5 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging


When you guys speak, I listen.

A few weeks ago I shared my biggest lesson learned from BBC Charlotte. That led to a lot of the same questions asked in the comments…how do you make money blogging?

Making money blogging was not something that I intended for in the beginning. After the first year of blogging that changed dramatically,  I started making a little change from the blog. At first I used to think that only experienced, well known bloggers make money, I am here to tell you that is a myth. Brands are looking for all sized blogs and they are paying them too. I am proof.

So how does all this happen? Glad you asked.

1) Join Networks and APPLY

There are so many networks that pay bloggers for sponsored posts. This includes Social Fabric, Sverve, SITS Girls, Clever Girls Collective and more. Most of these require you apply with your social media stats and wait to see if you are chosen. I’ll be honest, the competition is tough. I don’t get picked that often, but I watch the opportunities closely and if something directly aligns with my blog, I apply. The worst you can get is a no! It is also a good thing to show you are eager to work with the network. If you are really concerned about why you didn’t get a certain campaign email them and find out. (In a nice way of course!)

2) Get out and meet people

My first real sponsored post came from a wonderful friend I met at BlogHer12 just a few months prior. The brand asked her if she knew any other NYC bloggers that would fit the criteria and she passed on my info. I was so extremely grateful so I always try to pay it forward.

If I hadn’t met her and connected with her at a blogging conference,  I wouldn’t have had such a great opportunity. Now I know blogging conferences are expensive, so in addition to that attend those brand events if you can. This is especially true if you live in metropolitan areas like NYC and ATL. A lot of the times brand send PR agencies, not actual employees. PR agencies represent a lot of different companies. Make nice with them.

That is just the beginning. Most of my partnerships including being a Brand Ambassador for the GotMilk Protein Fight Club was from attending an event. I took 1/2 a day off from work to attend, but it turned out to be one of the smartest investments that I have ever made. Meeting brands is like speed dating. You get to know them, they get to know you, and if it works you follow up and see how you can work together in the future.

Go to blogger meetup groups. Get to know the people around you that are blogging. These are your co-workers. You can work together to make some money.

3) Exploit Your Social Media

Got an insane amount of twitter followers?  Your Pinterest following is enough to fill a small stadium? Even if your numbers aren’t astronomical here is how you can use those numbers to your advantage:

BlogHer currently has a social media influencers program where they will pay you to pin, tweet and/or fb. No blog post required. Easy money! They even pay influencers to go to events and tweet. So you are saying that you are going to feed me, give me great swag and you simply want me to tweet? I do that anyway everywhere I go!

4) Write for other brands

I don’t do this personally but I know so many of my bloggy friends that do. Believe t or not this blogging life is considered to be new media. Old media needs people who already know how to manage blogging, comments and etc. That would be you! You already have a blog so there is your portfolio. You would just be writing about that brand.

Media brands want to align themselves with real authentic grounded bloggers. This is also an excellent way to build your resume for a traditional writing position.

5) Payment In Product/Access

This one is nontraditional but you might want to consider receiving product as payment. Those free tickets that you were comped? Probably would have cost you a lot of money otherwise.  The product that was sent to you for review, that you use daily? That is just a different form of compensation. Sometimes it’s not about the physical money, the gifts and access has monetary value as well.

I hope you got something out of this!

new image 5 easy ways to make money

I have another post coming about making money without over saturating your readers, stay tuned!

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Did you learn anything new? Did anything surprise you? Anything else you want me to write about? I’m listening!



Mommy. Fitness Addict. Socialite.
Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.


  1. This is great stuff Nellie! I do some of this already but I have yet to attend a blog conference. Bloggy BootCamp is coming to Philly next year and that’s pretty close to me so…I can’t wait!! In the meantime, thanks for the tips!!
    Allie recently posted…My MeltdownMy Profile

    • I am hoping to come to Philly too, I sure hope its a 2 day conf instead of 1 day. It is super easy for me to get to! FINALLY we can meet!! :)

  2. Nellie, what great tips and I try my best to spread myself all over with this and definitely in the last 6-9 months have seen it truly paying off. So, honestly couldn’t agree more with you all of the above and thank you for giving you take on this!!

