Olivia Pope Black and White Dress – Consider Me Slayed


Scandal is an amazing show.  We all know this.

I am not sure what I like more, the eye candy,  the incredible cast, the witty insanely intelligent dialogue,  the raw emotion,  Kerry Washington,  the storyline that seems to catch me off guard All the time–there are seriously so many reasons to love this show.

One thing that continues to win?  The fashion.

I won’t even begin to tell you guys how I wish for her wardrobe for my daily office life. I even created a pin board for it! I want all the pastels,  I want all the coats,  I want it all.  For now I will continue to shop in Ann Taylor Loft,  and New York and Company until my dreams come true.

Not only is Olivia Pope’s wardrobe flawless but we as fans get to see her in gowns every couple of months… But there was a particular gown that was on the latest episode that slayed me to pieces.

olivia pope scandal black and white dress

source: abc.com

kerry washington olivia pope black and white dress

source: abc.com

Is this not the most amazing dress ever? I don’t know if I have ever been so enthralled with one dress ever in my life.

This dress is every single thing.


I definitely was sitting in front of the TV and when I saw the Olivia Pope Black and White dress–this happened:


You don’t even have to like high fashion to admit how amazing this dress is! Whew. Just fabulous.

The really amazing thing?  I can totally walk into my local Neiman Marcus store and pick one up!

Ruben Singer designed this dress and it is currently selling for $3875! Say What?!


What did you think of the dress? Were you as slayed as I was? Would you ever pay that kind of money for the perfect dress?



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  1. Holy wow! That dress is fabulously amazing. You would look outrageously beautiful in it!! If I don’t pay my mortgage for 2 months, I can buy it for you. OMG! Celebrities live in a fantasy world.
    Allie recently posted…Run to Your MailBOX!My Profile

  2. Love that dress too and your post had me smiling right down to The Fresh Prince’s reaction! God how I loved that show back in the day and his facial expression was absolutely perfect for this post! Happy Saturday Nellie :)
    Janine recently posted…Another Halloween Bites the Dust Wrap-Up &Thankful ThingsMy Profile

  3. that dress is gorgeous! take a picture of it to a seamstress and have it made for a special occasion!
    catherine gacad recently posted…Why the San Francisco Bay Area is the Best Place to Live and WorkMy Profile

  4. Love the dress and wish that just 1 less # were in the price because you would look amazing in it!!
    Nope, I have never (nor would I ever) pay that much money for an item of clothing.
    Kim recently posted…Being a Landlord is not for the WeakMy Profile

  5. I love the dress and bet it would be flattering for all types of figures. Let me know when you find it for only the last two numbers!
    Carla recently posted…Purple Pilates PassionMy Profile

  6. While I have never watched Scandal (scandalous I know!) I did catch this dress on a preview and thought “WHOA! Now that’s a dress.” I don’t have an issue paying a reasonable amount for a dress that makes me look and feel like a million dollars.
    Anita recently posted…Run When You CanMy Profile

  7. LOL, you crack me up girl. I do love the dress and man, she looks amazing in anything she puts on that Olivia Pope.

  8. It is kinda amazing. It’s growing on me. I didn’t have the instant Merida reaction! I think on the right person, it would be the best dress at any event. On me?? I shudder! Anyway, I wish I could spend that much on my dream dress but that kind of money would go to camera lenses, debt, and a Disney vacation!
    That said. I think you should start a kickstarter fund and have people donate to get you this dress! (haha..I kid. Sorta)
    Tamara recently posted…Ask Me Away!My Profile

  9. 01748009627366577931 says:

    I saw that episode the other night and when i saw that dress, i was floored. When she walked in, i think Fitz and i both had the same look on our faces. I think the dress is beautiful, but too expensive for my wallet.

  10. I was slayed by that dress. Just like I am slayed by that price! LOL
    LaShawn recently posted…My Life’s Photos Challenge: NovemberMy Profile

  11. I still have yet to watch the show, but yes Lawd she can dress!!! On and off the screen!

  12. I’ve never seen Scandal, but everyone in my office keeps telling me I need to start watching it. That dress is gorgeous, though I wouldn’t spend that much on it. The only time I ever spent over $200 on a dress was when I was in a wedding (my own included, of course).
    Leslie recently posted…Halloween HangoverMy Profile

    • you gotta watch! its on netflix!! I didn’t pay for my wedding dress (my mom did) but I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $200 for a dress.

  13. Definitely slay-worthy, that dress! I’d have to find a really good dressmaker because three grand plus for a dress is so not happening on my budget. And Kerry wears it well!
    Alison Hector recently posted…Every step of the wayMy Profile

  14. love, love that dress! i was slayed too! if only i had a few thousand dollars hanging around

    • I know. But would we really buy the dress? Or find a million other things that add up to the awesomeness of the dress?? hmmmmmm.

  15. Oh I love Scandal. I haven’t seen the latest episode yet (because my husband complains the whole time and ruins it for me so I have to watch it when he isn’t around) but I love that dress! So beautiful. I am totally with you on the fashion. I want all of her coats!

    I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on one dress and it was my wedding dress. I will never spend that kind of money on a dress again but I loved my wedding dress with every fiber of my being so it was worth it to me!

    Side note- Have you noticed the other females this season? They are all daytime eyeliner and sex kitten hair. They look pretty but I’m not sure it fits the gladiator in suits mold?
    FitBritt recently posted…Hiking and RunningMy Profile

    • YES YES AND YES> I m so glad you brought that up–talking to my husband about it while the show is on and he totally doesn’t get it. Like they are in lace and FULL eyeliner—-yowza!!!! I don’t know if they are trying to make the sexier but I think their look was appropriate before–and the fact that no one mentions it—–weird.

  16. I thought her entire look was kinda nice. But I am ALWAYS impressed by her coats. I’m a coat kind of a gal and here long, sharp, coats are always right.
    Andrea recently posted…Be Your Own Cheerleader: Not Everyone Who Tries Out Will Make the CutMy Profile

  17. I have so much to say!!! One…I love this show for every reason you just said! the fashion is amazing. I’m sure she takes things home with her why not! It’s beautiful. Her neutral color scheme looks rich and definitely works! You can do it less expensively and still look expensive. That dress was EVERYTHING. I can’t wait until this week’s episode! It’s the only show I stay up late to watch. Everything else gets DVR’d.

    • Ooh girl, yes. I am soo obsessed with her wardrobe 😉 I know Scandal, Love and Hiphop and The good wife is the only thing I watch live everything else takes a back seat :)

  18. Every single thing sounds just about right! It was fabulous and she werked it!
    Joi recently posted…Guess Who’s Coming To DinnerMy Profile

  19. I agree! I love pretty much everything she wears and she looks so good in it! How did you find the dress? I am a Scandalholic too! I love that you have a pin board for her fastions!
    Raquel recently posted…Rock and Brews and Ballast Point Beer PairingMy Profile

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