BAM Book Review: An Accidental Affair by Eric Jerome Dickey

A description from GoodReads:

An Accidental Affair
Obsession. Intrigue. Murder. New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey once again “pushes romance and deceit to the next level” (USA Weekend), in this tantalizing tale of a high- profile marriage rocked by an unhappy accident: infidelity. 

“James Thicke is a man whose mysterious past runs as deep as his violent streak. He’s channeled the intensity of his soul into twin passions-success as a screenwriter, and marriage to movie actress Regina Baptiste. In the midst of filming his latest script, starring Regina and leading man Johnny Bergs, James receives a video of his wife caught in the most compromising of situations.

Hours later, the clip of the on-set infidelity has hit the Internet and gone viral in the blogosphere and across all channels of social media. James responds to the affront by savagely attacking Johnny Bergs, and the spectacle has both the paparazzi and the police amassing at the married couple’s estate. James goes on the run, but only as far as the city of Downey, California. As James tries to protect Regina from Hollywood’s underbelly, lust, blackmail, and revenge become his constant companions. Does an accidental affair spell permanent danger?

An Accidental Affair has the eroticism of Pleasure, the intrigue of Thieves’ Paradise, the relentless pacing of Drive Me Crazy, and a female lead as complex as Genevieve.

Let me preface this by saying I am a true to the heart, Eric Jerome Dickey fan. I have been since I started reading non-YA books when I was 12. EJD and Omar Tyree are my foundation for African American novels including a host of others like Toni Morrison, Carl Weber, Sister Souljah and etc. Bottom line: If I see an EJD book, I’m going to pick it up, every single time.
I was not disappointed with “An Accidental Affair”. When you read the synopsis you wonder, how can someone have an accidental affair? I mean, that’s like being half pregnant, you ARE or you AREN’T. However, EJD crafts a story about a woman who was exposed to the ugly side of Hollywood and got caught up in all the madness of the Hollywood life.
How exactly was the affair accidental? You’ll have to read to see!
This book kept my heart beating fast. I would get so caught up in it that I would consciously take deep breaths. It was a novel written like a movie. Every description, every scene was extremely detailed and emotional. It comes from the angle of the main character James Thicke, and you are privy to every emotion that he feels.
Just when you think you have it all figured out, EJD clobbers you over the head with another shocking revelation. The book was just like a giant onion being peeled, layer after layer the book just got stronger and stronger.
This is not a novel to breeze through; it is a novel that you need to enjoy and savor every word and every paragraph. I often re-read some paragraphs because the writing was more poetry about life than a novel.
It’s everything you love about a good book, it’s juicy, beautiful, emotional, clever and it seems like it can be a very true story. EJD did it, AGAIN.
What about you guys, who are some of your favorite lifelong authors?


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  1. rosesdaughter says:

    I used to love Eric Jerome Dickey, but his last three books just didn't make me want to read them. I saw this book and thought it looked way more interesting, and way more like his older stuff. I might have to download it.
    My recent post July Bucket List

  2. I am a fan of EJD. The last book I read from him was Naughty or Nice and before that it was The Other Woman. I might give this a looksee. EJD is definitely a favorite author of mine.
    My recent post Cooking With GeeJay!: Entering The Potato Salad Zone

  3. I have been an Eric Jerome Dickery fan for the longest. I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't my favorite. I am still waiting for the last Gideon book.
    My recent post In My World: Tutoring

  4. The gideon books are so intense!

  5. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    I'm an EJD fan too but this was hard for me
    To get into right away…I didn't finish though because I had to return to
    The library but maybe I will try again! Great review lady!
    My recent post Monday Kissing Mania…

  6. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    I LOVED the Gideon series too….such an awesome
    Read…I didnt know he had more coming!
    My recent post Monday Kissing Mania…

  7. I haven't read an EJD book in a while, but I've enjoyed them in the past. Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl and Sister Souljah's Coldest Winter Ever are two of my favorite books.
    I may have to add this one to my Kindle.

  8. I am behind on my EJD books. I will definitely be putting this one on the wish list.
    My recent post What Do I Say? (Guest Post & Giveaway!)

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