How To Make A Classic French Martini Cocktail

Check out this super easy recipe with a few ingredients!

This is a super easy cocktail recipe to make for anytime!

This recipe is especially great for warm summer days. A fantastic brunch option.

A yummy classic cocktail with great flavor.

Check out how easy this recipe is to make! Next we will talk about the ingredients you need from the grocery store!



VodkaChambordPineapple JuiceIce CubesRaspberries (garnish)

Made with  simple ingredients!

Put everything in your shaker for an amazing drink!

It's a fantastic classic cocktail recipe!

This recipe is also girls night bbqs and pretty much any occasion!

It all comes together quickly for an easy delicious cocktail.

This classic french martini is one drink you will make again and again so be sure to save the recipe!

Enjoy this amazing cocktail today!

Or save it for later, this will be your new favorite hot weather drink! Enjoy! Let me know how much you love it!

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