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Fitness Focused Facebook Live Show

I love learning from people, as a matter of fact, this year I vowed to spend less time talking and more time learning. Over the years since I’ve been blogging about health and wellness I have met SO many people that are inspiring in so many special ways. From moms who have lost over 100 pounds, to women that dominate fields such as dance fitness, running, pole fitness, and so much more. To people who are dedicating their lives to help keep the world fit ad healthy. I’ve learned SO much. And now I want to share these amazing people with YOU.

I started Fitness Focused in January 2019 to share some amazing fitness minds with the world, each guest has something unique to share and I’m so excited to do it all live for you!

Fitness Focused Episode 1:

In this episode we chat strength training, weight loss and why fitness is so important to moms!

This episode features the amazing De Bolton from

De Bolton is the mother of three little girls ages 14,10 and 4 and wife to her best friend Coach Ed Bolton for fifteen years. De began blogging in May 2015 as a Christian Mom. In August 2015 she began her weight loss journey.

In the last three years De has lost over 85 pounds and gained a degree in Fitness and Exercise Science. She has Obtained her Advanced NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist and AFAA Group Fitness.

De has been sharing weight loss journey through social media three years, and debut as a Figure Competitor in October 2017. She has taken a personal weight loss journey and it has fueled her desire to Personal/Virtual Training and Group Coaching. De’s mission is to build a community of women who are glorifying God through honoring their temple.  

Fitness Focused Episode 2

In this episode we chat about Pole Fitness and Zumba!

This episode features Terri Huggins Hart from Terrific Words

Terri is a freelance journalist and blogger who’s work has appeared in REDBOOK, Bridal Guide, Women’s Health, PARENTS, Huffington Post and more. She also manages the lifestyle motivational blog, Terrific Words. When she’s not writing, Terri can be found helping others love the skin they’re in one booty shake at a time whether she’s teaching a Zumba class or swinging on a pole. 

Fitness Focused Episode 3

In this episode we talk Run Disney and YouTube Tips!

This episode features Jen Lefforge from

After a 25 year career that began right after college, Jen is taking a grown up gap year to travel, to run, to write and to play! And since telling great stories is her favorite thing, she’s recording it all on her YouTube channel. With the support of her amazing husband and 3 young adults sons, she’s literally covering the globe and reminding women that their 40’s are not the beginning of the end. They are the beginning of the best years of their lives!

Fitness Focused Episode 4

In this episode we talk about my favorite topic Strength Training!

This episode features Andrea Signor of

Andrea is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She’s also the mama of two little girls. She’s lifted through all of her pregnancies and postpartum. And she thinks you should lift, too.

Fitness Focused Episode 5

This episode we are talking about Fitness over 45 and living your most authentic life!

This episode features Carla Birnberg who writes at Carla

From fitness to personal development to radical self-care one thing has been consistent in Carla‘s world of work from the start: She shows up as authentic and flawed (and sometimes a HOT MESS) and creates space for other women to do the same.