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7 Ways To Manage Pandemic Fatigue

by Nellie

This post is sponsored by Lysol. All opinions are my own.

It’s been a wild couple of months, huh? With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong, it is so important that we are armed with as much information as possible to help make informed decisions for us and our loved ones. Today, I’m talking about the Lysol Germ-Cast™ app, and sharing 7 easy ways to deal with pandemic fatigue.

Exercise: While we are spending a lot of time inside our homes, there are so many creative ways to work out. Finding something you like, such as dancing or yoga, can be so beneficial for both your mental and physical health. It is recommended that you work out at least a few times a week, but I do it every day, and it has been a game changer for me personally.

I work out on my Peloton, but I also do a lot of strength training and yoga — all of these things make me feel stronger and ready to tackle the day–even if it’s indoors.

Live classes are also super fun; there are a ton on Instagram and even YouTube. Working out with other people — even from home — can make you feel like you are a part of a community. 

Create a Vision Board:

When I created a vision board at the beginning of 2020, I didn’t realize that it would be completely upended by a pandemic. Many of the goals I had listed simply couldn’t happen because they required travel and/or in-person gatherings.

There are a lot of things I want to do when the pandemic is over. I finally want to travel to my “one day” places. I also want to explore my own city more.

With this in mind, I created a new vision board with no due date. I call it “After the storm.” It is essentially a checklist with destinations I want to visit and activities I want to complete once we are in the clear.

It’s great to have something to look forward to — even if you don’t know when it’s going to happen.

Lysol Germ-Cast™:

Another great way to stay on top of what is happening in the world is to be armed with information. Lysol has created a fantastic app to help keep you in the know!  Lysol Germ-Cast™ is a free app and web plug-in that provides daily data on flu and COVID-19 incidence levels at the county level, and even a three-week flu forecast.

Through data-powered information provided by public health company, Kinsa, Lysol Germ-Cast™ aims to help you protect you and your loved ones from illness-causing germs by giving you the tools to stay up to date on the latest and vigilant.

As we navigate the holiday season, I know this app is going to be very helpful for my family while we determine what activities are safe to be out and about doing. This year has definitely taken its toll on all of us, so I am looking forward to arming myself with the best information I can so I can make the holidays as magical as possible!

It really is a smart way to keep yourself informed — whether you are making decisions about safe family holiday plans, monitoring numbers for a hopeful return to in-person learning or just trying to get a better day-to-day grasp on how the pandemic is affecting your local area.

I plan on checking my app daily to see where my county’s numbers lie. That could determine if we try and do some of the outdoor holiday activities we have planned or whether we stay inside.  I love that it also shares daily tips for how to help stop the spread of germs. Information is power my friends!

To get updates in your area be sure to download the app through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Be compassionate:

This is a big one. It is SO important to be compassionate with both yourself and everyone else.

There are so many different side effects of this pandemic from job loss, to relationship challenges, to health challenges — not to mention a lot of us are staying away from the people we love the most to keep them safe.

Having grace and compassion is key to getting through a situation that none of us have ever been through before.

Create a New Space:

If space allows in your home, try to create a new space. My own new space was created on my small and cozy backyard patio. I bought a new bench, two cute chairs, a table, and some pillows.

Even though I have owned this home for almost 10 years, it was the first time I really put thought into that space, and it has been transformative.

It has become a place where I can step outside in private and simply get some fresh air. An updated space for you might mean a new desk, upholstering your furniture, or even doing a small bathroom refresh. Now is such a great time to bring new life to an old space in your home!

Learn New Things:

At the beginning of the pandemic I had huge goals. After all, I had all of this free time right? I could learn tons and tons of languages and become the math wizard I always knew I was!

Wrong! Even though we all of a sudden had a lot of time on our hands, we were still dealing with the mental stress of an entire pandemic. Now that we have been doing this for over 8 months, there are some small and fun classes that you might enjoy.

Consider taking an online mixology or cooking class. If you are looking to level up your online skills, consider taking a class for video editing software or focus on your favorite social media network. There is so much that can be learned online, and now is a great time to take advantage of that!

Laugh, a lot:

There is so much going on in the world right now, right outside of those doors. One thing that has helped me a ton is watching my favorite old comedic movies and TV shows.

There is so much comfort in laughter and it can be such a great escape! I have been tuning into series that my friends have recommended and using them to get through even the hardest of times.

Have an outlet: Having someone to talk to regularly has been such a game changer. Early on in the pandemic when NYC was getting hit the hardest, I didn’t reach out to my regular therapist. I was a mess. I just could NOT get it together.

Eventually I did. It was SO helpful. Meeting with someone, even virtually to talk and share about what you are feeling is a great way to deal with challenges. Many states are offering free mental health services, and people to talk to virtually and via phone.

Even on the days when I think I have nothing to talk about, I have plenty! It’s a great way to help wade through issues and feelings and move on to the next thing. I highly recommend it!

To learn more about the Lysol Germ-Cast App, check out this link!

How are you dealing with pandemic fatigue?




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