  3. number four.
    I like to keep it all OFF MY BLOG :)
    Miz recently posted…Shedding habits which no longer serve us.My Profile

  4. Great tips, Nellie.
    I still have not attempted to contact any companies – I’m not sue that I would enjoy my blog as much – hard to say. For now I know that I like that lack of pressure that comes from just blogging for fun.
    Kim recently posted…Am I Old?!My Profile

  5. Great tips Nellie! It is definitely smart to join multiple networks! And we totally agree with you that there is a fine line to walk between making money with sponsored posts and turning off your readers….looking forward to reading that post!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Your Parents Dressed You Up For Halloween As A WHAT?!My Profile

  6. Great tips girlie! I was hoping a post like this would surface soon on your blog. Thank you!
    Kimberly recently posted…Mindfulness Monday: Turning ProMy Profile

  7. These are all great tips Nellie! I wish I lived in an area that would give me the opportunity to go to events locally to network, but meh…LOL! I have found that networks have been great in getting me campaigns. I LOVE Clever Girls!
    Britton recently posted…15 Song Suggestions for Your Workout PlaylistMy Profile

  8. Great tips! A lot of these I had not thought of before. Another way I’ve found to be kind of successful is when you are interacting directly with a brand and they want you to review something but aren’t willing to sponsor a post is to ask them to purchase ad space. It’s a lot more than the click through ads.
    FitBritt recently posted…Apples and Pumpkins Oh My!My Profile

    • That makes total sense and that is a GREAT tip! I have never done the ad route so this is new to me, thank you!

  9. I love that point about how you’d be walking around, doing new things and tweeting about it anyway! The BlogHer social media program is fantastic. There are some hits and misses. Can I talk candidly about Slim Fast? Not so much. However, when a Canon campaign comes along, I’m their girl!
    Tamara recently posted…And At The End Of The Day..My Profile

  10. Because I’m so darn busy, I like to keep things as automated as possible. Adsense works for me. So do privately paid sidebar ads, as well as Amazon affiliate. Making money while I sleep. Me like it like that. After getting a huge taste of brand relationships, I don’t like dealing with brands or networks too much because of the obligation that goes with it. In the past I’ve committed to stuff that ended up being extremely inconvenient for me. I still do work with brands, very careful about what I commit to.

    Despite my weirdness, Nellie, your tips are wonderful. Back when I started blogging there was very little info out there on how to make money, and the big bloggers at that time we not willing to share info. You’re doing us a great service by sharing these tips! xo
    Yum Yucky recently posted…You Need to Know About This: Grocery Shelves With Cameras Will Spy On You, the H7N9 Avian Flu OutbreakMy Profile

    • I hear you Josie, it makes total sense to do it the way you are doing. I have no objections to making money while I sleep!!

  11. these are really great tips … i have not done any of these things but now that i’m at home maybe i’ll do some research. thank you!

    i’m interested in your next post!

  12. Great points Ma’am!! And I think I have done 4 out of the 5!! I have made money blogging, but I want MORE!! #greedy
    Bernetta recently posted…Bad Mommy Alert:: The Tooth Fairy Forgot 2 Days in a Row! #MMMy Profile

  13. This was a gret post with tips I will def be implementing!!! Thanks for the info!
    Toya recently posted…Wedding List Updated!!!!My Profile

  14. Well thank you. I could some extra dough. I’m linked to a few social media communities, and I admit that I haven’t really followed up on the different opportunities until just recently. We shall see if they pay off. Do you use a Pay Pal account?
    Andrea recently posted…Not Cursed, Just a Byproduct of Bad Decisions?My Profile

  15. Wow thanks so much for sharing these steps. I have been blogging for the past two years and I just now started making money from it. I have learned at a lot from your post. Thanks a lot.
    Chantel recently posted…Jewelry Box: Diamond Tennis ChainsMy Profile

  16. Good post! Straight forward but valuable information. I don’t attend events as much as I should, but I’m going to work on that in 2014.
    EbonyCPrincess recently posted…Special Hair Discount for L4L Readers!My Profile

  17. Great post. This blogging life it totally new to some people and they’ll pay you well to work with them. It’s always good when a hobby brings you income!
    Cam recently posted…Suckas and Suckers in HollywoodMy Profile

  18. That social media influencer stuff is real, thanks for sharing that we can use that too. Excellent and unselfish post Nellie! Thank you!
    Joi recently posted…Ask Away then Blog VacayMy Profile

  19. A lot of companies are hiring also for social media people I applied to one big company and have my second interview with them this week. If you are big int he social world then do it and do it big. Great tips
    Kita recently posted…My Liebster Blog AwardsMy Profile

  20. This is great Nellie. One day I’ll make it to a blog conference. I joined a few networks but haven’t even checked to see what opportunities are available. It so awesome that you share this information. I can’t figure out where to find additional time needed to monetize my blog. Gah!
    Hope recently posted…My Top 3 Germ-a-peevesMy Profile

    • I know the time is a big factor, but as long as you continue to create great content you are all good. Most likely the opportunities will find their way to you!

