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10 Reasons You Should Try INSANITY Workout

Hey Guys! Today we have a wonderful guest post from Brandi @ Woman, Live! Please give her a warm welcome as she tells us all about why we should be INSANE just like her!! 

10 Reasons You Need to Be Try The Insanity Workout


I saw the infomercial where people declared to be addicted to Insanity, but I just shrugged it off. I had never been addicted to anything so high impact that made me sore and sweaty. This high intensity interval training is no joke! I didn’t think this would be any different.

Fast forward to today…

I’m addicted! I don’t ever want to quit! And, I’ll give you 10 reasons why you should join me!

1) It’s Easy On Gas

Insanity consists of 10 DVD’s. Just pop them into your home DVD player and you’re ready to go.

2) Anytime

Because you can do the HIIT workouts at home in 30 minutes or more, you get to choose the time of day you workout. I prefer working out in the morning, but there’s a slight problem. I’m not a morning person.

Sometimes you can find me cooking dinner, working out, and helping my kiddo with school work…at the same time. And, if I can’t fit in max interval training before dinner, I’ll workout a couple of hours before bed. Your workout, your timing.

3) No equipment

With Insanity all you need are comfortable tennis shoes, water, and a towel.

4) Be comfortable

I wear baggy clothes to the gym because, well, I’m overweight and I don’t particularly like broadcasting it with fitting clothes. At home, I can wear what I want! So, I put on my cute sports bra and shorts or capri workout pants. I’d much rather soak a sports bra in sweat than an oversized tee-shirt. Eww!

5) Need a break? Hit Pause.

Whenever Trainer Shaun T. is being a little too insane, I hit pause and take a short break. But, don’t stop moving!


6) Repetitive

This workout program is done in circuits. With the exception of a few videos, you usually do a circuit 3 times. So, if the first time was unfamiliar and awkward, you have 2 more times to get it right.

Also, it helps me to know what I’m doing and how much longer I have to do it. Knowing that I have one more exercise until this circuit is over helps me challenge myself to keep going.

7) You never outgrow it

Insanity is full of plyometrics or jump training. Think jumping jacks, tuck jumps, jumping squats, etc. Every two weeks, we do a fit test where we perform as many of each exercise as we can in 1 minute. Every two weeks, I’ve gotten faster and stronger.

For the first fit test, I could do 17 high jumps in 1 minute. This week, I did 45 high jumps in 1 minute. The more in-shape I become, the harder I’m working. I can’t outgrow Insanity.

8) It’s real

I’m in the 2nd month of Insanity. Yesterday my video was called Max Cardio Interval. And, believe me when I say it was MAX. At one point, Shaun T. wasn’t even encouraging me anymore. He was too busy sweating! His workout partners were lying on the floor! I’m not sure why, but this motivates me!

Have you ever seen those workout videos where everyone’s smiling the whole time! Ugh. The people on Insanity are visibly struggling to get through the workout, just like me! If they can keep pushing, I can too. I usually try to get it done 3-4 times a week. And when you look at it, it’s a short amount of time to be tortured.

9) All the cool people are doing it.

Now that I’m doing the Insanity program, people are calling me “Insanity Pro” and “Workout Buff”. I’m neither of the two, but it feels good to know that I’m doing an interval workout that most people don’t have the will power to complete.  

When you say you do Insanity, everybody’s like “Whoa!” Haha! Honestly, it’s a matter of taking it one circuit at a time. But, I love that it has this connotation of being the toughest workout around and I’m doing it!!

10) It works!

I don’t know anyone who has ever seen an Insanity informercial and said, “Hmmm, I wonder if it works.” But, in case you’re that one person, let me assure you that it works. I lost 6 lbs. the first 30 days. And, I didn’t follow the meal plan at all. I also had McDonald’s fries and pizza and dessert on the weekend. Sssh! Don’t tell Shaun T.

This month, I’m actually eating clean (w/ the exception of that bowl of Special K & soy milk I just had). The goal for this month is 10 lbs. I post workout photos & updates on my Facebook page everyday. Follow me on to see my progress.

With Love,

B. Hawthorne

 Brandi’s a couch potato turned adventure goddess, enjoying new experiences as often as possible! After relocating from SC to the beautiful paradise of Guam, she’s kind of obsessed with creating the life of her dreams. And, she wants the same for you! Brandi created Woman, Live! to help women discover & begin the work required to live a life of fulfillment, peace, and adventure! She believes in doing the things you’re afraid of doing and making every moment count! Whenever you’re ready for more, visit her blog

Have you ever tried the insanity workout?


Tuesday 24th of September 2013

Girl, I have wanted to go insane, even bought the DVD last year but somehow I never did anything. Maybe after this baby I will. I mean who doesn't want a rock hard body.


Tuesday 24th of September 2013

Hi Pegster. Yeah, my husband did the workout a few different occasions before I decided to jump in. But, once you start and complete it, you feel pretty awesome! Thanks for your comment!


Monday 23rd of September 2013

I have to say that I'm not crazy about intense workouts but when you said you pause it to catch your breath it made it sound more bearable. Congrats on the weight loss and commitment. It's insane! :)


Tuesday 24th of September 2013

Thanks, Carla! Yes, pausing to take breaks (and sweaty) pics makes all the difference. And, it's interval training so having your heart rate go down for a moment and then raising it quickly is the whole point. :)


Monday 23rd of September 2013

My husband has these tapes. I watched him do them ONE time and I felt like I was the one who was working out. Naw mann!! LOL. But I might be tempted to try it.. MIGHT LOL


Monday 23rd of September 2013

Haha! LaSHawn, that's so funny! First, thanks for reading my blog post! I used to watch the Insanity informercial while walking on the treadmill. That was enough for me! But, you know what...when I saw my husband do it, I always wanted to jump in like "That's nothing. I can do that." It's super tough, but the rewards are many! You can do it, girl! If you need some motivation, I post workout pics and weekly weigh-ins on my facebook page!

Join the insane! : )


Monday 23rd of September 2013

Love your Blog! I look forward to more great posts. I never tried insanity but I have friends that love it!


Monday 23rd of September 2013

Nellie does have a pretty awesome blog! It was such an honor to be able to guest post! Whenever you try Insanity, let me know. It's good to have someone that's been there encourage you to keep pushing or as Shaun T says "DIG DEEPER." I post daily workout pics and weekly weigh-ins on my Facebook page that will keep you motivated, too.

Thanks for reading, Nikki!


Monday 23rd of September 2013

The cool people are doing it, priceless! You have very good reasons! All of the conveniences of being at home are great and the fact that it works is most important.

Great guest Nellie! I support the INSANE :)


Monday 23rd of September 2013

LOL @ I support the Insane! I'm glad you liked the post, Joi! It was long overdue as people always become intrigued when I say I do Insanity. I want the Insane sports bra just to prove how Insane I really am! And, you really do feel super cool when people's eyes bug out when they ask what you're doing to lose weight. It's like you're a superhero or something! : )

I post daily workout pics and a weekly weigh-in on my Facebook page. Hope to see you there!