Wendy Williams New Novel “Hold Me In Contempt” Event Recap #burlingtonootd

Q&A with Wendy Williams

When I saw the invitation to join The Moms to celebrate Wendy Williams new book “Hold Me In Contempt”, I literally squealed. Like high pitched Donnie Walberg type of squeal. You guys know that I am an event girl and I do a lot of things in the city, but rarely do I squeal at invitations!

Wendy Williams Hold Me In Contempt event

Wendy Williams,  or rather Auntie Wendy as I call her in my head penned another novel that is said to rival 50 Shades of Grey (remember my book review?) so I was super excited to hear her talk about it! In addition, the event was sponsored by Burlington and all of the attendees were encouraged to wear their best Burlington Outfit Of The Day aka #burlingtonootd.

Wendy Williams Hold Me In Contempt event

Since I was about one block away from the venue, I arrived early and was able to chat with some of my favorite blogger girls. Sometimes I can walk in the room and know one person–other times I know the entire room. This event was brimming with amazing women!

When Auntie Wendy arrived I was besides myself with happy. You guys may remember when I went to see her show live (and got my 3 seconds of fame??) I told you how good she looked, well again she brought it! In a very beautiful simple black dress she looked flawless.


We quickly got into the interview and she was so funny and personable! See below for some of my favorite Q&A!

When do you have time to write?

You have to have a writing partner. I’ve never written a book without a writing partner. We are all mothers in here and we We all lie to each other, we lie abut how well we cook, we lie about how behaved our kids are, we lied about how we lost the baby weight–I’m trying not to live a life based on lies.

A writing partner should not be someone that you are friends with, a writing partner should be someone who has written books before and doesn’t go back and forth from the editor.We literally had writing meeting in the car on the phone. My facebook fans chose the title and the artwork of the book.

Did you use any celebrity scoop or any celebrity gossip in the writing of this book?

No. The book has nothing to do with gossip. The also has nothing to do with me. If any of you are familiar with my trilogy with the character Ritz Harper some of the things that she went through as a radio personality were loosely based on me, but this book there was no part that was based on me. It was a breath of fresh air to create a new character.

Who are some of your favorite authors that inspire you?

Jackie Collins–I met her season 2 of my show and I adore her. I love Robert Green–he is not romance but he is advice (loosely). One of my favorite books that I keep on my nightstand is the “48 Laws of Power”. This book never gets old to me, and you read it based on the problem that you are having.


What would you tell your 28 year old self?

First of all, I wouldn’t use a lot of conversation because I had a very hard head at that point and I would not have trusted what a 50 year old woman said. Many 28 year old girls think that 50 is ancient. What I can tell her is “don’t worry young Wendy, its all going to be better than you think” 

What are your favorite must haves to get in a writing zone?

I need to be alone because I really want to focus on the story along with my writing partner and generally speaking I talk to her while commuting in the car. I have a mom cave in my house. I turn the TV off and I write better on a sunny day as opposed to a rainy day. I write better in the afternoons than in the evenings.


Afterwards I was able to get a signed copy of “Hold Me In Contempt” and of course hang with the chicas. There were laughs (lots) and pictures (hello, we’re bloggers!).

photo 1

Have you ever seen the Wendy Williams Show?  Who is your favorite celebrity that you feel like you have a close relationship with? Do you shop at Burlington?



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  1. I totally would have squealed too and now I want to read the book that rivals 50 Shades of Grey!!! :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Who Doesn’t Like Chocolate? – Chuao Chocolatiers Review Plus GiveawayMy Profile

  2. I love me the WENDY!!!!!
    Carla recently posted…Ending the glorification of BUSY.My Profile

  3. Very cool all the celebs you get to meet! 50 Shades is on my list to read.
    Kristina Walters recently posted…Half Marathon Training Update – Week FifteenMy Profile

  4. Whoa! And I don’t have a writing partner! Do I need one??
    This is so awesome. I think I feel the same way about Jodi Picoult – I met her and got the fangirl giddiness.
    Tamara recently posted…How To Become Clairvoyant.My Profile

  5. I would have totally squealed too! I love Wendy!
    KalleyC recently posted…Defining ‘Bold’My Profile

  6. She messy lol I use to watch her show but I don’t turn on the tv in the daytime so I rarely catch her. I had no idea she had a book until I saw you post about it.
    Kita recently posted…You’ve Got 99 Problems, But The Competition Ain’t One!My Profile

  7. Is it sad that I’m not even familiar with Wendy Williams’ name? Talk TV is just not my thing. Though I do love the idea of finding a couple new books to read. Thanks for the tips!
    Leslie recently posted…{Inspiration} Cinco de MayoMy Profile

  8. I had no idea there was a book that rivaled 50 Shades of Grey. I put off reading that book for the longest time. It was enjoyable though. :) I’m not a celebrity person. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even notice if one was walking right next to me. I worked on Martha’s Vineyard for a summer and there’s tons of celebs. I missed pretty much every single one of them. Clueless…
    I love all the cool stuff you are doing though!
    Michelle recently posted…The Non-Designers Guide to Graphic DesignMy Profile

  9. Ok this may be really sad but I have no clue who Wendy Williams is!? She’s gorgeous – I can see that, and seems extremely talented! I’m really happy for YOU that you were able to meet her – that is awesome!! My favorite authors are Wally Lamb and John Irving. I would absolutely love to meet either of them!!
    Allie recently posted…No Mother Is Perfect. No Sh*t.My Profile

    • Wendy came up in the NYC circuit! I’m not sure what channel she is on in your area but she is awesome :) Try to catch her show one day!

  10. Wendy has such a great personality. I would have loved to be in her company. I haven’t had a chance to read any of her books.
    Reginia {PoisedinPrint.com} recently posted…Downunder: Sydney, AustraliaMy Profile

  11. I am glad I was able to get this book signed as well as Ask Wendy last year! It only took me over two months to post my recap, LOL!
    Tracy recently posted…{Summer Read} Photo Highlights from the @WendyWilliams #HoldMeInContempt #Book Signing #burlingtonootdMy Profile


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