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#BeachesMoms Social Media On The Sand in Negril Jamaica (Part One)

by Nellie


When I got the official invitation to the Beaches Moms Social Media On The Sand Conference a few months ago, I was elated for several reasons. 1) Beaches is legendary for their amazing service, perks and food. 2) I saw a lot of my friends have an amazing time last year. And 3) it had been nine years since I’ve been back to Jamaica–which was when my grandfather passed away. I still have A LOT of family there so I decided to not only enjoy the Beaches Resort but to spend some QT with my uncles and other family members as well.img_0952

I brought my best friend and my aunt with me. I was crazy excited for a girls trip–mainly because it was my first one out of the country, or ever really.


When we arrived at Beaches Negril it was a warm and welcoming environment right away. At the entrance there was a huge welcome beaches moms sign, my favorite soca music was playing, the staff were dressed up and waving Jamaican flags–all for us!! The registration process was quick and painless and before you knew it we were in our beautiful deluxe rooms. Did I mention the resort is all inclusive?! Tropical drinks were ready for us as soon as we arrived. What?!


I have never been in a room on a resort that opened up to the beach before and it is everything it cracks up to be. The ocean was only steps away from our room and we were also really close to the pools and main entrance.

beches-moms-negril-jamaica-5049 beches-moms-negril-jamaica-5053



We were completely starving after a long day of traveling so we went to the quick serve BBQ Park for some delish eats!

beches-moms-negril-jamaica-5066 beches-moms-negril-jamaica-5067

Red Lane Spa

The first night we had a really cool networking event that showcased the awesome Red Lane Spa that has their own line of products and services. We were treated to sample hand massages and facial treatments. Not a bad way to start the first night! Afterwards, a few of my favorite  blogger girls from all over the US headed to The Venetian to catch up and eat all the things.

The @beachesresort in Negril Jamaica is more stunning than you would believe! #beachesmoms Click to Tweet

Pound Fitness

The next morning we got up nice and early for a pound fitness class specially held for Beaches Moms. I was so down especially because I had such a great time meeting the founders of Pound Fitness a few years ago! The class was intense, full of amazing music and just what we needed to start off our day.


Afterwards we grabbed a delish breakfast at The Mill. Not gonna lie, they had me a breakfast buffet. Happy to say that I kept most of my meals at the mill high protein and it was all super yummy. The restaurant is strategically placed overlooking the pool but still just steps away from the beach. Also, I can really get used to not getting a BILL at the end of every meal.


After that we participated in a Reading Road Trip where we visited local schools with the Sandals Foundation. This experience deserves its own post so you will hear about that tomorrow!



When I got back to the resort I grabbed my aunt and bestie and we walked down the beach to visit an old favorite restaurant of mine that I had countless meals in when I was a kid spending summers in Jamaica.


The food was just as yummy as I remembered and we checked out some more shops. My grand-uncle came to see us and we sat and caught up for a while.



Beach Party


That night there was a beach party planned for us but to be honest I was not ready for the insane fun that was in store. There were fire breathers, men on stilts, men and women dressed in traditional carnival garb and of course all of the characters from Sesame Street!


After we ate the delish things there was a lot of dancing (a lot!) the DJ was so good and the Beaches staff was super energetic leading the crowd teaching them how to dance. To be honest we all were wondering where they got their energy from because they were going on 110% all night long!beaches-moms-negril-jamaica-5291


This wraps up the first two days of the beaches moms trip! Stay tuned for the next two days where I learned how to cook traditional Jamaican food, social media workshops, and a finale beach party that you won’t even believe!

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Have you ever been to Jamaica? What is the furthest you have ever traveled for business?

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CARLA November 7, 2016 - 5:20 am

oh maaaaan. now Im regretting not going but I kinda saw that one coming 🙂
I adore maria as well (and living vicariously through you and your FB postings while there.)

Allie November 7, 2016 - 5:39 am

I loved following your girls weekend on IM and now, getting the whole story, just wow!! What an amazing time at an amazing place. So glad you were able to enjoy this with two people you love 🙂

PS – CONGRATULATIONS on your second NYC marathon finish!!!!

Janine Huldie November 7, 2016 - 6:47 am

Wow, this looked like an amazing place to visit for a conference. I have never been to Jamaica, but would love to after having gone to the Bahamas for our honeymoon years back. So maybe someday and seriously is on my bucket list conference or not.

kita bryant November 7, 2016 - 8:44 am

I have never been on a plane so Jamaica would be a nope but it looks like so much fun. I know that beach life was hard to leave!

Tamara November 9, 2016 - 9:59 pm

Breakfast buffet! That has me too.
Gorgeous photos. So inviting and exciting and hunger-inducing too.
I’ve only ever been to Houston for business. Meh to that!


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