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Everything Moms Need To Know About The Nike Adventure Club Sneaker Subscription Service

Can I be honest with you guys? I am terrible at shoe shopping for my kids. Let’s keep it all the way real I am terrible at shoe shopping in general. Nike invited us to Governors Island to celebrate the new launch of the Nike Adventure Club — a really cool sneaker subscription service that comes directly to your kids as often as you choose. I am all about setting it and forgetting it so you guys know I’m all in!

Nike Adventure Club Event at Governors Island

I dropped off the baby and my eldest child at my moms house and took my middle baby. He is the one that inherited my LOVE of all things sports. He watches games with me and he simply adores physical activity so I knew that this day would be perfect for him. 

We started the day at the Nike headquarters in midtown that is just the coolest space I’ve ever seen! There is a court on the second floor! We played for a bit and had a delish breakfast—I mean, there were actual shoe waffles. You can’t get any better than that!! 

We were gifted t-shirts for the day as well as really cute sneakers for the kids and the adults. We also got a pretty awesome goody bag too. 

Next we were able to hear all about the new Nike Adventure Club Sneaker Subscription service while the kids played next door. 

How does the Nike Adventure Club work?

  1. Select the plan that’s right for you: Choose how often you want to receive a new Adventure Kit — from once a month to four times a year.
  2. Pick from a fresh selection of Nike and Converse shoes. When it’s time, they will send you an email to pick the shoes of choice — and they’ve made it easy for kids to browse and pick their own. My kids love getting to choose their footwear so this is a huge bonus!
  3. Your kid’s shoes (and activities) ship to your door in a box personalized for them. The box will have THEIR name on it!! The activities are fun too. 

How cool is that?

Nike Adventure club pricing

You can order your shoes to come once every 90 days, every 60 days, or every 30 days. Each adventure club plan is different. They start from $20 a month and go to $50 a month. You can change your plan at any time. 

What if the sneaker doesn’t fit?

Free and easy returns and exchanges!

What sizes are available in the Nike Adventure club?

Sneakers are available in sizes 4c to 7y

The Nike Adventure Club is also charitable!

“Everything we do makes an impact, and our young members are looking for us to leave this world — their world — better than we found it. We want to make recycling old worn-out shoes as easy as possible.

In partnership with Nike Grind, our club members participate in two big shoe collection drives per year—one around Earth Day in April, and another around Thanksgiving in November.” 

When you are ready to replace your sneakers with a new pair, send it back and Nike Adventure Club will either donate or recycle the returned sneaker.

New sneakers AND giving back to the community? Win win. 

According to

“In providing footwear, we’re always trying to answer, ‘What do kids want?’” says Dominique Shortell, Director of Product Experience and Retention for Nike Adventure Club. “But an equally important question is, ‘What kind of experience are we providing for their parents?’ We want to make shopping for footwear as convenient as possible for them.”

Keeping up with ordering sneakers for kids can be tough to manage, here is why the Nike Adventure Club sneaker subscription service is a game changer!

Governors Island Fun

I haven’t been to Governors Island in a few years but it was just as beautiful as I remembered it. The Island was closed to us exclusively so we were able to take advantage of all the beauty!

There was plenty of fun activities for the kids including frisbees, tug of war and of course general open play. My middle child was in absolute heaven. It was hot, but it didn’t stop him one bit!

There was face painting, drawing of caricatures and we even had access to the rock climbing and ziplining part of the island. Jake told me he wanted to go ziplining (like his mama!) but unfortunately when it came time to take the step off and fly he got cold feet and told me he was afraid of heights. LOL

We had lunch on the island as well (no pictures of that because I demolished everything on the plate) the food was so yummy!

The Nike Adventure Club Box is a MUST for moms like me that really don’t love to go shopping all of the time for her boys whose feet seem to grow an inch every few minutes. It take the fuss out of things and it allows you and your kids to have a better shopping experience while guaranteeing the latest styles. 

Check out this fun video recapping the event!

For more information and to sign up check out the Nike Adventure Club website.


Janine Huldie

Thursday 15th of August 2019

OK, no wonder we are friends because as much as I love to shop I am terrible at shopping for shoes/sneakers for my girls. So, definitely, think I may need to check out Nike Adventure Club service as this styling box looks easy enough to join and just an overall great experience for helping shoe/sneaker shop for your kids. Thanks for sharing!! :)