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Fun Family Winter Bucket List – Free Printable

Winter Bucket List to Conquer Winter Boredom 

The warm days of summer are well behind us, and winter can seem so dreary. But they don’t have to be less fun than summer.  In fact you can do so many fun things in winter that I put some of my favorites together in a winter bucket list! 

Play in the Snow! 

Get in touch with your inner child by building a snowman, making snow angels or building a snow fort and having a snowball fight.

The last time we had a snowball fight we were all giggling hysterically in a few minutes.  Playing in the snow is so therapeutic. 

Bake Christmas Cookies Together 

Some of my fondest childhood memories are helping my mom bake cookies. Looking through the little window on the oven, anticipating the warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie in my little hands.  

You can make those same magical memories with your own children.  It may be messy and not perfect but they won’t remember that.  They will remember all the love and warmness of the special time they spent with you.  

Do a Random Act of Kindness 

Nothing can warm you more than the smile you put on someone else’s face.  Winter is a great time to spread some kindness. 

One of my favorite Random Acts of Kindness is leaving a gift with a tip at a restaurant.  A mug, some cocoa and a package of warm fuzzy socks is a great little gift for your waitstaff.  

Another favorite random act of kindness is to leave some snacks for the delivery people who are dropping some of the 800 million packages this season. 

Make a Blanket Fort 

Even if you are an adult, making a blanket fort is fun and comforting. And once you have made it you can read a book, play your favorite video game or just scroll social media snuggled up inside.  

If you have kids challenge them to make the biggest blanket fort ever.  Sheets, blankets, pillows, even couch cushions are up for grabs to make this the best blanket fort ever. 

Let their imaginations run wild.  And if they have cabin fever and have been bickering a lot, it will be a good cooperative activity to remember how much fun it is to have siblings.  

Winter doesn’t have to be dull and boring.  You don’t have to wait for spring to have a good time.  Winter is full of adventure and magical memories. Grab our full Winter Bucket List so you always have something fun to do.  

Download your Winter Bucket List here and have fun!

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