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P.Volve Fitness: The Hottest New Must Try Low Impact Workout

by Nellie

Looking for a workout that would leave you lying on the floor when it's over? Check out the new streaming service from p.volve fitness + a studio workout video! #workout #lowimpact #onlineworkout #resistancetrainingThis post is sponsored by P.Volve Fitness.

Everything You Need To Know About P.Volve Fitness!

One thing that I absolutely love about fitness is the amount of variety that is available. You can always do and find so many things to do that works out your body.

The other day I was introduced to an amazing new workout that can actually be done at home or online and that’s called P.volve fitness. The studio that I went to is located in Tribeca and it’s a beautiful walk up space.

Photo courtesy: Lauren Kara Photography

To be honest, it’s also one of the most technologically advanced studios I’ve ever been to. If you love sharing your fitness stories and adventures on Instagram you absolutely have to come and visit this place. They have a special spot for you to take instagram worthy photos and you are welcome to record your workout with a special stand on the floor, which I must admit, it pretty great for instagram!

So let’s talk about the workout! I would describe this workout as a cross between barre, total body and resistance training. When you walk into the room you are greeted by a really cool set of equipment. 

P. Volve Equipment

  • P.band: Strengthen and sculpt lean, strong arms with the P.band. Its innovative hand locking system creates a hands-free approach to resistance training. This little band works your upper body like no other!
  • P.Ball: A revolutionary piece of equipment that uses an inflated ball and an elastic band to activate hard-to-reach muscles for dramatic results. This gives me Suzanne Sommers vibes but way more intense! It’s a great tool that targets the thighs, butt and abs.
  • P3 trainer: This one is my favorite of them all. The p.3 trainer is a cutting-edge product that uses resistance training to span the entire length of the body. Working from ankle to hand, the p.3 awakens and engages even the hardest-to-reach muscles in new and versatile ways.

Can I do the P.Volve workout at home?

Photo courtesy: Lauren Kara Photography

You absolutely can! The workout products are available for purchase on the website and you can do the streaming service right from the comfort of your home. This is especially helpful for stay at home/work at home mamas like me who are usually home all day with the kids.

Since the P.Volve workout isn’t about a lot of jumping and high cardio, it’s the perfect workout to do when baby is taking a nap!

How Much does the P.Volve streaming service cost?

Photo courtesy: Lauren Kara Photography

All new members will receive a 15-day free trial! After that, you can get the P.volve experience anytime, anywhere for just $29.99 USD a month. Your credit card will be charged after the 15-day trial if you do not cancel.

What can I expect from a P.Volve Workout?

Photo courtesy: Lauren Kara Photography

It’s a low intensity workout that is intense on the muscles. You know how you leave barre and yoga feeling like your muscles have been worked on? Well P.Volve takes it to the next level. Every move works your muscles in different ways. This is a great workout for runners because the moves isolate parts of the body that we never use!

Photo courtesy: Lauren Kara Photography

Is the P.Volve Workout for me?

If you are looking to reshape your body and really work on your muscles, P. Volve is the perfect workout! It will reshape your body while not being hard on it like traditional high intensity exercises. The impact is low but the results are awesome!

P.Volve Discounts!

Photo courtesy: Lauren Kara Photography

Check out this fun video of my P.Volve Experience!

I’ve got Discount Codes for you!!

You can try out the Pvolve online classes here for 15 days free!: https://my.pvolve.com/VIPaccess (code will need to be entered) CODE: PVOLVEMOM EXP: 11/8/19 

You can get 15% off of your 1st product purchase @ https://www.pvolve.com/discount/PVOLVEMOM (Code auto populates discount in cart) CODE: PVOLVEMOM EXP: 11/8/19

To learn more about the Pvolve Fitness Program check out the website at http://www.pvolve.com!

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Janine Huldie October 25, 2019 - 9:23 am

This workout sounds great and I love that it can be done from home, too!! Thanks for sharing, Nellie with me here 🙂

brianne October 28, 2019 - 6:26 am

Such a great workout! We need to schedule another one, I can’t wait to go back!


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