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I always took my vision for granted, that was until I met my husband. I never knew anyone close to me with less than stellar vision. My husband on the other hand had serious vision issues. You couldn’t really tell until you get to know him a bit but he has a terrible time seeing things that are far away.

My eldest son now has a slight issue seeing things far away as well. Now I’m super grateful because as of right now, my vision is perfect. As a family we are lucky to have access to healthcare and glasses whenever we need them. OneSight is making it possible for underserved communities worldwide to have access to vision care as well.

What is OneSight?


OneSight is an independent nonprofit leading the global movement to help the world see. They have one simple promise: They will not stop until the world can see. Through both immediate and long-term solutions, they provide access to quality vision care and glasses to underserved communities worldwide.

In partnership with volunteers, they provide provide same-day access to vision care and establish permanent clinics staffed by local, capable partners to serve each community’s distinct needs.

Bringing together global expertise—top quality eyeglasses, doctors, specialists, training and materials for clinics—is our unique strength.

Since 1988, OneSight charitable vision clinics have helped 9 million people in 41 countries see clearly. OneSight sustainable vision centers now provide permanent access to affordable vision care to over 3 million people. Isn’t that incredible?!

How you can help


  • $10 helps provide a pair of glasses to a person in need and $30 helps provide a free eye exam and glasses to a person in need. Donate here.

Together, we can unlock potential by providing access to vision care and a pair of glasses. To learn more about how you can help the world see, visit www.onesight.org/unblur.

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