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The BEST Disney Accessory For ANY Baby

A few months ago I attended the Time To Play showcase in Manhattan. The show takes place twice a year and showcases all of the latest in toys and baby gear.

Since I was newly pregnant and hadn’t announced yet, I was extra excited to visit the baby section and soak up all of the NEW. One of my favorite brands Lillebaby was there so I made a bee-line directly to their booth.

Lillebaby Disney Baby Carriers

Backstory: I was scrolling my timeline one day wayyyyy before I was pregnant, and I came across this beautiful baby carrier from Lillebaby that was Disney themed and designed with the elements of Mickey Mouse.

WHY I was so into this Disney accessory–I don’t know but I sat there and watched the videos and unveiling and fell in love immediately. The bright red color paired with the beautiful gold accents, plus all of the super functional and adjustable modes for when baby grows….it was just the perfect carrier!

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So picture me, not even thinking about babies, but super obsessed with this particular carrier. It made no sense, until a simple few months later…

When I came face to face with the Mickey Mouse Icon Embossed Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier by LÍLLÉbaby it did not disappoint. It was just as beautiful as I imagined. I immediately told the rep how in love I was and for how long I have obsessed (God bless her for listening to me rant) and she offered to give me one.

I melted. Right there. I tried not to cry but the tears came to the side of my eyes anyway.

It was such a lovely gesture. It is my dream carrier. For my baby girl. I am SO thankful! I can already tell I am going to wear the mess out of it once my girl comes!

More Disney Lillebaby Carriers!

Since the Mickey Carriers have been released it was just the beginning of the awesome! Lillebaby has released new Minnie Mouse and Incredibles themed carriers and they are adorable!

“There’s never been a more comfortable and stylish way to show your Disney devotion. With Mickey’s signature silhouette on bright red complimented by soft black breathable 3D mesh and finished with gorgeous gold accents, this carrier will give you ears; say cheers!”

Incredibles 2 Print

Disney Incredibles 2 Lillebaby Baby Carrier

The Disney Baby Collection by LÍLLÉbaby has added a new print for super families everywhere! LILLEbaby’s top two carrier styles, COMPLETE Airflow and COMPLETE All Seasons, are now available in a light blue print inspired by the Parr family from Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2. The print features all five superhero family member’s silhouettes and includes touches of red, yellow and white as a nod to the character’s popular matching attire.

Minnie Classic

The new “Minnie Classic” print is available in LÍLLÉbaby’s award-winning COMPLETE™ All Seasons carrier, COMPLETE™ Airflow carrier and a doll carrier, featuring the iconic Minnie Mouse in a hand sketched silhouette pattern on pink fabric.

The COMPLETE All Seasons baby carrier offers six carrying positions, providing unmatched comfort with enhanced lumbar support year-round, from birth through toddlerhood. The COMPLETE Airflow features a lightweight, breathable 3D mesh carrier, providing maximum airflow.

The Minnie Classic Doll Carrier is perfect for older siblings to carry their favorite stuffed animals or dolls.

Looking for the perfect Disney Baby accessory for new a new mom? Check out this line of Disney carriers!

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What was your favorite disney accessory for baby? Do you baby wear?



Wednesday 11th of July 2018

Oh wow. We had one with Des but they look even better these days. Who knows? If #3 comes along, you know what I want!

Janine Huldie

Wednesday 11th of July 2018

OK you know how Disney obsessed I am. I may have to look into the doll version for my girls. Because well no more babies here for me. But still if there were I would totally be head over heels for these, as well. And I am glad the rep gifted you one for your little baby girl :)