  21. These are all great tips and I would know because I do all of them! Especially #1. That’s been the main source of my income thus far!!
    Marie Young recently posted…Real Mom’s Sip & Shop with Rubi’s Fresh Ground CoffeeMy Profile

  22. Great list! One thing I’ve always said and loved hearing it reiterated at Blogalicious5 was that there is enough room for everyone. So many people I try to share tips with say, “Oh but there’s soooooo many bloggers out there!” While there are a lot of bloggers there we each have a unique voice and there are definitely ways to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as a brand and expert. Just gotta make the effort!
    Quiana recently posted…Lil Lovebird’s First Picture DayMy Profile

    • There is SO enough room for everyone and you make such a great point! The effort is really the foundation of any single successful blog.

  23. Nellie this is some good information. Due to my job, I can’t do anything money-wise as yet on my blog, but it’s good to know what’s available for when I can actually pursue monetizing.
    Alison recently posted…At the tableMy Profile

  24. Great tips! Someday I may make the jump…but for now it’s all about creating content and developing relationships. Keep up the good work, Nellie…you deserve all of the comps you get!
    Leslie recently posted…{30 Things} My Relationship with My ParentsMy Profile

  25. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
    Kristiina recently posted…{Kris + Kristiina} Vegan Crab Cakes + Brussels Sprout HashMy Profile

  26. Thanks for answering our questions, Nellie! One of my goals for next year is to attend some blogging events (contingent upon selling my house or making more money blogging. :) ). I think that’s one of the biggest things I’m missing right now.
    Carla recently posted…Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress In One WeekendMy Profile

  27. This is so cool. I hadn’t thought about making money through blogging but you got me interested. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing
    pegster recently posted…Weekend fun – Pumpkin patchMy Profile

  28. Thanks so much for the great article and the shared points. There are so many great ways to monetize your site it’s mind blowing (especially in the beginning). The thing I learned over the years is that each blog is different, therefore its monetization differs. For some, it’s sponsored posts for others it’s affiliate marketing.

    I’m not a big fan of approaching companies, I want them to contact me either personally or through some respected platform, especially when it comes to sponsored posts. As soon as I get approached by a company and/or site, I want to make sure that they fit my site and gives my readers additional value. I can recommend linkworth and teliad in addition to some of the sites you mentioned.

    Keep it up :)

    • This is the perfect comment!! 😉 I love what you said about making sure it is the right fit for your readers. So very true!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  29. These are wonderful tips! Thanks so much for sharing them :)
    PJ recently posted…Celebrate the Weekend with the Apple Pick me! + 4 More Cocktails!My Profile

  30. Wonderful ideas, Nellie. I was not aware of BlogHer’s program. I am going to look into that. I am all about monetizing my blog and am always looking for ways outside of ads. Pinning this to two of Pinterest boards. Thanks for sharing.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Ghosts of Halloweens PastMy Profile

  31. All of these are great tips, though I have to admit I have a bit of a sour taste in my mouth with things like Sverve, Massive Sway, Clever Girls, etc. I’ve read that they want to see quality content/good writing but then they put emphasis on numbers only. You can be a so-so writer with thousands of fans and views and get the campaigns. Without those numbers, you don’t get selected, even if you are a good writer. Makes no sense to me.
    Kim recently posted…From 36 to 15: An Update on Reading GoalsMy Profile

  32. Very informative Nellie thanks for the great tips! Stop by sometime and enjoy our blog posts at Lush-Fab-Glam.com
    Lush-Fab-Glam.com recently posted…Perfect For Halloween Nail Art Designs.My Profile

  33. Thanks for all your information and hard earned wisdom Nellie! I am wanting to really monetizing my blog- but have yet to find any sponsored post material but ONE that fit my blog- according to my ‘numbers’, and where I place my value as a whole on my site. I wish it were easier… it all seem SO hard to find good stuff to make money with – I must be missing some major opportunities that I am not aware of. I sure wish they would just come a knockin’ on my door!! (Don’t we all?)

