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How To Have Fun This Summer Without Leaving Your Backyard

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In the current world vacations that require a long drive, or an plane ride may very well be out of the question. 

The good news is that a mini vacation may very well be as close as the backyard. Cookouts, picnics, sports, camping, and even some educational activities can be enjoyed right at home.

Backyard picnics or barbecues should not necessarily be reserved for special occasions, and they don’t have to be elaborate. Make one or two nights a week special by cooking outside, move lunch out to the patio or deck, or even serve a weekend breakfast out in the fresh morning air. 

They might also want to provide some entertainment in the way of games. If there is a pool in the backyard, plan a luau, or a simple seaside party, complete with a sandbox for the kids and possibly a Tiki bar for the adults.

Many families enjoy sports, and if there is room, families can get together for an impromptu game of baseball, basketball, touch football, or badminton. Getting the family out of the house in the evenings gives everyone some exercise, gets them away from the TV and video games, and might just become a fun family tradition.

Kids enjoy camping, even if it happens to be in the backyard. Tents are easily located at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales, and allowing the kids to campout in the yard near the house is a convenient way to give them an outdoor experience without the expense. If possible, build a fire pit or fire ring to enhance the experience, and don’t forget the hotdogs and marshmallows. 

Of course, camping out is a good time to explore the night sky. With or without a telescope, the family can get a look at the stars and constellations on a clear night. Get a reference book, explore the heavens, and enjoy a family science night together.

Kids love to be creative, and they love to try new things. If possible, let them help with a building project such as a bird house, or even a tree house. If there is a garden in the yard, give them their own small area where they can grow their own vegetables such as a prize pumpkin. 

With a little thought, it isn’t that difficult to come up with a lot of creative, economical, and fun projects that everyone will enjoy. Be sure to take pictures of these events, since they may very well be some of the most memorable.

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