Holiday Gift Guide 2013: B. Teepee & Magnetic Alphabet

 Holiday Gift Guide 2013: B. Teepee & Magnetic Alphabet

holidaygiftguide2013When it comes to Christmas  gifts,  I know my limitations.  When it comes to finding gifts for people (outside of my kids who point at a TV or catalog and say “Ooh Mommy! I want That!”) I just can’t  it causes me all sorts of stress and it makes me plum crazy!

So to help combat MY crazy, I have decided to help everyone by sharing some super unique gifts for the different people in your life, because well thought out gifts are SO much better than a gift card!!

B. Toys sent me some fun a unique gifts to review and these gifts would be perfect for the kids on your list!

 B. TeePee – 3 to 8 years 

$39.99 at Target


My boys are always going into corners of the house,  playing with cars or on their mini learning devices. So getting them a teepee,  aka an enclosed tent for them to “hide” was a no brainer.





They were SO excited when they saw their new fortress, there was an unlimited amount of squealing and hugs for mommy. They both ran in immediately and turned on the lights hanging from the top of the teepee.

This is an awesome gift for kids, and you can totally use it as a double (or triple) gift for folks with more than one child! Easy.


Magnetic Alphabet – 18 months to 5 years

$18.99 at Barnes & Noble

This gift is geared towards the baby/toddler years. I have a lot of alphabet type toys in my house. Usually those letters end up at the bottom of the toy pile somewhere scattered and never in any kind of order.


The magnetic alphabet is cool because all of the pieces stick to the board which makes it less likely (although still very possible) for pieces to be stuck at the bottom of a toy pile.

And as you can see the baby went right to town as soon as he got it!




This is an awesome (and super educational) gift for the babies in your life. There are matching objects for each letter like “Z” for Zebra and “A”  for Apple. Which of course the baby was so happy to show me. “mom-meeee! App-poh!”



Do you have lots of toy pieces hanging around your house? Have you thought about what you are getting the kids on your list?



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  1. Love the teepee! My boys would love that as they too love to hide. As for their Christmas list? They want every single toy they see on TV or in a book. It’s seriously totally ridiculous. I feel like they’re so spoiled already and I’m trying to teach them it’s not all about gifts but good Lord it’s hard!!! Thanks for this. I love Target and I have some other toys from B. so I know it’s good quality!
    Allie recently posted…It Takes A Village To Get Your Tonsils OutMy Profile

    • This would be totally perfect for Miles and Vaughn!! I am allowing my big boy to have one big and one little, and we are gonna pick out something for the little guy. They have too much. The buck stops here!!

  2. Only the super spoiled God son. I took advantage of Michelle’s We Montage offer weeks ago, so his collage has arrived & it’s fabulous. He will get tons of toys and clothes so I thought this would be different.
    Joi recently posted…Prolapse of the Lady BitsMy Profile

  3. I saw the tee-pee at Target and was actually thinking of getting it for my girls. And after seeing your boys playing with it may have to go back and get it now. Thanks Nellie for sharing this here!! :)
    Janine recently posted…The PINcentive Blog Hop (Week 11) & GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  4. I remember the days of small toys buried/lost at the bottom of the pile!
    Now, I have a different struggle with gifts for my boys – my oldest can’t think of a single thing and my youngest keeps adding stuff!!!
    Kim recently posted…Use It or Lose ItMy Profile

  5. I love seeing them happy with their toys. The lil one is like let me in let me in lol. I only buy toys during the holidays….sad I know.

    • not sad at all actually, I don’t buy toys during the year–we have enough!! Maybe the little dollar stuff from target but thats it.

  6. My nephew is only 1, so I still ask my sister what she actually needs for him. Once he can articulate it, then I will go off of what he wants. My godson is 7, so I’ll be asking for his requests… I am assuming something batman/spiderman/action figure-esk. lol
    Kimberly recently posted…Holiday Finance 101: Ground RulesMy Profile

  7. My girls would ADORE a teepee…might have to consider that for the Christmas list! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…We Have A “Cat”astrophe On Our HandsMy Profile

  8. Your kids are adorable! :)
    FitBritt recently posted…Stitch Fix and Swing Meets StreetMy Profile

  9. Your boys are adorable. I have a lot of little cousins that I need to buy Christmas gifts for, I really need to start shopping soon or I’ll drive myself crazy if I wait until the last minute. Very cute post!
    Chantel recently posted…Beauty News: Laura Mercier Launches White Magic Collection For Holiday 2013My Profile

  10. I just saw a teepee in a catalog and thought it would be a great gift! :) We have SO MANY toys. I’m thinking about doing a giant toy purge soon…just in time for Christmas!
    Carly recently posted…Three 15 Minute WorkoutsMy Profile

  11. The baby’s hair! Ack. He is a model. You know that, right? He’s a supermodel. They both are.
    Yes, we have so many toy pieces in the house that I’m surprised I have such a good back, with the bending over I do all of the time.
    I totally want a teepee!! And I like the magnetic toy too.
    Tamara recently posted…Look Ma, No Hands!My Profile

  12. I looove the idea of this teepee!! Pookah would absolutely die! I can see him trying to sleep in this thing on the daily!

  13. Your first question at the end of the post is completely laughable for us. Our house is covered in toys – including no less than two tents (it used to be three!). It’s pretty terrible really. And I’ve definitely got the Amazon cart ready to purchase the gifts for the girls. I think some serious purging is in order over the Holidays. We’ll see what we can sneak out while they’re still distracted by the new stuff!
    Leslie recently posted…Confession…We Cheated for ThanskgivingMy Profile

    • you already have two tents?! you are ahead of the game!! :) I know what you mean, We will be purging in the household as well!

  14. B Toys is awesome – Nia got the dr. kit last year for her 2nd birthday and still plays with it regularly (she gave me and her dad shots this week!). I especially appreciate how their toys are gender neutral. We give one gift on Christmas to Nia and this year we’re leaning towards a gender neutral doll house. My parents though go overboard and get her SO many toys which we then ration out throughout the year. Keeps her from getting bored!
    Quiana recently posted…How to Stand OutMy Profile

  15. your boys in the teepee with their big smiles have me smiling too! so cute. i feel like my nephew needs this for his Christmas gift! i can imagine his smile being the same.

  16. I have a toy chest full of toy pieces that I am just itching to throw away. These days, I don’t like toys with little pieces. Makes it harder to clean up (when the kids are trying to put away their toys)
    KalleyC recently posted…Let Me Live That FantasyMy Profile

    • Amen to that! We got a puzzle the other day and I had to keep in in a special place because all those pieces would have been missing in a day!

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