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“The Sufferfest” Is Taking Indoor Cycling To A Different Level

imaxshift-sufferfest-3614I have taken a ton of spin classes, some with super famous celebrities, fitness super stars and pretty much every boutique in NYC. Last weekend I got to try a brand new type of spin class starring an amazing fitness app called The Sufferfest. The class was held in a spin studio with an IMAX screen. I know. It’s actually just as insane as it sounds.


The Sufferfest

First let me tell you more about this fitness app.

“IMAXShift is one of the most exciting new cycling studios in the United States. We’re thrilled to bring the adrenaline rush of professional bike races like the Giro d’Italia and the UCI World Track Championships to the big screen and run some incredible indoor cycling classes,” said David McQuillen, The Sufferfest CEO. “There will certainly be some big Suffering during the sessions, but IMAXShift will leave them with huge smiles afterwards.”
The Sufferfest is unique in the world of cycling studio videos, using officially licensed footage of professional races like the Tour de France, World Championships and more. During the day-long event, The Sufferfest will run three different sessions to highlight the launch of its two newest productions. The one-hour Thin Air video features a 40-minute climb, giving riders a powerful workout with footage from the Tour of Italy – one of the most popular cycling races in the world.


Riding In IMAX

So as you can imagine this was my first time ever riding with insanely clear crisp visuals in front of me. It also helps that there are incredibly fit amazing athletes on the screen as well. When you are spinning with these visuals somehow you begin to feel as if you are all the way in the race too! Before for you knew it was was pushing like a crazy person trying to keep up with the pack on the screen.


When I really loved about the Sufferfest was that the footage was so well put together. There was 6 different sections of the film and some focused on hills and resistance. In the upper right corner you could see how hard you should be pushing and what your effort level should be. In addition to the awesome instructor giving us directions, there were words on the screen telling you to “go”, “push” and “hold on”.

About The Sufferfest

The Sufferfest create the world’s best cycling videos for individual and group training. Every video features officially licensed footage from professional races like the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and UCI World Championships, creating an extraordinary experience guaranteed to engage, challenge and entertain athletes of all levels.  The Sufferfest has a passionate following of more than 100,000 ‘Sufferlandrians’ in 70 countries, and now brings its renowned offering to group fitness through a new licensing program for gyms and studios with more than 100 Sufferlandrian Embassies in 14 countries. For further information, please visit


I can see why The Sufferfest has such a huge following! If you find yourself on an indoor bike I highly recommend The Sufferfest for your suffering pleasure!