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SurfSet Fitness Made Me A Surfer Girl…And I Liked It.

This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve.

Sometimes, even I am stunned by the crazy workouts that I do. Working out on a Surfboard was something brand new to me. I have only been on a surfboard one time in my life as a teen and I failed MISERABLY. I mean, it was BAD.

I was invited to take a workout class at Surfset NYC on the Lower East side. It’s a pretty cool studio filled with surf boards that are really actually balance boards–the concept is pretty brilliant. The founders were also on Shark Tank–check out their story here!

In addition to an awesome class, we were also there to check out Summer’s Eve brand new product: Simply Summer’s Eve® Gentle Foaming Wash. They are perfect for your gym bag and are available in great smelling scents Coconut Water & Mandarin Blossom.

SurfSet Fitness

The surfboards are SUPER deceptive. It totally looks like a fun blue and white contraption that you can do fun things on. However, the board is really set up on a device that forces you to balance and use your core with every move. Our instructor warned us that we would be unsteady for the first 5-6 minutes until we got used to it. I heard her, but I didn’t listen. I got on and was immediately shaky. CRAZY Shaky. Thankfully we had a “lifeguard” who was around to stabilize us if we couldn’t recover.


He told me to take a deep breath and calm down. No, really. Apparently the more of a panic I was in the more unsteady the board got. I took his advice, drew my core in and I stabilized immediately. If only the rest of the class was so simple.

I was pouring sweat within minutes. We did all kinds of moves while balancing on this board. Lunges, planks, a “hot sand” move where you jump on and off the board, abs, balance and there were a couple times we had to “swim” and jump up into a squat. DUDE. After three tries, I finally got it.

The class was SO tough but SO good. It was nice because I had started to get really bored with my workouts lately and this was JUST the shot of adrenaline that I needed! I may be sore for days but I’m so glad I did it!


Mermaid Crowns

Another fun part of the event was having hand made mermaid crowns made for us by Crowns by Christy. I didn’t know how much I would love it! I think I have dreams of growing up to be a mermaid. Seriously. We got to choose all of the pieces and our crowns were handcrafted on the spot and they were gorgeous!

Summer’s Eve has developed the Simply Summer’s Eve® Gentle Foaming Wash – an innovative formula that instantly lathers to a rich, luxurious, ultra-soft foam that rinses away odor-causing bacteria without leaving any residue. I had a chance to smell the product and it smells so luxurious! The Gentle Foaming Wash will be available on in May for only $5.99! The cleansing cloths are also a perfect addition for your gym bag!

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Have you ever taken a surf board workout? Would you?



Thursday 16th of March 2017

I don't think there has ever been a cooler fitness class! And those cleansing convenient!


Monday 13th of March 2017

I have never done the surf board workout. But I am very very interested in trying the class. I LOVE to swim and scuba dive but I have never tried surfing ? it's top on my bucket list.

kita bryant

Saturday 11th of March 2017

Love the look of this! Now you got me signing beyonce song surfboard...I blame this on you


Friday 10th of March 2017

Looks good! I like their packaging. I have NEVER done this. I think it's a good idea, though. I'd love to see if I could and get better with it. And hey, maybe I'd get brave and try surfing too!

Janine Huldie

Friday 10th of March 2017

Looked like such a fun experience. I have never surfed in all my years believe it or not. But a part of me wanted to, but was still unsure and a bit scared in all honesty. That said, looks like you nailed it. Oh and I love the mermaid crown craft, too ;)