 2018

its awesome, its cool and full energetic and positive energy


Thursday 26th of July 2018

I always wonder if I would be able to workout while pregnant...especially with poor energy levels :(


Friday 20th of July 2018

That's so awesome. I think you did baby girl a favor because she's going to come out ready to bounce! Also, Scarlet started sleeping for 12 hours at 7 months. Des too. Not before that, mind you. They weren't magical unicorns. 7 months really was a turning point. Before that it was exhaustion.