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Walking Through This Thing Called Life

by Nellie

Happy Friday y’all!

And HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! Are you doing anything to celebrate? The bestie and I are going out for Mexican food in a very gentrified area of Brooklyn. I love hanging out with her because she is pretty much the sister I never had but always wanted. Also…



This week was interesting. Sunday morning in my house was a crazy one, the kids were nuts, I wasn’t feeling well and I had a million things to do. The worst part? I had a long run scheduled for Sunday. Spoiler Alert: It never happened! I tried to run but I simply didn’t have it in me physically or spiritually. The weather was gorgeous so I went for a walk instead. I walked 3 miles. It was glorious. It was the exact amount of physical activity that my body could take at that moment. I was happy I walked. Training for the Brooklyn Half has been SO up and down but I still feel pretty good about it!

Monday: I DID run the next day…not a long run but a pretty good 3 miles on the treadmill.

Wednesday: Elliptical & Kettlebells

Thursday: 4 strong miles on the mill.

This weekend is once again really crazy with kid stuff so I HOPE to squeeze in my long run somewhere in there, if not–it will be okay too.


So it’s teacher appreciation week. Did you get the teachers anything? I really can’t stand my eldest son’s teachers. They are simply VILE. My son is a handful (okay he is really more of a bucketful) but we are getting professional help because he simply cannot control himself. Not something I talk much about on the blog because of HIS privacy but really it is a very challenging time for EVERYONE involved.

The worst part about all of this is that he is simply ignored by his teachers. They have become SO fed up with him that they legit act as if he isn’t there. I went on a class trip with them on Tuesday and they both were yelling at him *as if I wasn’t standing right next to him*. He wasn’t even doing anything crazy–he stepped out of the line, or he simply spoke to another kid. When did school become so military to the point where we can’t SPEAK to our classmates on a school trip? I was livid to say the least.

So no. YOU WILL NOT GET A GIFT FROM ME. Everyone else (my youngest’s teachers and my eldest’s counselors) will though. #PettyandPissed


I’m gearing up to go to Florida next week and I’m SO excited! We have been doing some rehearsals of our panel presentation and I feel super confident that the audience will appreciate the business tips I’ll be sharing. Also, ORLANDO. I mean we have had some nice days around here but they have been few and far in between. Florida is gonna be crazy hot but I’ll take it.

It’s going to be a super fun whirlwind trip BUT I am really excited to learn, dance and party with my favorite blogger friends. YAS. Did I mention my mom took me shopping and I got a TON of new clothes just for the trip? I’m just SO excited. Seriously.

How was your week? What did you do for teacher appreciation week? Do you love your kids teachers? Any plans for Cinco De Mayo?

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Janine Huldie May 5, 2017 - 7:07 am

First off, Happy Cinco De Mayo today. The girls have dance classes in the evening, so most likely won’t get much celebrating in. But still have a margarita for me tonight. That said, I would be pissed too if either of my girls’ teachers acted the way you described. So, I most definitely wouldn’t get them any kind of gifts and might even push the up button to have a chat with the principal about their behavior. Having been a teacher in the past, I know there is no reason ever to treat a student the way you described. As for Florida, can I say, “Jealous!” Seriously cannot wait to go to Orlando and Disney in July now as this weather here in NY has truly been a bust so far this spring. I will take crazy hot, Orlando over rainy, chilly NY spring anyway of the week! Have a great trip and can’t wait to hear all about it now 🙂

Kita May 5, 2017 - 9:44 pm

I gave my kids teachers $10 chick fil A cards…..yeah that’s about it. They will be alright. I usually go all out if the teacher is the bomb but I have had to many problems with my sons teachers this year so they get nada. Can’t wait to meet you next week!

Tamara May 7, 2017 - 5:08 pm

Florida would be wonderful right now..
The gloom is strong here.

Our Teacher Appreciation Week is actually this week. I have to do something! I’m sorry to hear that about your son, but I’m glad you’re getting the help you desire (I hope?). Generally kids that are a handful turn out to be some of the coolest young adults, I’ve literally always found. He’s just getting his stuff out there and known! (I wish I had been better about that)


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