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Free Printable Video Chat Scavenger Hunt Game

Looking for a fun and safe game that you can play with family and friends anywhere? Check out this Free Printable Video Chat Scavenger Hunt Game!

Is it just me or are scavenger hunts still every bit as exciting as they were when I was a kid? I used to love long car trips that were made fun by adding “I Spy” out the window, or reading quietly in the public library, books like “Where’s Waldo” or other scavenger hunt type titles.

My friends/schoolmates and I used to spend a lot of free time clustered around these books, taking turns finding the items. Even in my adult years I’ve participated in one or two location based hunts, which are every bit as exciting as the ones from my childhood. 

These days, though, the scavenger hunts I go on are geared mostly towards the kiddos. I think the last one I went on was during Easter but honestly, it was just collecting eggs and following clues to their location. I’m not sure that exactly counts! 

I have been working on something recently, however, that I think might appeal to my readers on behalf of any little ones you may have at home.

I’ve talked about it so often lately, how we’re all still cooped up at home and how we have to rely on imagination to keep us busy now that so many activities are still under shut-down orders.

I found myself thinking of virtual school and how so many families are relying on things like Zoom, Skype, etc. to do their school learning as well as socialize here and there. 

A lot of families I know with kids have talked about how they look forward to these meetings, not because of the learning aspect but because of being able to interact with their friends again after so long being cooped up. So, I started playing with an ideas on how to incorporate scavenger hunts with video chatting. 

Video Chat Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

My Video Chat Scavenger Hunt is simple. It can be done with 2 to 5 players on the video platform of your choosing, and each player will need a copy of the printable with instructions/list for the hunt.

From there your little ones and their friends can take turns going between them to find the items listed. With 12 categories to choose from and many ways to change it up, it’s a great way to keep the kiddos busy for hours! 

Here is your Video Chat Scavenger Hunt Download

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What kind of fun socially distant games have you been playing lately?