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Run 10 Feed 10 10k Race Recap w/ Team Chocolate Milk

run 10 feed 10 nyc Race recap

About a week before I got to FitBloggin 14, I realized with some help from a blog friend that some small part of me actually likes running. So when Team Got Chocolate Milk, one of the sponsors, approached me about joining the team and running the Run 10 Feed 10 10k race in September I immediately said YES! (At the time) I planned on running my first 10k in February but when was I ever going to get an opportunity like this?


Over the summer, I put in so much work. I trained dillegently–3 times a week and built up my confidence enough to train for a half marathon. I always had my eyes on this race because it was my first of many the season and I was excited to run my first official 10k race with BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK.

This entire race experience was one of the smoothest, most exciting events I have ever done (running or not). Even the packet pickup for Run 10 Feed 10 was crazy fun! We got some really great heavy duty canvas bags, lots of fun swag and of course a magazine from Women’s Health! ALSO: Check out my bib number! Sometimes having a last name that begins with “a” is a good thing. 🙂

Team Chocolate Milk!

It was humid, it had rained the night before and the haze was heavy. Not heavy enough to make me run away but enough to have an effect on the run.


There were 6 of us on the team, and we were so cute and matching. They need to come to every race with me. We just looked that good.

After we had a stretch session they called all the sponsor teams to the front. THE FRONT OF THE LINE. That’s when it got real. 3000 people behind me, at my first 10k?! No pressure.

built by chocolate milk team photo run 10 feed 10

The race begins!

The race started and we were off! I felt surprisingly good, like almost too good. When I saw the mile 1 mark at 10:08, I knew I had started way too fast. I dialed it back some and as soon as I did that the humidity reminded me who was boss. I pushed through and got through mile after mile (with a very well planned Spotify Playlist) until I got to the finish line. My goal for my first 10k was 1:20… I ended at 1:16:10! Since that was my first 10k race–new PR!!

built by chocolate milk run 10 feed 10

After I finished, the first thing I did was call my husband, then I read all of the encouraging social media comments and messages and I did my best to not collapse into a ball of tears. I grabbed some chocolate milk (okay I grabbed 2), found my teammate Amy and we headed over to the VIP tent where there was a full breakfast spread! If only every race could pamper me so!

IMG_0096 built by chocolate milk run 10 feed 10 IMG_0095


Mission Apolo

While in the tent we got to take lots of team photos and meet with our BUILT BY CHOCOLATE MILK Ironman teammate and Fitness Director of Womens Health Magazine Jen Ator. In the latest Women’s Health Magazine, Jen wrote a super inspirational article on why she decided to compete in a half Ironman competition last year and why she is doing a FULL Ironman in a few weeks. In the article she made me feel like I could train for an Ironman…at the very least she has inspired me to think about conquering the unknown.

Chatting with Jen was so much fun, you know when you meet a girl and in the back of your head you are like “Will you be my bff?” Yes. She was crazy awesome. She is currently training with Apolo Ohno and they are going to complete the Ironman Kona on October 11 as a part of the Team Apollo mission.

Mission Apolo Overview:

Launched in April of this year, Mission Apolo: BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK is a program and online documentary web series challenging World Champion short-track speedskating legend, Apolo Ohno, to translate his power and speed to the sport of triathlon in order to conquer the 2014 IRONMAN World Championship Race in Kona-Kailua, Hawaii.

Apolo Ohno joins Women’s Health Fitness Director, Jen Ator, for a six-month training and recovery program with elite professional coaches and sports dietitians.

Fans will be able to follow the individual training journeys of Apolo and Jen through the eight-episode web series, full of behind-the-scenes content and training tips available on the got chocolate milk? social channels.

I wish Jen the BEST of luck in her journey and I am so excited to have met her, and have been inspired by her! You can check out more about Mission Apolo here.

Final Thoughts

This Run 10 Feed 10 10k race experience was extraordinary. I absolutely LOVED being a part of #TeamGotChocolateMilk and meeting so many wonderful new people. The actual race was the tough part. Being out there, in the humidity, was the longest run I have ever done in a group setting. Despite going hard, physically I felt okay after the race, I know that if I had to double it, I could have so I am feeling awesome about my upcoming half marathon.

Have you ever run a race with a team? have you ever thought about doing an IronMan race?


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Monday 29th of September 2014

Great job on your first 10K! I haven't done one yet, hopefully soon! I saw Chocolate Milk sponsoring the Rock and Roll Philly half. Those outfits are pretty cool!


Saturday 27th of September 2014

Whoohoo! Awesome finish! Love your team shirts.

An Ironman is a huge no for me. And I read the same article. :)


Saturday 27th of September 2014

Nice work on the PR! That's amazing. Scarlet never liked chocolate milk until kindergarten. Now she buys it daily!