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Our First Eye Exam & Trendy Back To School Eyewear with Visionworks!

by Nellie

This post is presented in partnership with VisionWorks

Our First Eye Exam & Trendy Back To School Eyewear with Visionworks!


In preparation for back to school, I’ve been taking my kids for allow their necessary appointments. One appointment that we did this year was completely new for us. A vision exam!


Last week Friday I took the boys to our closest Visionworks, located at the very central Flatbush Junction (steps away from where I went to school at Brooklyn College!). My eldest, Josh, had minor complaints about not being able to see the school board very clearly when he was in the back of the room. I took my little, Jacob, just to get tested as a precaution as well. My vision has always been great but their dad’s? Not so much.


When we walked in the store employees were so friendly. I had two very excited little boys with me so I was nervous about the whole process. They immediately put me at ease with their excellent customer service!


The exam


There were two parts to the exam. All of this was new to me also as I have never taken an eye exam. The first part the boys had to stare into a little window and have a little wisp of air blown into their eye. Josh did it with no problem, and I was super surprised that Jacob pushed through like a trooper too because he is a bit sensitive, and well, four. Both boys moved on to the next step quite easily.

VisionWorks-1594 VisionWorks-1599

The second part of the exam was with the optometrist. He was SUPER friendly with the kids and they took to him right away. They put on an eye patch and read letters from different distances. They even got to put on fun glasses that made them squeal with absolute delight when they saw 3D images jump right out of a book. The doctor was super patient with them–especially Jacob–who wanted to control the entire exam himself. 🙂

VisionWorks-1615 VisionWorks-1642 VisionWorks-1637 VisionWorks-1630 VisionWorks-1625 VisionWorks-1624

The Results

Jacob’s vision is just fine but Josh got a low prescription for when he is reading only. He was so excited to try the frames on, we tried all kinds of different colors but we settled on the back and red because we both loved how the frames looked on him!

VisionWorks-1645 VisionWorks-1649 VisionWorks-1652

Just in time for back-­to-school, Visionworks and Davis Vision is launching ‘Let’s Go See,’ a cause marketing initiative focused on raising awareness about the importance of children receiving an annual eye exam. Reports from The Center for Health in Schools show that about 60% of students classified as problem learners have some sort of undetected visual problem.

“Many parents take their children in for routine doctor and dental check-­‐ups, but often wait for their child to express an issue before they take them to an eye doctor,” said Jim Eisen, president and CEO of HVHC Inc., and president of Visionworks. “We want to shift that thinking and ensure that every child in America receives an annual eye exam. Every year.” According to Prevent Blindness, one out of every four kids in the United States has a vision problem, making vision and eye health an issue with which parents need to be aware. “We’re excited to launch this national platform to get the conversation started,” added Eisen. —DallasNews.com

VisionWorks currently has an awesome promotion going on for the kids frames! You can find more information by using the location tool to find the nearest store and clicking on Store Details & Coupons to see all the promotions available!

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Our first eye exam experience was a great one! Thanks VisionWorks for being so awesome.

VisionWorks-1658 VisionWorks-1663

Have your kids taken an eye exam yet? What was the result?

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kita bryant August 30, 2016 - 3:43 pm

My kids have and they are pretty good. Me on the other hand……I should be wearing glasses. I am not that bad but I still need some for reading purposes

Janine Huldie August 30, 2016 - 4:00 pm

Omg, Josh looks so handsome in his new glasses and seriously looked like a great experience. So far neither of my girls have needed glasses, but both my husband and I had issues with our eyesight from the time we were young. So time will tell if either of my girls will, as well, I suppose.

Tamara August 30, 2016 - 8:47 pm

Jacob’s shirt!! I need that for me.
Josh is so handsome in glasses.
I have a low prescription myself, but it’s for distance and night driving. The kids were just tested and both were fine, but since Cassidy and I both eventually needed glasses, it’s on the radar!

Leslie September 6, 2016 - 11:17 am

You’re so lucky that your vision is so good. Mine has been terrible since I was about 7 or 8. T has already had one eye exam, and is due for another. Plus, it’s important for everybody to get their eyes checked out regularly. Josh looks adorable in his new glasses. Great choice!

Nellie September 8, 2016 - 10:01 pm

Thanks! He made the choice and I’m so happy he chose those frames, makes him look so smart!


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