I Heart Spinning!

I love spinning. I didn’t always.

When I first got on the bike about four years ago, I wondered the entire time why the HELL did I think I was capable of joining these crazy nuts in this steamy room on this insanely uncomfortable contraption? I was very upset. I could have easily been humming along on a treadmill! And the pain after the first time? I don’t know if men feel this pain, but the pain in the groin area of a woman after her first time on a spin bike…ain’t pretty. It is downright wrong and severely uncomfortable. I vowed I would never, ever go back!

But I did. Until I could not live without it. Before you knew it, I was GOOD! I was in the front of the class, my “area” got used to the crazy contraption very quickly, and it no longer became and issue. Now, I get up and go to 6:45 AM Spin class. You *have* to love an activity to get up 4:40 AM in order to get prepared for it. This is the area where I will devote to my love of spinning, from the shoes, to the gear, to the techniques, and of course most important of all THE MUSIC!

Some Great Spinning resources:

5 Reasons to Take a Spinning Class at Your Gym


Do it! Trust me, you will LOVE IT! (after your area stops hurting :)



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Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (2 and 5), she is a career woman by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is  a positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. She features a Weekly Wednesday Workout and a Friday Fitness Check-in series where she encourages her readers to check in and remain accountable for their fitness and nutrition goals weekly. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. In addition to getting in the gym 5 times weekly, Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. Since beginning to blog Nellie has lost 27lbs (and counting)! You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, & Google Plus.


  1. Hi there! I just popped over from Dish of Daily Life. I’m a spin instructor so this post caught my eye!! So glad you stuck with it after that first class. I love to spin and run and bike outside too. I’m glad I checked out your site and I’ll definitely be back!
    Allie recently posted…FITNESS QUESTIONS ANSWERED! A QuestionnaireMy Profile

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