    I really need to spend more time investigating more resources I think. Will see what comes of it!
    Chris Carter recently posted…Devotional Diary: Fear. (Time To Cut The Tumor Out)My Profile

  34. Competition is tough on those network sites, but they are still worth checking out. I’m working on getting out and networking more. I’ve joined a few local blogging groups and am filling my calendar up with meetups I can attend on the Mr’s days off.
    K. Elizabeth recently posted…The Invisible GirlsMy Profile

  35. These are very good tips! I am quite new to blogging, but would love to earn something from it in the future! Your tips are practical and very clear. Thanks for sharing!
    Corlie recently posted…Finding peace in ChinaMy Profile

  36. Great article, thank you for sharing.
    Jill Robson recently posted…To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is the question.My Profile

  37. I’ve been blogging a little over a year now, and I just started making a few bucks here and there. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned. I didn’t read all the comments so I’m not sure whether anyone mentioned this, but Tomoson is a great site that send you free products for a Blogger’s review. BTW I’m working on my last 15lbs also, :)
    Jae Mac recently posted…Put Me in Coach – The Adventures of a Newb Sport ParentMy Profile

  38. Great set of tips and very straight forward! I think joining networks and getting out and meeting people are essential. I can’t wait to go to a conference and be able to connect with other bloggers.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  39. awesome tips!!! I’m still playing the #s game trying to figure out the whole blog game out, I blog because I would love it, the Hubs says he would love for me to get a part time job, bam, blogging for $$ make sense now, I just am trying to figure out how… great article, thanks for giving me a startarting point. ~A~
    Amber Day Hicks recently posted…Sing off Sunday- “Me & Bobby McGee”My Profile

  40. Great article! I am a new blogger and focusing on finishing a book at the moment. I do have a large family vacation planned for next July to travel across country by train with my family of five ~ including 3 teens. I will blog about this trip as I have other trips in the past but I was wondering how I might go about approaching Amtrak or a hotel chain to see if I could be compensated or even barter tickets or reduced rate. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Lisa recently posted…Best Pumpkin Story Ever…My Profile

  41. Thanks for the great tips. I attended BlogHer 13 and got really motivated to follow up with the PR people I met there, but then I cam home and felt like I learned so much about what I needed to fix, that I’ve been working on getting my traffic and comments up before I reach out. I need to go ahead and do that soon and see if anything can come of it. Thanks for the tip about BlogHer paying influencers. I didn’t know that. Will check it out.
    Karen Goodman recently posted…Required Ingredient Recipe Link Party – CheeseMy Profile

  42. Great tips! I’m definitely going to check out the BlogHer social media program. I tweet regardless of where I go as well, so being paid for it, that just seems too good to pass up!

  43. I guess you have to get your dollar out of everything :D. Nothing wrong with that i say.
    Markus recently posted…Kerrospukeutuminen TyövaatetuksessaMy Profile

  44. 14189898717058577711 says:

    Son of a! I don’t think my last comment went through….

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I think I need to attend more bloggy conferences and meet-ups. It’s amazing the kinds of connections and opportunities that are just around the corner.

    Thanks for a great post!

  45. Thanks Nellie – Great tips! I especially love the one about exploiting your social media presence. I had no idea that was possible. I will definitely have to look into that. Thanks again!
    Stefanie recently posted…Africans Are the Best Swimmers…At ANY AgeMy Profile

  46. Thanks for the insight. I have a few blogs on the go, but I’m focusing now with the one linked here, which I hope to monetize in the future, and my design/illustration blog, which I will not likely monetize. I guess my goal right now is to build up readership before chasing revenue. These are great tips to keep in mind though, thanks.

  47. Great info! I had never really thought past the “ads.”
    Lynn recently posted…Mummy MenMy Profile

  48. Wonderful tips! I think Sverve is great because it levels the playing field-you have people endorse you and then your score goes up, if you fit the minimum score you have a shot on applying.

    I have heard of BlogHer’s program but when I go on their site I have a really hard time finding it-idea on where it is on the page? I have looked everywhere. Not sure why I am having trouble with this.

    I just started a little over a month ago. I have the advantage of living in a big city-how do you go to Brand events? Could you explain more? How would you go about finding them?
    Deanna recently posted…My Kiddo’s Favorite Things.My Profile

  49. I am proud to say, that I do all of these things!! :) I read your mind!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Lana Del Rey Misses Summertime SaladsMy Profile

  50. 08305428938480491719

    Great tips. Another way to make money is by speaking at conferences and events. I also wrote a book based on a year’s worth of blog posts and earn money from the sales of the book.

  51. Awesome post, loaded with good info! How do you find out all the monthly visitor stats that Sverve wants for your score? I’m on Blogger.
    Belinda Y. Hughes recently posted…Meatless Monday: Vegan Vegetarian Chanukah Thanksgiving Recipes by Suz deMelloMy Profile

  52. All great tips, thanks for sharing as we all want a profitable blog or at least a little compensation for all of our hard work!
    Antionette Blake recently posted…Returning to my 1st LoveMy Profile


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