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Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day to celebrate with sweets! Check out these awesome and festive Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs that you can make for anyone!

Valentine’s Day Sweets

When I think about Valentine’s Day I think about chocolate. I remember when I was a kid I used to get chocolate for myself all the time–the day after Valentine’s Day because hello–50-70% off!

My own personal favorite chocolate is anything with caramel BUT I’m partial to a plan chocolate as well. My husband will usually get be a typical round heart of chocolates but he has always made sure to get our kids their own too!

Sweets are such a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day so I’ve got a really fun sweet treat for you today!

Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bombs are all the rage this year because let’s face it, they are fun, yummy and a really cool way to add fun flavors to the traditional hot chocolate.

These themed hot cocoa bombs not only taste good but they are decorated with a really pretty heart using pink white and red sprinkles.

What ingredients do I need to make these fun treats?

 Light pink candy wafer melts, dark chocolate bar, red candy wafer melts, red, white, & pink sprinkle quins, mini marshmallows, candy thermometer, hot cocoa mix and this silicone half sphere mold (look for the large ones, that are at least 1.37”) These are the ones that are used during this tutorial.

When should I have these cocoa bombs?

Valentine’s Day is perfect, whether you are cozying up to a cheesy romantic move (my favorite TBH). Or even just having fun on the day with the family.


Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bombs
Yield: 3 bombs

Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

These Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bombs are so fun to make and have with family! Made with festive red white and pink sprinkles, you can share these with anyone you love!


  • ⅔ c light pink candy wafer melts
  • ● 3.5oz dark chocolate bar (72% cocoa)
  • ● ¼ c red candy wafer melts
  • ● 3 tbsp red, white, & pink sprinkle quins
  • ● ¼ cup mini marshmallows
  • ● Candy thermometer
  • ● (2) 2 c sized glass bowls
  • ● Silicone spatula
  • ● Small spoon
  • ● 3 heaping tbsp hot cocoa mix
  • ● Silicone half sphere mold (look for the large ones, that are at least 1.37”
  • deep.
  • ● Sandwich size food storage bag
  • ● Kitchen shears
  • ● 2 small plates
  • ● Food safe gloves (optional)


  1. Heat pink candy wafer melts in a glass bowl in the microwave for 1
    minute at 50% power. Stir well, and continue heating in 30 second
    intervals until the wafers are fully melted and smooth/creamy. Place the silicone sphere mold on a flat serving tray or baking sheet, and spoon approximately a tbsp of the melted pink candy wafers into three molds.
  2. Thoroughly coat the inside of the mold with a small silicone spatula, or
    the back of a spoon. Make sure to make the edges a little thicker, so that they don’t break when melding together. If the candy is pooled at the bottom, spread again to evenly coat all sides, or your sphere will be less circular, and more flat on the bottoms from the pooled candy. Let set while you temper the chocolate.
  3. Roughly chop ¾ of the dark chocolate bar. Place in a 2 c glass bowl, and microwave for 30 seconds at 50% power. The chocolate will look like there is hardly any change, but you will still need to stir the chocolate.
  4. Return it to the microwave, heat another 15 seconds, and then stir again. Once it begins to look melted with a few chunks of chocolate left, insert your candy thermometer into the chocolate. You want your dark chocolate to be no higher than 90℉, or the chocolate will be untempered, and will have a chalky appearance with possible streaks of white. Once you reach your desired temperature, continue stirring until all chocolate is smooth and creamy with no lumps.
  5. Spoon approximately a tbsp of the melted dark chocolate into the
    remaining three molds. Thoroughly coat the inside of the mold with a
    small silicone spatula, or the back of a spoon. Make sure to make the
    edges a little thicker, so that they don’t break when melding together.
  6. If the candy is pooled at the bottom, spread again to evenly coat all sides.
  7. Cool in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes to set, and then remove. Repeat
    this process again to make a second layer of dark chocolate, again paying special attention to the edges. The dark chocolate is much thinner than the candy melts, so it's crucial to do two layers, or your sphere will crack and break when removed. Once all molds are fully coated, pop in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes for them to set.
  8. Once set, remove from the refrigerator, and begin slowly pulling the
    mold away from the spheres on the sides first, and then lightly push
    from the bottom to remove them. You can either place them on the
    serving tray/cookie sheet, or I placed them on a piece of parchment
    paper for the next steps. Try to handle them as little as possible to avoid fingerprints, or melting. (To reduce fingerprint smudges, wear food safe gloves)
  9. Place two small plates in the microwave and heat for approximately 20
    seconds. Place a pink sphere open side down onto one plate. Twist it a
    little to get the edges slightly melted, and then immediately flip back
    over and fill with a heaping tbsp of hot cocoa mix, and about 5-6
    marshmallows. Now place a chocolate sphere on the second plate and
    twist, and once the edges are slightly melted, place it on top of the pink sphere. You can twist them slightly to help meld them together. If you have any cracks that didn’t seal, heat a spoon in hot water, dry
    thoroughly, and use it to smooth around the seam.
  10. Place the red wafers in the microwave, and repeat step 1 to fully melt.
    Once smooth/creamy, drape the sandwich bag over your hand, and fill
    with the melted wafers. Cut a very small tip of the bag with kitchen
    shears, and pipe lines back and forth, and criss-cross onto the chocolate side of the sphere. Next pipe a heart shape, and fill in the heart.
  11. Immediately add heart shaped sprinkle quins to the inside of the heart.
    Press the sprinkles lightly to ensure they are attached. Let set for 2-3
  12. When you're ready to enjoy your hot cocoa bomb, heat 8oz of milk in the microwave, or on the stovetop. Place your cocoa bomb in a mug, and slowly pour the milk over it. Stir lightly to open the bomb and see the hot cocoa explode. Continue stirring until the candy wafers have melted, and enjoy!


● While handling the spheres, wearing food safe gloves will help keep
them from melting, and also minimize your fingerprints on them.
● If you are having a hard time getting the two spheres to connect to each
other, you could pipe some extra melted wafers along the seam and dip
in sprinkles.
● To melt the sphere edges, you can either use heated plates, or a lightly
heated frying pan. I have used both, and both are equally effective.

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