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Trap Aerobics Class + A Birthday Party Disaster

Happy Monday Friends!

The weekend was quite the interesting one. It’s that weird time in NYC where you can find a huge range of outerwear on the trains. There are literally people who wear nothing but short sleeves to people who are still wearing bubble jackets (at the end of April–these people make me sweat just looking at them). The weather is like mid 50s-60s but as cool as it is in the morning, it can be unreasonably hot in the middle of the day, then in the evening you wonder why on earth you thought a light jacket was enough. Saturday was one of those days.

Trap Aerobics

Saturday morning my hubby let me sleep in till 8am (#winning) and I was able to take the train into the city and take a fun class in Greenwich Village. The ladies of Grillz and Granola hold a fun class weekly called “Trap Aerobics“. In case you are wondering what trap is….let’s just say the class is based on hardcore rap music.


It was the fitness blogger edition of the class, so we came ready to WERK. A lot of the music has a low BPM (beats per minute) so I was crazy impressed with all of the really fun choreography that we were taught. We did everything from dabbing to squatting to even milly rocking (which is literally my favorite thing to do in general–I milly rock on any block)

It was so much fun! We were all pouring sweat at the end and it was a really satisfying workout. We got our swag bag including these really fun water bottles from sponsor Healthy Human!

I even took a fun boomerang with the awesome owners who had t-shirts that said “Mental Health. Mountain Climbers. Migos.” Totally Approps.


My brother from another mother Dre, was in town for a few days so I was so excited to grab a quick brunch with him at my favorite diner in NYC, Moonstruck. We chatted, ate good food and of course there happened to be a major parade happening right outside the diner. NYC is just always so crazy!

Birthday Disaster

My mom asked me to take the kids to a birthday party for one of her day care kids. She asked me to go and I reluctantly said okay–I mean–I like hanging out at home on Saturday nights and it had been a while since I had done so.

However, when I got there I quickly realized that this party was NOT for a 2 year old…it was more for the adults. Lots of alcohol, really insanely loud inappropriate music and  barely any kids. I ended up leaving within the hour because my kids were hungry, the birthday girl still hadn’t arrived and it was a task trying to keep the kids from going crazy.

Epic fail.

How was your weekend? Do you listen to trap music? What is the worst kids birthday party you have ever been to?


Monday 24th of April 2017

The birthday girl wasn't even there yet?! haha! She was probably napping! And probably didn't care! I laugh at those kinds of parties - clearly not for the kids.


Monday 24th of April 2017

I listen to everything lol. Anything at chuckee cheese is the worse so I don't go. If someone is having a party at the mouse...I decline immediately with something that I just have to do

Kimberly G

Monday 24th of April 2017

I really need Trap aerobics in my life. I've been know to break out in a complete sweat doing the harlem shake and milly rock.

Yikes, what a horrible birthday party experience. I also HATE when people are ridiculously late to their own parties.

Janine Huldie

Monday 24th of April 2017

Totally agree about the weather here and really just not sure how to dress from one end of the day to the other. And as far as parties go, that does sound like it wasn't worth going to. Although I have never had any that I have actually left that abruptly from, there have been a few I wish I had. Hope this week is a better one for you now.


Monday 24th of April 2017

I always learn something from you Nellie! I had no idea "Milly" was a thing and that class? So cool!! I love the slow jam on that video and it looks like it would be a blast!! As for that "birthday party" oh no they didn't?!?! People are nuts!