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Jamie Eason Livefit Week 2 & 3 Turned it Up!

Welcome to the Friday Fitness Check In! I am using this as a bit of a fitness diary to keep my goals in check while sharing exactly what I am doing with you (since I get so many questions about it! 🙂 Feel free to link up and/or do your own Friday Fitness Check In in the comments where you can keep track of the following:


  1. Fitness: Workouts for the week, how did you feel?
  2. Food: Did you eat well? Not so much?
  3. Strength Training: Did you lift weights this week? Which ones?
  4. Mind and Motivation: Where are you mentally? What motivated you this week?
  5. Weight: Have you lost weight this week? gained?

Monday: Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer Day 10

Tuesday:  Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer Day 11 and Spin

Wednesday: Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer Day 15 (12, 13, 14 are rest days)

Thursday: Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer Day 16

Friday: Much needed rest

Saturday: Teaching Zumba



  • Legs


  • Shoulders and Abs


  • Legs


  • Biceps & Back

My food intake was pretty darn awesome this week. I measured everything, made my greens take up half my plate and I even had water only for a couple of days. (As far as beverages go, not just water all day! LOL)

Also, one thing that I am noticing is that my appetite has increased more now that I am lifting more often and heavier. This was definitely an unexpected side effect as my cardio has been reduced dramatically. There is definitely less wiggle room, so I have to tighten up the diet.

I’ve been conquering that 5pm hungry monster by eating a small 100 calorie snack at 4pm when I leave work. It makes a huge difference because when I get home from work I am no longer dying for something to snack on.


The Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer week 2 & 3 is beast. Last week I was sore, but I managed. This week I wanted to cry for mommy, smack myself, or maybe do both at the same time. On the website, as week 3 began, she says “this is where we start building muscle

Say what now?

I thought we were already doing that!!

Apparently, that was the warm up. The third week you work out five times, and the workout for each muscle group gets more and more intense, for example, I was using machines I didn’t even know existed–like this one:


I am sore all over. However, I have taken some of the BCAA’s (an amino acid supplement) that was provided to me from the gracious folks over at They definitely took the edge off the soreness but I am still aware of every muscle. I expected this because a) its a tough program and b) I haven’t strength trained exclusively ever.

I say all of that to say, I feel stronger, like in a really wonderful way. The compliments are coming again, and I am loving the lean look that is happening, and that is just in 2.5 weeks! Unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow me to do the trainer in exact order, but I am not skipping days, I just keep going back to back.

It’s time for you to check IN! What is the last thing you did that pushed you way out of your comfort zone? How are your food/fitness goals coming along this week? Don’t forget to encourage EACH OTHER in the comments!

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Tricep Dips - Brooklyn Active Mama

Friday 16th of August 2013

[...] For this week’s workout, it is a oldie but a goodie. I haven’t done these since I attended Total Body Class, but they are a regular move in weeks 3 & 4 of the Jamie Eason program. [...]


Saturday 3rd of August 2013

I love that you are feeling stronger! I totally appreciate that! Swimming got me out of my comfort zone - something I never tried before this summer and I wound up loving it. Your willingness to try new things and old things and everything in between for your health and fitness is a huge inspiration.


Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Swimming! I need to do this! Thanks Ilene, I love trying new things it keeps things fresh!


Friday 2nd of August 2013

Ooh, what kind of 100 calorie snacks do you eat? Or does it really matter as long as they're 100 calories? I want to cry for my mommy all the time! I had to laugh at the comment about the warm up feeling like the work out. Let's just say my activity level is probably just like that.

Yay for a great week for you!


Tuesday 6th of August 2013

I have a really fun on called skinny pop, just sunflower oil, popcorn and a little salt. Yum! Or I'll do a fiber one bar but it is high in sugar. Still yummy nontheless.


Friday 2nd of August 2013

This program seems very interesting and I'm glad you are seeing results! I will do this once I shed a little (no a lot) more fat. Then I can see the real changes! Yaaaay for a great week!


Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Okay BUT just keep in mind...the more muscle...the more definition...AND the more calories burned throughout the day! No trying to convert you or anything (hint hint)

Kimberly {Manifest Yourself}

Friday 2nd of August 2013

I can see the difference in the picture! You look so lean & mean. Can't wait to see you at Zumba tomorrow.


Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Thanks boo! This program is no joke :)