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Ditch The Sandwich Bags For This Environmentally Smart Solution

by Nellie

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Sistema® ; however, all
thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Can you believe it is almost back to school time? To be completely honest, I’ve been having a really good time with the kids this summer and I’m actually a bit sad that I won’t be with them full time in the fall, but with a new baby (and third trimester) already here–I will definitely need the break from running around!

With school starting in less than a month, the preparation needs to begin NOW. From buying school supplies, uniforms, clothes–it’s a TON of preparation–or else. One of the most stressful labor intensive tasks is preparing lunch for my boys daily. Their tastebuds seem to change every 10 days so it is a bit of a task to make sure that they are eating properly every single day.

In our school all we have to do is provide one snack and lunch, (the school provides perfectly good lunch but sometimes, my eldest child refuses to touch any of it!) seems simple enough right? So I do rotations.

  1. I’ll make him a hoagie sandwich by request with only turkey, lettuce and mayo.
  2. I’ll make him a hot lunch of rice and peas, with chicken and put it in a thermos
  3. Fruit salad with all of his favorite fruits (this requires an extra snack in the bag)
  4. Beef a Roni recipe by request and put it in a thermos

More Environmentally Friendly

I realized quickly that I was blowing through sandwich bags by an alarming rate. I had a bag for the sandwiches, a bag for the chips, a bag for the morning snack, you name it. I noticed and realized that we needed to make a change. Then we were introduced to Sistema® and decided on a brand new system.

The Dry Run

My son goes to day camp and says that he doesn’t like the lunches (shocker). So I decided to ditch the sandwich bags and try the sistema to go containers instead.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Here are some of the items that I decided to try:

1.1L Salad To Go: The Sistema® Salad To Go™ features a divided insert tray and dressing pot to keep ingredients separate until ready to eat. The generous sized base is perfect for mixing salads, while the convenient knife and fork clips into the lid and eliminates the need to carry separate cutlery. With the easy-locking clips plus flexible seal, your food stays fresher for longer. Stackable and safe to use in the Dishwasher (top rack), Microwave (without lid), Fridge & Freezer.

This one I love for myself because I simply don’t like everyone’s salad. *insert shrug emoji here* This makes it super easy to carry the salad ingredients that I like, and mix them when I’m ready.

Lunch pack:

I love this one because you can do a sandwiches, snacks in a divided separate container AND pack the drink of their choice. So if you are like me and you love to make homemade lemonade, fruit punch or iced tea, you can send your child to school with their favorite drink too!

Small Split Klip It Containers

These you can keep in the fridge or send in the lunch bag, they store easily in the fridge because they stack on top of each other. I can see myself using these particularly for sandwich ingredients (to keep them all together) or morning snacks.

Bento Box:

This one is my favorite of all! The options for this one is endless. You can store a full meal for your child including a sandwich, side, a container for dip or dressing, and some fruit. There are four separate spaces, including two of them with top covers and an extra dip/dressing/yogurt/you name it container. I like this one because it can adapt to my son’s requests week to week.

You can purchase Sistema® on Amazon.com and don’t forget that they are running Back To School promotions throughout the month of August, so stock up!

How are you preparing for Back To School season?

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Janine Huldie August 17, 2018 - 7:55 am

I am with you on sad that the summer is coming to an end soon. I honestly can’t believe how quickly it went. Also loved having my girls home. But do need to get better prepared now. So definitely looking into these on Amazon now. So thank you so much for sharing with me!! 🙂

kita August 18, 2018 - 12:08 pm

I tried something similar and the box got lost…probably in the trash so I gave up I just buy the cheap sanwhich bags and keep it moving. Maybe now that they are older I can try this again

Tamara August 20, 2018 - 11:21 am

There was a week in which we were out of any good food storage products and I had to use sandwich bags! I must have used 4-5 on each kid a day. How horrifying is that when it adds up? I will not be doing that into the school year!

Aliah August 20, 2018 - 5:21 pm

I have to check these out. I like that it is a larger size Bento Box and since my youngest is on a Caesar salad kick, this might be the solution we need (especially with the dressing portion)!


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