Healthy Hand Habits With Purell #PurellBTS

It’s not very often that I can say attending an event changed my life.

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

Let me start from the beginning…

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

I was super excited to get invited to learn more about keeping kids safe from back to school germs. I have a kid in kindergarten now and we all know that 5 year old can be a bit gross (especially if they are boys!) so I wanted to get all the tips I could to develop healthy germ free habits for my kids.

The event space was so much fun! There were awesome quotes everywhere and they even had our names written beautifully on these Mason jars filled with back to school goodies. I really felt like I was back in school! I have told you guys a million times, I am a sucker for the details!purell hand sanitizer back to school event

It was a very intimate event, there were 7-8 bloggers present including myself. We had a full agenda of learning and I quickly realized how valuable all this knowledge would be.

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

We had two amazing doctors talk to us about the importance of hand sanitizer and the types of germs it kills instantly. There was also a great Myths vs. Truths segment in which I learned a lot. I have heard that sanitizer can dry out your hands and it turns out that’s a myth! I also heard that too much sanitizer can make you more vulnerable to sicknesses because it’s killing the “good germs” as well. That is also a myth! Purely actually leaves the good germs alone while killing the bad germs.

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

One of the most eye opening facts that I learned was that we humans tend to touch our faces A LOT during the course of an hour. Another one is that you should always make your your sanitizer has 60% alcohol.

I also learned that you can use Purell in any situation to clean your hands, the only time that hand washing is recommended is when your hands are visibly soiled. Always make sure you washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds or singing the Happy Birthday song twice.

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

Since the event I have been a sailing maniac. One you get exposed to this sort of information it really makes you think twice about cleanliness – –  especially with all of the contagious diseases around. Better safe than sorry!

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

I even got the kids to be a bit obsessed more aware of hand sanitizer. I have the travel sanitizer hanging on every bag and every time they lay eyes on it, they want clean hands. Works for me!

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

While we were there we took a test by placing out hands in the container pictured above to see how many germs were on our hands prior to Purell and after–we got the results back and lets just say I am completely grossed out. My hands were covered in germs, yes–I had been on the subway and all of that before I got there but I was stunned! After applying the sanitizer 90% of all the germs were gone. I couldn’t believe it. As a result I now see germs everywhere and I am so aware of all the possible germ ridden places. Life changing I tell you!

purell hand sanitizer back to school event

I was so happy I was able to attend this event and learn so much about keeping hands healthy!

Are you a germaphobe? Do you use hand sanitizer regularly? Did you have to purchase hand sanitizer for your kids back to school list?



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  1. Great information Nellie! Very timely since I got a lovely summer cold. We have this stuff all over work and I never use it. Maybe I should start.
    Kristina Walters recently posted…St. Christopher’s Summerfest 5K RecapMy Profile

  2. After having taught young kids and seeing the germs in action right from the inception of the first day of school each year, I can totally believe it and still the amount of germs in that container is still totally shocking. Definitely be using a load of Purell here with Emma and Lily heading back to school now, too. Thanks for sharing, Nellie :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…CoSchedule for Blog Planning & Social MediaMy Profile

  3. I am not a germaphobe at all. Now I do sanitize my hands when I pump gas there was a girl who use to be in a reading group I was with who had a rash from pumping gas. She sacred the nothing out of me so I do sanitize and this was about 10 yrs ago.
    kita recently posted…It Begins With a Plan: 7 Steps to Completing Your Landscaping DreamMy Profile

  4. I love this/hate this because I am a huge germaphobe! My husband makes fun of me so bad but it grosses me out so much! This is very informative! I always sing the Happy Birthday song twice when I was my hands. I also use a paper towel to open the door because most people don’t wash their hands correctly! I think it works though because I didn’t get a cold this past winter. I love my hand sanitizer! I always use it after the train!
    Britt recently posted…Baby B’s ShowerMy Profile

  5. My name is Sherelle, and I am a germaphobe! LOL Seriously though, I keep Purell hand sanitizer at my desk, and use it regularly throughout the day. I work with college-age students, and they can be just as bad as the little ones.

  6. Omg no! I could never go to such an event because I would be sooooo grossed out and then turn into a crazy person about keeping everything crazy clean. I wouldn’t want to touch anything!! I need to live in my denial filled world, lol!!!!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…The Fit and Funny Foodies Battle It Out Blender StyleMy Profile

  7. I’m not an outright germophobe.. unless it’s winter. And with Scarlet now in a bigger elementary school, rather than an adorable little preschool in which parents keep their kids home for even a sniffle.. well… I’m scared.
    Tamara recently posted…The Cape House.My Profile

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