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Spin Class with Master Trainer & Fitness Superstar Holly Rilinger

flywheel-bic-soleil-3376One of the amazing perks about being a fitness blogger in NYC is that there is always a fun exercise class happening somewhere. If you are really lucky you get to take spin class with famous child stars and amazing fitness beasts like Holly Rilinger!

Bic Soleil at Flywheel

The lovely people at BIC Soleil invited to take a spinning class taught by Flywheel Master Trainer Holly Rilinger. You may know her from the reality show, Workout New York, or maybe because she is one of Nike’s Master trainers–really you just my know her because her fitness resume is out of this world and simply can’t be compared.


I have always loved me some flywheel, (remember my review from 2 years ago?!) so attending this class was a special treat.


Flywheel With Master Trainer Holly Rilinger


Sometimes I feel a bit intimidated by the numbers at Flywheel but I there was no leaderboard today so I felt good about the class.


Holly used excellent music (a lot of which is on my current playlist!). I didn’t feel overwhelmed but I still felt like I could manage which was nice. I was even able to get a selfie with Holly afterwards!


Afterwards we were so wiped and hungry and there were so many yummy healthy treats available such as yogurt with granola, fruit salad and yummy fresh juices.

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flywheel-bic-soleil-3404 flywheel-bic-soleil-3384

Holly Rilinger’s Top Tips To Make Your Own Sun

  1. Start your morning by throwing on your ear buds to get up and move! Music is a proven mood boster so the good vibes will set you up for a good day

  2. According to the BIC Soleil Real Life Optimum Survey, a close shave makes women feel optimistic about their day. BIC Soleil Shine razors deliver a clean close shave, which makes me feel excited  about the day ahead.

  3. Having a buddy system is a great way to stick to a fitness routine. Pick a friend and select a workout schedule together. That way, you can keep each other motivated to work hard–and it passes the time more quickly!

  4. Find 5-10 minutes each day to practice mindfulness by closing your eyes, focusing on your breath and finding yourself in the present moment. When we become mindful and present, we renew optimism into all parts of our life.


If you need a close shave like I do, check out the BIC Soleil Shine, they are perfect for your gym bag, your purse and pretty much anywhere. For more information on the Bic Soleil Shine Razors check out!


A @flywheel class taught by the one and only fitness beast that is @HollyRilinger! #soleilshine Click to Tweet

How many different bags do YOU carry razors in?


Friday 7th of October 2016

Definitely agree that music is a mood booster. It's also possible that my kids get annoyed by the fact that I insist on singing along with half their movies. I just can't help myself!


Thursday 6th of October 2016

I love events like this! Looks like a lot of fun. I dig spin classes!


Monday 26th of September 2016

A close, clean shave is awesome for sure! I'm loving the buddy system - I think it works wonders for me. Music is my favorite thing ever... taking those magical 5-10 minutes for myself too..


Monday 26th of September 2016

That is so cool you got to take a class with Holly! I loved her on the show Workout New York. I'm sure it was an awesome workout!

kita bryant

Monday 26th of September 2016

Having a buddy system is great and works wonders. I also believe in the power of music some songs just make you wanna move. I even listen to music while in the grocery store I need my own theme music to get through