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Last week I went all the way up to the Bronx to witness once of the coolest science fair’s I’ve ever seen. The Lysol Back To School Science Fair was held at the Madison Boys and Girls club. The awesome kids of the after school program worked with Lysol to create super detailed and intricate science projects that took a special look at where you can find germs on surfaces and how you can avoid catching the flu.


When I arrived the gym was buzzing with parents and kids. The kids that created the projects had on the most adorable science jackets and were SO proud of themselves for their achievements, as they should be.

lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4257 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4263

There was plenty to eat including a hog dog bar, a cupcake table where you could decorate your own cupcakes and even fruit punch and lemonade with dry ice to make the drink look like potions! It was actually the coolest thing ever.

lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4249 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4238

Through a series of science experiments, fourth-grade students measured germs on commonly touched surfaces, such as desks, light switches and doorknobs, and proposed simple yet effective steps and solutions everyone can take to help prevent the spread of these “germ-mates” from classmate to classmate. By practicing healthy habits, students can help reduce the number of sick days caused by cold & flu, ensuring they are in the classroom to learn.

The beautiful Ali Larter was also in the house to present the awards to these hard working kids. What was so amazing about the the science fair projects was that the kids dedicated their time to creating their project during after school. There was no official grade but instead the kids created these awesome science fair projects in addition to their regular school work!


Judges included actress and Lysol spokesperson, Ali Larter, microbiologist Joe Rubino and National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners representative Dr. Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco.

lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4285 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4290 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4295 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4304

Participating students embarked on a special Crash Course on Germs, led by microbiologist Joe Rubino, Research & Development Director, Hygiene Personal Care & Surface at RB. Using the Scientific Method, students examined the number and types of germs living in their classroom and discovered that the Influenza virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours2. Students then learned how simple healthy habits, like regular handwashing, proper cough and sneeze etiquette and regular surface disinfection by an adult, can help prevent the spread of these illness-causing germs in the classroom.

lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4306 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4307 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4299 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4279

All of the students won awards for their efforts! I was happy that they all won because it was a SUPER hard decision–each project was uniquely awesome and so well thought out!

lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4313 lysol-back-to-school-science-fair-bronx-4327

For more information on Lysol’s Healthy Habits program check out the website here!

Have you taught your child about healthy habits when it comes to germs?

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CARLA October 10, 2016 - 5:14 am

This is SO COOL.
And this is a mama who has been far too lackadaisical about the germ thing 🙂
I never get sick.
The child NEVER gets sick (! ever. no flu or colds or strep or anything) so I just did the WASH YER HANDS routine.
But she’d have found all this fascinating….

Allie October 10, 2016 - 5:55 am

OMG this is the most adorable and coolest thing ever! It makes me so happy to see kids so fully engaged with science and working hard (having fun) to come up with solutions to common problems. Very cool event and this should be in more schools for sure!!

Janine HulDie October 10, 2016 - 7:25 am

Not going to lie, but as I was reading thought this would be an awesome science project for my girls to try when science fair time rolls around here and seriously how cool would that be to try this one out?! Thanks for sharing and definitely looked like a neat and fun experience 🙂

Tamara October 11, 2016 - 10:45 pm

Those are some serious cupcakes! Ali Larter has a serious(ly) awesome dress.
The potions! I think that is SO COOL.


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